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Jar-El-Um      December 18, 2017

Beloved Jar-El-Um
David Christopher Lewis
December 18, 2017   11:21–11:36 am CST
2017 Mexico Winter Solstice Event:
The Holy Family Blesses Mexico with the Light of Freedom and Justice: Saint Germain and Portia Come to Illumine Families Everywhere
Cuernavaca, Mexico 

I Come to Defend Your Life, Your Family and Your Culture 

I come to defend your life, your family, your culture. As your Jar-El-Um, I spread my wings of light around you. I enfold you in the glory of the Lord, the glory of the Lord, the glory of the Lord. Oh, how great is this glory of the Lord, dearest ones, the very living Presence of the Almighty. This is what I enfold families within as they pray diligently each day. For when you pray together as a family, the miracle light of God descends, and this miracle light is the glory of the Lord. And this is the protecting energy field that seals you in the light, that seals your love, that seals your home, that seals your consciousness so that together you may fulfill your destiny.

You see, each family has a family destiny, and that is comprised of your mission in collaboration with your love and your wisdom. Your mission is the divine plan for you, which you can tap into as you pray with great fervor and joy. Your love is that which unites you; it is the fabric that maintains harmony within your home, the spiritual energy that sustains your hearts as one heart. And the wisdom of God is around you and enfolds you as you communicate together and share with one another, as all are educated in the light, as you read sacred scripture together, as you study the true teachings of the ascended masters and share with one another your understanding of these teachings.

This threefold flame of blue, yellow and pink of your mission, your study and your love allows God to maintain this glory of the Lord around you as the angels of the sacred fire support you and as your dreams, your divine ideations come into realization. I ask you, dearest ones, what are the dreams of your family? What do you desire together to fulfill while upon Earth?

If you work together as one to discern your destiny and the importance of each one within the family toward the victory of your destiny, then we will be there to support this endeavor. We will overshine you to give you keys to the new victorious sense of unity that may always be yours in the Presence of God, under the glory of the Lord. Tap into this glory each day as you awaken. Feel it as you dine together in your homes, and know it as you cooperate on many projects, as you attend spiritual services, when you play outside together, when you go on vacation or holiday and, of course, before you retire at night as you pray.

Oh, how important is that little time together before going to sleep, when together as a family you may hold hands and pray to God. Oh, how thousands of angels come when you pray with great God-delight, when you pour out your soul unto God. When you ask for help within your family, when you ask for assistance on behalf of others, the angels of protection, the angels of the family do come and they support you in answer to these earnest and heartfelt prayers.

You have heard the ancient adage “The family that prays together stays together.” Oh, how I love this quote. And if this could be on a little card or even framed somewhere in your home as a reminder to all of you of the importance of holy prayer, you would always have what you require, dearest ones. For the angels come indeed to serve those who pray diligently. Your Creative Arts Team could even consider creating a little sign with this quote upon it and artistically render these words with great coloration and flair. And you could sell them far and wide across the world as a reminder to all families of the importance of this matrix.

If we were to extend this class a little longer, you could share how important your prayers as a family have been, yet we know you have a schedule to keep today. And so maybe you can share these thoughts on your travels back to Mexico City and someone could record them for a future delivery.

Oh, dearest ones, I desire you to feel my joy in being with you. And so with angels of the sacred fire, I now accelerate the light within this room, within your hearts and within your families so that there may be a greater togetherness and oneness between you and so that you may indeed fulfill your mission upon Earth—both as individuals and as families.

So my blessing is extended to all those throughout the world within The Hearts Center community and within all spiritual churches and communities. And the glory of the Lord is upon you now. In God's name, I AM THAT I AM, be sealed in this light of the Presence. Be sealed in the joy and love of the Holy Family. Amen.

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