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St Therese of Lisieux      November 04, 2004

Therese of Lisieux
David Christopher Lewis
November 4, 2004 6:36 - 7:16 am
Livingston, Montana

Beloved Hearts of the Promise of Love,
            I come to you this day at the behest of this messenger who does call to me to deliver to you a short treatise on love. The love that I bear for each of you is a flower from my heart, molded with tender care in the image of your immaculate soul wed to God. For as I was wed to the spirit of Jesus and that love was an all consuming fire that would not be quenched, so you too may know the love of your own beloved Christ Self through devotion, through caring for the soul of others and through that union that comes through total surrender to the grace of the Beloved.
            You are beloved of God. Would that I could convey in words the deepest caring that your beloved Presence bestows upon each of you; for that desire of God is only that the soul be wed in love with the spirit, and that together as one they shall express those sublime qualities of compassion and kindness that are truly the qualities of the rose of self of each lifestream.
            As you gaze upon my photo and see the simple smile that I convey, may you know the purity of heart that I bear that reflects the pure love of God. Purity is a quality much maligned in your world and in the current culture, which seems to thrive on all things that are out of touch with that inner purity of the childlike soul whose only desire is to wait on God, to serve God and to be an expression of the all of God. We honor those among your youth who are making vows of chastity until marriage, for my angels do come to protect, strengthen and seal them in an ovoid of purity for the fulfillment of their mission to serve life in whatever field of endeavor they are called to. Many souls are prematurely thrust into intense and challenging life circumstances when they engage in premarital sex and activities which do debase the light of purity through the desires which are not wed to the desires of the God Self.
            As you increase those in your sacred orders who maintain their vigils for the youth and for purity's flame to be expressed, they shall become a magnet for more of the youth to maintain their spiritual integrity of the soul to fulfill its mission as the bridesmaid of the Lord; focusing greater rings of purity so that the Aquarian fires of God-Love may be expressed and come to fruition within your culture and world. You see many shining faces of your youth who often are bowed down with the pressures of life to perform or to fit in, so pray to me and to my angels to lift the veil of illusion that clouds their minds and burdens their hearts; so they can feel our love and thus know the love of God that will carry them through life, especially during the trying years of young adulthood when many are losing their mooring to the sanctity of the soul through the nefarious influences of the media and the culture of death that surfeits your airwaves.
            Beloved hearts, the ladies and the virgins of heaven who tend the flame upon the altars of the retreats in the etheric octaves do keep the flame for each of you with equanimity, constancy and a great desiring for each of you to return to God in humility and in honor; not as prodigal sons and daughters, but as those who have truly never lost your touch with reality, by God's grace. Meditate upon the flame of purity and upon the sacred hearts of Jesus and Mary and the saints that you know, for in the congruence of our hearts many blessings and graces may come to you in your hour of need.
            I am Therese, and I desire to be known in the earth through the airing of my movie in theaters everywhere. I do overshadow each one whose eye-contact is upon my image portrayed beautifully by the most blessed actress I chose for this film. I desire to save many souls in the earth-those who will choose wisely the path of sainthood through devotion, through prayer and sanctification by surrender and the path of the ruby ray.
            I am with all who give their novenas to me when done with the pure motive of heart which always earns an instantaneous response from me and the angels of love and purity. May the grace of the blessed presence of Jesus as the infant most pure be a focal point of your devotion, for he desires to change the earth through the image of the Christ child who does come to proclaim the judgment upon abortion and the modern Herods in this hour. It is time to overturn their abortion tables and to proclaim the sanctity of life, guaranteed by the Supreme Court of this nation. Call it forth now, beloved, for the cycles are right for the realignment of the stars for the victory over this plague upon Terra!
            I love you and I seal you in the purity of my own immaculate heart with beloved Mary, your Mother. I am Therese of Lisieux of the Little Flower of Jesus. I go now to nurture him and protect his heart within the little children and within each of you this day. Love him and we shall win.

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