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Maha Chohan      July 26, 2004

Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
July 26, 2004 8:11 - 8:56 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Beloved Children of the Sun,

            Blessings be unto you as you enter the stream of reality, the reality of God! Be the fullness of that reality each day and hour as you go about your business and fulfill your daily responsibilities to life. When you dwell in the presence of reality, all that is illusion and unreality slips away into nothingness. And the sunshine of eternal promise shines anew within and around you as the ever-present glory of the God-Self manifest where you are. Truly you have become God when you dwell in His Presence, but your dwelling must be full and complete-completely enfolded, completely dissolved into the one solution of reality that is God.
            Have you ever thought about how you can simply dissolve into God's being? It is a comfort to know that when you surrender the elements of the lesser self that the elements of God are infused into your being. For as those points of unreality fall off of you, like the layers of a shell built up over time, then the entire shell is dissolved. And eventually you see the reality of who you truly are, a creature of God, but more importantly, God Himself in all His totality. As the elements of unreality dissolve, you see clearly with the All-Seeing Eye the path before you in the ocean of God-reality.
            O, the ocean of reality! Merge with the Mother and you, by correspondence, will also merge with the Father. Have you ever felt the timidity of entering the cold waters of the ocean of Self, only to then feel and know the inner warmth once you become surrounded by the waters of reality that now enfold you?
            The initial shock of entering a new dimension, a new phase, a new awareness of Self is dissolved once you allow the higher energies of the Mother to embrace your form and your being and you feel the exaltation, the exhilaration of the coolness of a higher plane and energy all around and inside of you, once you have fully entered into it. This is why many enjoy and are revivified by the waters of the oceans of the world, for they truly desire to embrace the Mother, who ever waits to embrace them.
            The Mother is reality. And as the flame of God-reality dwells at the point where the waters of the emotional plane meet the physical quadrant, the Mother is there to pass to the Holy Spirit the momentum of her love for the carrying forth of the flame into manifestation within you! Yes, meditate on the Mother and the Holy Spirit-for these are the keys to your overcoming in this age-the Age of Aquarius manifest now. And the 1-5-9 trine (on the Cosmic Clock) is a key to embody, for Saint Germain, Morya and Victory hold a special key to the victory of the Aquarian conquerors that you are meant to become, even in this hour!
            To become Aquarians you must have vessels ready to catch the pure waters of eternal life of all the Aquarian masters. Be no longer leaky vessels, but those fired within the ovens of heaven-strong clay pots that can withstand the beatings of the winds of unreality and the attempts to dash you to pieces! You are only safe when you live within the fire of the Holy Spirit, no matter where you dwell!
            Invoke this fire of the Spirit now to fully form you into the reality of your original blueprint now fully manifested, having evolved through time and space and the cycles of God-being whereby you have fully entered into God experiencing Himself in all dimensions of being. Invoke the fires of heaven to produce within you the immortality of Self in God. For only fire can make you permanent!
            Yes, join and mold the clay of the earth with the waters of the Mother, aerated in just the proper proportion and then I will add the fire to make you my vessels (no longer vassals) pure and true! Then the UR of the URN of Self will be filled with the light of MU-the Mother of the Urn of Self, the Mother that U are!
            I AM your true Mother. I AM your true Father. And we are the One within as the mold of your reality that you must become. Dissolve now into the nothingness of Self. Dissolve now into the allness of God. I now reassemble the elements of your self to precipitate out the reality of your being, here and now!
            I come. I enfire. I go. And I impel you to come up higher. My love is always with you. I am the Maha Chohan—Deliverer of the fire of the Mother for Aquarius and beyond!

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