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David Lewis      February 21, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
February 21, 2018   7:35 ̶ 7:41 an MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Sharing on Visiting the Rosicrucian Headquarters

I'd like to share a little story of something that happened just a couple of days ago, after our event at Dennis's home. Some of us were privileged to make a little journey to Oceanside, and we went to the property of the Rosicrucian organization; I believe it's AMORC. That's a different one? Okay. It's the Rosicrucian Fellowship. That's where we went.

First we parked and then we walked around their big temple, which is kind of in a dome shape. You are not allowed to go in there except for one day a year for a special opportunity, or you have to be an initiate of that order at a certain level. However, it was explained to us that they sit in their pews according to their astrological sign when they have services. Interesting, huh?

This property is above, at the top of the whole mesa. And you can see down below into Oceanside, and it's just a phenomenal view. We were told they have between forty and fifty acres of property. However, it's an older order and a lot of the buildings are not able to be taken care of because their supply is dwindling, and they don't have a lot of members right now, especially locally. We were able to meet the vice president, a man named John, who is French. This man is wonderful; he's got a lot of light. He asked who we were, and we explained a little bit and we felt like brothers. And another guy that met us initially, whose name is Richard, was very congenial.

So we walked around the property a little bit and drove around and saw all the various buildings. One of the larger buildings that has fifty-eight rooms in it—where they also have conventions—has basically been condemned. They can't even use it because of earthquake damage and potential earthquake damage. They require over a million dollars to basically fix these buildings and retrofit them to the point where they can be used again. So we were visualizing us working there and owning it—well, not owning it but being able to utilize this property, what that would mean for the Great White Brotherhood to have this. Anyway, it was a good experience.

Then we visited a gal name Laurie, who has been coming to Dennis's home for quite a while for the meditations and some of the sessions. She was at the conference, and for the last couple of days she sat up in the front row. She's very sensitive, a beautiful, beautiful lady. She invited me to visit their home, and so five of us went, five guys. And we sat in this very special crystal room in which she has hundreds and hundreds of all different sizes of crystals. She's very sensitive, and Boyd immediately was commenting on what he thought. Do you want to say something, Boyd?

Boyd:  Yeah. What I felt—which I kept asking her about over and over in various ways was— I'm used to feeling the currents that are generally resident in a place like our sanctuary here, and they are familiar. And a lot of heartfriends who have a sacred prayer room in their homes have currents like that in there, a flowfield that is persistent. Usually you can feel it as being somewhat suggestive of that person. You can feel the person, and that's part of what created it. But what I felt persistently throughout the whole time when I was in Laurie's prayer room was something that felt to me much more like a vortex that you feel and see around where those dolmens are or where there are big naturally occurring vortexes as a result of ley lines crossing or underground streams and things like that. And it's really a lovely feeling; it's very energizing. It felt to me like it was maybe twenty or thirty feet wide and maybe forty feet high, and it extended down under the ground and it went clear above her house.

When you are sitting in it, it feels like this bubbling energy that goes up, and I could feel swirling energy. And I thought, wow, she's really fortunate. She said it wasn't there to begin with, that she had that at her old house and that the masters moved it from her other house to this house. And I thought, wow, that's really cool, because it was quite special.

David:  She's a great lady. And she loves us and we love her, and we could be collaborating more in the future too.

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