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Buddha of the Golden Pink Glow Ray      June 30, 2004

Buddha of the Golden-Pink Glow Ray
David Christopher Lewis
June 30, 2004 7:24 am
Livingston, Montana

Hail Children of the Sun!
            We come to ignite the fires of freedom on the earth! We come to deliver you from the bondage of the lesser self and the ways of the flesh! For we bear vials of living light for the fulfillment of the mission of freedom in the earth.
            The recent events in Iraq and the Middle East have brought to the awareness of the entire earth how fragile the flame of freedom burns within the nations and the economies of the world. We would deliver all men from the tyranny of the fallen ones manifesting as control and bring forth new conventions of wisdom's flame-new techniques in educational training and the use of the internet and other spiritual networks of light for the salvation of the souls of mankind.
            Much has been released of import in the domain of education in these last several decades, and yet the true education of the spirit is still lacking. When men understand how we, of the ascended hosts, place priority upon the development of the soul and all its faculties, then the modes and techniques for bringing forth the natural flowering of the spirit from within will begin to take hold in education, not only in children but also within the adult population and in men and women of all ages.
            How we would illumine a world through you! First, though, you must be quickened by the Holy Spirit through the love of the mother light rising within you to greet the Buddhic Light in the crown for the full flowering of wisdom's plume within. Ever have we sought this natural rising of the light and not the quick and forceful sudden flashing of the light which can actually cause shock to the soul and chakras when the soul is not fully developed or ready for the gifts of fire of the Holy Spirit.
            Come unto me, all ye who labor, and I will give you rest for the fulfillment of your earthly mission. This rest is surcease from the battle mode so that you may enter the nirvana of Selfhood in God to then take illumination's fires and quicken those souls entrusted to your care, through prayerful and thoughtful classes in spiritual alchemy, the mathematics of cosmic fire and the science of the spoken word.
            You have won many battles through almost the brute force of the legions of Michael and Maitreya and Jesus in the judgment of serpent and his seed, and yet this is not enough! Wisdom must be mixed with the love of the Holy Spirit to form that golden-pink glow ray that becomes the signet of the dawning of Aquarius, as the golden age consciousness dawns within the mind and being of men of all cultures, climes and races.
            Race forward in love and she shall win the prize of truth manifest as cosmic understanding of the laws that govern life in this octave and the next, as you develop new means of reaching souls through new products which speak to the soul and yet also meet the needs of that soul juxtaposed against the backdrop of a changing world landscape.
            Investigate all new age movements to discern what they are doing that is catching the awareness of the lightbearers, and how you may best win them through an inspired advertising effort. Advertising the message of the masters must become pre-eminently important in all your discussions, because there is so much competition out there for souls of light to be led astray that you simply must transcend the barriers of past mistakes and call us forth to assist you in making a noble effort to be the new avant garde of spirituality for the earth!
            Dannion Brinkley has touched many lives, and you can surely learn well from him how to craft a message which is both catchy and yet uncompromising in its impact and innate message of truth for the soul. What are people seeking? Oneness with the real Self within! Not through the latching on to an outer guru will the change be wrought, but through the deep, contemplative, Aquarian-model science which can be promoted through inspired guided meditations released on CDs and on your website.
            Personal alchemical experiments and techniques that weave the science of the spoken word with illuminative meditation are the need of the hour. Craft your message wisely and definitively with voices of chelas whose resonant heart speaks to the soul and do not rely solely on the voice of the Messengers to deliver the word. Bring the images up to date in the NOW through planned introductions, music, meditation and visualization. This will take effort, time and a team of those with these skills to develop, but the effort will be worth it in the return of the invested energy and supply to you.
            We race across cosmos illumining men and women who are open to our visitation and ministration! We traverse worlds like yours that are in dire straits and yet in many ways more ready for our message. Earth must be raised in cosmic fire and understanding through your hearts and heads merged almost as one single organ of cosmic energy! See the figure eight flow of heart and head with illumination's flame pulsing within the heart and love's plume pulsing within the brain and mind, quickening all the cells and atoms in a new golden-pink ray of cosmic sunshine from the heart of Helios and Vesta within you.
            We come, we go. We raise. We deliver light, light, light to a world in need! We bless you now in wisdom's golden-pink ray that shall deliver you from all distress, disease and the disfunctionality of the lesser self.
            Be the One, the All in All, to all Life. Lovingly yours for the Victory!
            The Buddha of the Golden-Pink Glow Ray!

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