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Sanat Kumara      November 10, 2004

Lord Sanat Kumara
David Christopher Lewis
November 10, 2004 11:51 am
Livingston, Montana

Dearest Hearts of the Living Word,
            I am come to deliver you from the demons of fanaticism. For these demons have wreaked havoc on this earth and they are as worms who have bored themselves into the very core of your civilization in many areas. What is it that causes fanaticism? It is a severing of one's consciousness from the unity of Love and of the God-Self through a core of anger born of the reactive elements of self. It is born when your attention is glued to the unreality of this plane and all of its bi-ways. It is maintained when leaders who do not have the tie to the Great White Brotherhood parade their wares of dis-unity and of the double-eyed vision whose result is always a deepening of the idolatry of self and of the selves of those who are wed to the chimera of a non-existent not-self, unwed to God.
            Fanatacism has taken hold of many in the earth and the demons are relentless, latching on with a grip that is most difficult for the legions of light to sever unless the soul first be moved by that compassion that is won through the intensity of the ruby ray angels and buddhas anchoring their fire within the soul. It is as though astral squids have surrounded the soul and encased it in an energy field that is electrically charged to avoid even the slightest elements of positive change to enter.
            What must we do to counteract this energy and these demons which are continuing to gain safe harbor in the auras of thousands, and I am sad to say, even have made inroads into the consciousness of many of the chelas of Saint Germain? We must first dispense with the overlay on these souls through a shattering action of sacred fire that is immediately followed up with the comfort flame-as an etheric gel of soothing cool fire-substance that quells the response of the not-self to the flame that descends through the calls of the lightbearers. The passing of one soul among you-an ancient archdeceiver who has held his grip over the Middle East for an entire generation-will highlight the need of the hour for a greater concentration of the action of the secret rays that is required to counteract all that this one has accomplished. For he has laid seeds of fanaticism and these seeds continue to sprout and to replenish themselves in an action that is almost unstoppable in the human realm. You must see the ruby ray angels come forth to scorch these seeds so that they will not sprout. And the swift judgment that we pronounce upon this soul-alien to the earth itself—will cause an earthquake in the consciousness of many and a certain action of judgment that cannot be stopped.
            Fanatacism is the greatest evil on this planet, for it is the cause of all war, terror, abortion and all of the most heinous crimes that you see on your TV sets on the nightly news. You have underestimated what it will take to overcome this enemy of the light, which is in direct opposition to the flame of the Holy Spirit himself. Yes, you must invoke those 9 gifts, and when you can bear the consequences of owning these gifts, whether one or all nine, you will begin to have and know the power of the three times three expanded within your being so that fanaticism can be overcome. Beloved, it must be overcome with the Love of not only the third ray, but by the ruby ray and also the action of all of the secret rays of God. It is no coincidence that we have had you invoking the presence of the Five Dhyani Buddhas in your preambles in recent years, for as you accelerate in the intensity of the fire you bear, you must begin to accept into your world and begin to master the action of all of the secret rays.
            To know God is to act as God. To know God is to become God through the congruence of your consciousness with the allness of the omnipotence, omnipresence and the omniscience of His Spirit. The need has never been greater for you to come up higher and to maintain your oneness with your Presence in all ways, for it is truly the only way out of the predicament of what is occurring on planet earth in this hour.
            I, Sanat Kumara, pronounce the judgment this day upon the soul of Yasser Arafat and I ask the legions of the God-Star to descend to take what is left of this life to the court of the Four and Twenty Elders on Sirius for his final trial. And I declare to you that the souls of all whom he has invested with these seeds of fanaticism will witness this trial in the coming days, and each one will have an opportunity to either bend the knee and confess that he will discard the cloak of fanaticism, or he will be pre-judged and marked by my angels for a similar judgment when he will also have passed from the screen of life.
            Beloved, may you pray without ceasing for the mercy of God and for the ruby ray judgment of God to adjudicate all matters in the earth and in heaven unto the victory of the lightbearers and of the hosts of the Lord. I am with you when you dwell in perfect love within the secret chamber of your heart. Seek me. Know me. For as those who have seen the Western Shambhalla and felt my presence in the earth, you will know a growing intensity of my love to counteract terrorism and fanaticism as you are able to dwell in the ruby fires of my heart.
            Sing now, to the Buddha of the Ruby Ray, for he is key to your overcoming this day.

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