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Juan Diego      December 20, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Juan Diego)
December 20, 2017   10:07–10:27 am CST
2017 Mexico Winter Solstice Event
The Holy Family Blesses Mexico with the Light of Freedom and Justice
Mexico City, Mexico

Juan Diego Describes Life in the Heaven World

This is a discourse by Juan Diego to describe life in the heaven world.

Juan Diego did reembody, and I knew him in this life. His name was Raul Quintero. He was from Cuba, and he was on the staff of The Summit Lighthouse for many, many years. He was a short man, like Juan Diego, who was short, and he was a fantastic car mechanic. He also loved to be outside working in nature. So in his later years he did a lot of gardening. He always had a smile on his face and he moved very fast. And he was just a wonderful person. When he got sick near the end of his life, I visited him a number of times.

I had already, I think at one point, started receiving HeartStreams, and I told him how close I was to Mother Mary, and he shared the same thing. He said his whole life he loved Mother Mary—she was like his beloved. So that experience as Juan Diego carried over to other lives.

Now, not too long ago we had a HeartStream from him, and he revealed that he had been one of Jesus' brothers, and it was very special to me to hear that. It explained why Mother Mary called him “my little son.” He was the youngest of all the children and a little diminutive. Now he'll describe what it is like in heaven.

The light of God is everywhere in heaven, and the love of God is expressed through that light. It's a feeling that is indescribable, humanly. It is like you're in a constant state of divine ecstasy. The ecstasy is your union with God. It's always sustained through your love of God and God's love of you, and there is really no separation. You become one with God in consciousness, you become one with God in vibration, and you become one with all beings in heaven.

There is great reverence in heaven. The feeling is one of complete oneness and compassion for every being throughout the universe, and especially for those still not ascended. The masters feel so much mercy and compassion for those of us who are still working out our salvation on Earth. And although they can't interfere with our lives, they are so happy when we pray to them, because that is when they can open the floodgates of heaven's light and love to enfold us in love and light. The more we pray, the more light they can deliver. The more we meditate on what is real in the divine world, the more they can anchor that reality in our world.

Now, for quite some time after he ascended, he loved to be in all the gardens in heaven. He would spend a lot of what we call our time just being in bliss in meditation in various gardens, because the love that you share with elementals and the plants in heaven is reflected back to you in such an amazing way that you feel the consciousness of the plants as they revere you. And he would go to different places in the heaven world and just meditate on love and especially Mother Mary's heart.

He says there is right over this place an amazing place in the heaven world that reflects a lot of what you see here, but just in a more refined and even more beautiful way. He spends much of his time, in heaven's time, over this place because of all those who come here. And he's able to project so much light and love to all the pilgrims who come to support Mother Mary and Jesus, Joseph and all the other saints. Now that he's ascended, the dynamics of this are phenomenal. Even between lifetimes he would come here in his finer body, and now that he is ascended he's able to do much, much more on behalf of everyone.

Now, of course, one of his favorite spots is the rose garden. And each of these roses represents one of us. And so he cherishes each one of our souls, just as Mother Mary does, and he cherishes each of our souls by revering the rose that represents our soul. Of course, all of these roses are special, because when the tilma was revealed, the roses fell out of the tilma to the ground. He says that the miracle that occurred then is still occurring in the heaven world because Mother Mary is continuing to reveal even higher, deeper mysteries to all the saints in heaven. She extends to many of the saints her immaculate heart in a way that is so beautiful. And she teaches and teaches many of the saints continuously how to revere God within all people, even those on Earth. And he encourages us to continue to refine our vision to be immaculate, immaculate, immaculate. Always consider the highest and the best outcome of everything and every person. Never judge a person based on outward appearance or what they physically do, because God doesn't judge in that way.

He especially loves the children. The children in heaven love him because he's still a short guy. And when many children make their transition to heaven, he is there with Uncle Kenneth and other masters to receive them. He knew Uncle Kenneth in this last life, and I think they made their transition within about a year or two years of each other—and they're really good buddies.

So they both revere these beautiful, beautiful children who are both coming into embodiment and going out of embodiment into heaven. And he says we should really revere all children as a special incarnation of God within these tiny bodies. There is so much hope embedded within the hearts of these children when we teach them of the spiritual path and especially when we actually practice what we teach.

Some of you have great missions on behalf of children, whether young or in their primary years or even into their teen years and young adulthood. If you remember to pray to him, as well as when you pray to Mother Mary and Jesus and Saint Germain, he will perform some wonderful alchemies and divine magic on behalf of these children.

Now he'd like to perform an alchemy here, to have an unfolding of the tilma, spiritually, over all of you, to have all these spiritual roses come from heaven right over you, just as it happened on that beautiful day in the 1500s. And you can feel the essence of these spiritual roses. You can take in the sacred aroma of love and light and you can reconsecrate your life to God through holy prayer, sacrifice, fasting and receiving the higher graces.

Remember that we are all one. There is no separation between our spirits in the heaven world. Jesus' essence is always around us. The love of Mother Mary is always present. And he says that the power of Saint Joseph's energy is something we should tap into more, because as the protector of the Holy Family he is now coming more to the fore, as we know.

Through our prayers, he is the protector of the family of all mankind. The Holy Family, whom this entire conference has been dedicated to, is expanding the understanding of what a true family is, though it's still based on the individual families that we revere. Yet now there is a greater family of all spiritual pilgrims and spiritual people around the world, and God requires all of us to be a part of this dynamic, to share God's love with every person that we meet, to shower affection and reverence upon every person.

There are thousands of angels gathered around us in the heaven world now. In fact, this is the most important spiritual place in North America for the blessing of pilgrims from all around the world because of all the humble hearts who come here, all those who make long, long pilgrimages, even coming on their knees. The humility of all these people naturally magnetizes the angels to this environment. And some of you live very close to here, like Cynthia, ten minutes away. She chose to be here because of the spiritual quintessence that's always here. And others of you live within miles of here, a little farther but still within the environs of Mexico City.

Now, one final word is that if you'd like to go to the special place in heaven that is above this place and investigate the beautiful spiritual gardens, just give your prayers and your rosary before retiring at night and ask to be taken in your spirit up into this heaven world. And you too can be refreshed in God's grace and the love of the Holy Spirit and receive the empowerment that comes when you connect with heaven. So thank you for coming.

He is also handing each one of us a special rose, even the children, the beautiful children running around, and even this wonderful man over here who chose to be here to receive this blessing too. So God bless you.

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