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David Lewis      April 15, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Sharing
April 15, 2018   11:17 ̶ 11:21 am MDT
Denver, Colorado

Sharing after Hilarion's HeartStream

Thank you, everyone, and thank you, Alice and Anthony and all the devotees in the greater Los Angeles area.

I am in Denver, and some of you may know that I was scheduled to be home on Friday. And on Thursday I received word that my next younger brother Tim's beloved wife, Julia, passed on. And all of my nine brothers and sisters are either here or soon to be here in Denver to comfort and be with our brother. It is amazing that they have come from everywhere around the United States—from New York, North Carolina, Illinois, the Saint Louis area, four of them from Kansas, and three of them are still on their way and not able to be here quite yet because of the terrible wind storm and blizzard that passed through I-70 between Kansas and Denver. So please pray for my brothers Greg, Jim and Andy to arrive in a couple of hours here so we can all be together.

I really appreciate all of you, all that you do, your sacrifices, your love, your love of one another, your givingness in all things. It is an honor to serve you and to be with you. And I know that there are no HeartStreams on our website since the fourth of this month because Boyd and I were in South America. I think Hilarion just decided to come today to bring forth the truth. And, of course, today is the official original tax day, but we have the extension through Tuesday. So be sure you pay your taxes or get an extension, if necessary, and obey the law and don't try to get around the law. So a word to the wise is sufficient.

Thank you, everyone. I look forward to being home on Monday night late and back in the saddle on Tuesday. So thank you so much. God bless you. Have a great day.


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