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David Lewis      February 21, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
February 21, 2018   9:14 ̶ 9:20 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Definition of Keepers of the Lightning

I'd like to share a few things now. One is a little bit about the Keepers of the Lightning, because a heartfriend named Nicholas Saint Patrick asked about it, and El Morya dictated to me just a small little teaching about what the Keepers of the Lightning is.

He says: “The Keepers of the Lightning is an inner spiritual holy order of initiates who are focused on receiving and anchoring the accelerated frequencies of divine light that manifests in a more concentrated and intense manner than the sacred fire utilized by most spiritual aspirants. These apostles of divine ruby love are disciplined in their spiritual practices of meditation, holy prayer, chanting and singing to the extent that they draw down from heaven the five crystal rays, which focus the Buddhic virtues and divine quintessences of Spirit. They sustain the graces of God within their being through regular fasting and other spiritual cleansing practices, as modeled by the Essenes, and they follow the path of the bodhisattvas of mercy and compassion, East and West.

“Keepers of the Lightning commune and work directly with the ascended masters of the Universal, or Great, White Brotherhood and seek to utilize the gifts of the Holy Spirit in their lives to save, teach, love, cleanse, heal, serve, free, grace, bless and raise all lifestreams for the fulfillment of God's kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven—as Above, so below—and for a Golden-Crystal Age of enlightenment, freedom and true brother/sisterhood to dawn upon Earth.

“Keepers of the Lightning work with their personal sponsoring masters to fulfill requirements for their ascension in the light and to set all life free through the ruby ray path of service, selflessness, sacrifice and surrender. The holy order of the Keepers of the Lightning is sponsored by beloved El Morya, the blessed Maha Chohan, Zarathustra, Mighty Victory and the Elohim Hercules. Songs and prayers to these divine beings help to focus the lightning of God's will, wisdom and love into the Earth in a most tangible way.”

So El Morya says that the above statement is approved by him, and we can use it and reply to that email and also add it to our dictionary and elsewhere, as required.

I've been asking the masters in my mind how long we are going to go in these sessions where we are actually going for three hours and fifteen minutes, if you consider the fifteen minutes of meditation before. The masters would like us to continue this; however, we can shave it down fifteen more minutes and start the meditation at 7:00 a.m. Would you all like that? That's fifteen more minutes of sleep for those here, and it's really helpful in California, I can tell you that. I was there for two weeks.

Now we will start the meditation as a part of the broadcast at seven, and it's official. At least we shave off fifteen minutes. So we still say that we broadcast from—now it's going to be from 7 to 10. So we can start this probably on March 1, or we can start it immediately, but I think that the radio program may be already programmed. It can be changed? Okay. So we can start as early as tomorrow if we'd like.

So, Alice, if you're listening, and Cathleen, you have a little bit of a reprieve. And that will help getting people here on time. It's difficult in the winter, with it being so dark in the morning.

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