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David Lewis      January 10, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
January 10, 2018   8:22 ̶ 8:45 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

Reflecting on the Continuity of Our Lives and Our Soul Mission

This is great teaching, and it's really important that we understand this in terms of understanding who Jesus is, because we know through the law of reincarnation that Jesus was embodied as Joseph with the coat of many colors and with all those brothers who later reembodied as his closest male disciples. Jesus was also embodied as David, who composed the Psalms, and then Jesus quoted from these when he was fulfilling prophecy from the Old Testament.

This understanding of the continuity of the soul who is on a sacred mission to be the savior of the world—who was, in effect, the savior as Joseph in that civilization in Egypt, and then later as Jesus—is really amazing. To understand this continuity gives us pause to also consider who we are and what our souls have gone through in our lifetimes in supporting the work of the ascended masters, the Great White Brotherhood, of Jesus—the Piscean avatar, master, Messiah, Son of God, Christ—and then the continuity of what is next for this age with Saint Germain, who we know was embodied as Jesus' father, Joseph (the other Joseph). He was embodied as the prophet Samuel, who did interact with Eli, I believe—I believe that was before the time of David of course.

So the continuity of these two amazing masters—Jesus through his incarnations and Saint Germain through his—is something that we, as initiates, as Aquarian devotees and those who understand the shift that's occurring into this age, have to know so that we can support their collective mission in Pisces and Aquarius and beyond, and also support the Divine Director. I think there is a deep tie to him, and maybe someday we'll find out more about his embodiments that also parallel what Jesus and Saint Germain have gone through. Because after the Age of Aquarius is the age of what? Capricorn. And who is at the twelve o'clock line? The Divine Director.

So we have Jesus on the two o'clock line of the cosmic clock, Saint Germain on the one o'clock line and then the Divine Director on the twelve o'clock line. So, in effect, the ages, through the precession of the equinoxes of the ages, are going backwards, so to speak, according to the way that we look at the cosmic clock, going Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. The ages are going the opposite way. So who's to say what's going to happen after Saint Germain reigns in this two-thousand-year period of Aquarius. Is the Divine Director coming forth then? Did Mother Mary give this teaching on the cosmic clock to Elizabeth Clare Prophet as an understanding of what will be happening thousands of years from now? Maybe.

I think when we look at the continuity of our souls and how we hopefully have supported the masters through the ages, we can see that we've been lieutenants, supporters, prayer warriors, or whatever you'd like to call us, for the greater mission of planetary salvation, which of course both the Divine Director, Jesus and Saint Germain are intimately involved in. And we can really resolve some of the inner conflicts within ourselves that we haven't resolved yet to come to terms with our greater mission—who we are, how we are supporting these great masters. I think that although we are on a personal course of Self-realization, enlightenment, soul freedom and the ascension, part of the reason many of us came with Sanat Kumara was to support that greater mission of his and his lineage. And, of course, Saint Germain, Jesus and the Divine Director are all part of that lineage.

So when our mission is accomplished—I see these letters in golden fire in the atmosphere in a future time within the eternal Now, “Mission Accomplished”—we'll be able to go back to Venus for a respite or go on to service on other planets or systems of worlds or whatever. But we have to accomplish this mission; it's really important that we accomplish it. And we sometimes have to choose to sacrifice our personal predilections to support these great masters, especially Jesus, because he is the most known right now on the planet in terms of what he has done and what he is continuing to do to raise people up from the death that comes through focusing on the lesser self, to raise them up out of that mediocrity to the life of their true Selfhood.

So as you meditate and go within and discern, through your own attunement with the Holy Spirit, with the recording angels, with your Higher Self, the coursing of your soul over many lives and many ages, find that thread that has been woven through all of your lives and that is the core of your mission in support of the greater mission, and focus on that thread. And see how you can accelerate consciousness and support the work of the Great White Brotherhood using your talents and gifts.

The Hearts Center movement is an opportunity for initiates to support the greater work of the Great White Brotherhood, the ascended masters, in this time for that mission to be accomplished; for that planetary salvation to occur; for the enlightenment and freedom of every man, woman and child to manifest so that all the bodhisattvas can be released and go onto higher realms. And they can feel free and utter that cosmic ahhhh: “Now I can go forward and do fun things in the heavens, in the cosmic realms.”

So we kind of feel like bodhisattvas ourselves, temporarily stuck on Earth to do this work and abiding in these lower realms. I was speaking to someone yesterday who said, “I'm just kind of tired of being on this planet; I'm just kind of tired of being on Earth.” And I said, “I know exactly what you mean,” but we still have work to do, right? We have our work to do; our work is cut out for us, so it's here.

And thank you, Jonathan Cahn, for your deep ferreting out from the scriptures these mysteries and truths, which have been there for thousands of years now. You, as someone originally of the Judaic tradition and now converted to Christianity, have really come to a deeper understanding of them, and hopefully you will help convert many Jewish people to the Christian understanding. Of course, many of these people will be converted in future lives—if we want to use that term—to a higher understanding of the law of reincarnation and the continuity of our souls, as I have spoken of today.

Sid Roth is another one who was Jewish and converted to Christianity. He has the show “Naturally Supernatural,” and he has amazing people on his shows. There are a lot of miracles that occur. These are great people. These are modern-day prophets who have an audience of sometimes thousands or even tens or hundreds of thousands of people, whom they are helping on their path at the level of consciousness where they are. And so we support them. We don't think that we are better than them just because we understand karma and reincarnation.

We are all working together, based on our tribe and our pathway. And that's what's unique about The Hearts Center. We don't judge other movements any longer in terms of “This one is bad” or “This one is an old dispensation that has no value anymore.” All the dispensations have value for the people that are walking in that path, based on where they are in consciousness.

Peter Mt. Shasta has his audience, and there's value there. And, I have to say, even false gurus or teachers can convey certain truths.  And who proclaims that they are false? Who has the ultimate wisdom to proclaim that someone is false? I don't claim to know. And even the ascended masters, I think, in this time are more interested in building a unity field of beingness rather than the divisiveness of proclaiming that someone is a false teacher, a false prophet.

I think it puts us in a position of being the judge, which can be dangerous, because when you come at things from that human vantage point of human analysis, it doesn't breathe unity. And I think that to explain a little bit of this in this movement at this time is important because, yes, we are aware of a lot of things that are occurring. I would never back Satanism or witchcraft or voodoo or necromancy or any of those things, of course—never. I don't appreciate people who use the black arts. I would never defend anything like that. I don't even consider it a religion. I think that is not true religion. It doesn't tie you to God; it ties you to darkness and evil. Yet even false teachers are people. In the past they have been called false teachers or prophets or whatever.

People who do channeling have their audience, and who is to judge that there isn't value there for some people at their level of awareness. Someday they will awaken to a higher level of awareness, just as we are constantly awakening to a higher level of awareness. And three years from now, I think each of us will be, hopefully, at a much higher vibration and frequency and be able to see things even more clearly than we do today. And awakening to these higher truths, we'll say, “Oh wow, I had that paradigm of belief, which now I've let go of because I see through a new lens,” hopefully from a higher vantage point. And this is what I believe the true prophets of today will help us to understand, that when we focus on God, the divine light, and the truth, the way and the life of the Christ, the Buddha, the Divine Mother, these paths converge at some point. And we see each other as brothers and sisters, not as disparate enemies or others who aren't in our camp. They're just our brothers and sisters of another mother. And so it is, and that's life.

So lest we get caught up in too much of this analysis and even judging or making a lot of calls to the point where we enter that duality state, I choose to remain more in the unity field of beingness, where I think there is a lot more peace, a lot more love, divine love, and acceptance from the right level of awareness—accepting everybody and not compromising our principles, but accepting the Christ within them, that which is still of the light and valid within every person.

Before we move on in our service, do you have any comments on this dynamic, anyone?

Participant:  Long, long ago in a galaxy far away, but very present in the Now… In a former dispensation, Vesta gave a dictation called “Journey to the Sun in a Chariot of Violet Fire.” And I remember the last statement, and she repeated it three times: “Perspective is the key.” So when we have unity field and we honor everyone's path and work together, we gain unique perspectives that perhaps we didn't have before, because we can share those and that's very valuable to me.

David:  Yes. Thank you _________. Anybody else?

Participant:  I have a little question. He drew a very compelling parallel between known facts of the life of Joseph and the prophecy of the Messiah and the events and Jesus. Do you think he was actually trying to draw a parallel and infer a lineage of that soul? I couldn't separate my thoughts of that versus what I though Jonathan Cahn was conveying. I kind of got lost in that, but I thought, wow, this is really cool.

David:  Well, there are parallels, obviously. We knew them a long time ago before he ever shared this, but I don't think he's necessarily saying that Jesus was Joseph. I don't think he believes in reincarnation, because he's more fundamentalist in his belief system. But he's drawing those parallels because of the prophecy in the Old Testament that is fulfilled in the life of Jesus as the Messiah. Who knows? It's possible that Jonathan is one of those people that does believe in reembodiment, but I think he probably wouldn't say it to his current audience.

Participant:  Well, I think he has the Holy Spirit. And maybe he has understanding in a way that's more intuitive. But the argument he made was like, wow, this is unusual to hear from a Christian pulpit, to me.

David:  And having been Jewish before, he's kind of calling to task these rabbis who, right in the face of all that's in scripture, have rejected Jesus as the Messiah. And it's so evident that it's all there, if you look for it. And Christians point to it. This is why Christians do support the Jewish people, in some sense—a certain sect of the Christians—in terms of having Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, et cetera. Any other comments?

The interesting thing is that many of us were Jewish before in past lives, and so we went through that lineage before Christianity began, before Jesus came. We've walked in many lineages. So for us, because we believe in reincarnation and we've been in Zoroastrianism, we've been in Buddhism, we've been in Hinduism, we've been in Taoism and native cultures and all of these other isms, it's part of us, and we understand the dynamic of the universality of awareness through our lifetimes, through all of these different ages and religions.

So that's why we are less judgmental, whereas those who are more judgmental are those who think they have the only way, the truth; they're more novices in terms of their understanding of the universality of consciousness. And having said that, we can still love them and understand them because they may be newer souls, as we've been told. We may be of the fourth or fifth root races, and a lot of those who don't believe in reincarnation are part of the sixth root race. So they don't have that deeper soul record and memory of having lived for tens of thousands of years and maybe even hundreds of thousands of years on this planet. So we can understand them, love them, forgive them for their lack of understanding, but really it's just where they are. So there's really nothing to forgive even; it's just an understanding that comes.

            Okay, did you want to say more?

Participant:  When you said that, I just thought of forgiveness being the dissolving of a barrier.

David:  Yeah, forgiveness is just the dissolving of a barrier. I love that; that's a great new definition, ­__________: dissolving of barriers or walls of consciousness or demarcations or separations of understanding.

Participant:  And the barrier is inside the forgiver, actually, most of the time.

David:  Exactly, because when you forgive, you are dissolving your own attachment to your paradigm. You're releasing yourself from the problem.

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