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John the Baptist      December 16, 2017

Beloved John the Baptist
David Christopher Lewis
December 16, 2017   3:30–3:40 pm CST
2017 Mexico Winter Solstice Event
The Holy Family Blesses Mexico with the Light of Freedom and Justice: Saint Germain and Portia Come to Illumine Families Everywhere
Cuernavaca, Mexico

Prepare Your Hearts for the Love of the Holy Dove
I Baptize You With Fire, Water, Light and the Essence of Earth!

I baptize you with fire, water, light and the essence of earth. And through the four elements, you are made whole in this love experience.

As you have turned to the four directions, now the four directions turn to you, and you are spinning in a great sphere of light, creating the Merkabah, which is your deathless body, your eternal light body. This is the body of light that you will ascend within. And yet even now through this sacred baptism, you can experience a little bit of this ascension process today.

What is it within you that is ascending? It is your essence, one with God. Of course, it is not the lesser self. It is that part of you that is real and divine that is re-merging with the Divine within you, the Divine above and all around you. And so I, John, help you in this process. As Elijah was taken up in a chariot of fire and Elisha beheld me and received a double portion of my mantle, so you may receive a double or triple portion of this mantle today as you behold the light all around you on behalf of the Holy Family and all families. For there has been a fracturing of families throughout the world—within the current culture of the United States of America and other cultures.

And we use the opportunity of this conference to heal and then bless all families. This requires each family member to ascend in consciousness. And so this light of the ascension is present within and around you, each one, to help your personal family, the family of your Hearts Center community within Mexico and in all nations and everywhere upon Earth. So we use this light to heal the family culture so that we, as mankind, may be one family again; so that we may have a universal brother/sisterhood of light; so that all may know their True Self and experience their oneness with God.

Now, as you experience this light and this dynamic of this healing and the light pouring through your chakras and your aura, so choose throughout this conference to expand this light on behalf of all those whom you love, all beings throughout the cosmos. This is my message unto you, my beloved children.

Now I reveal something very interesting that I do not recall revealing before: my twin flame's name. Do any of you know who she may be? Her name is Marziel—M-a-r-z-i-e-l. So from now on, precious hearts, you may pray to both me, John the Baptist, and my beloved, Marziel, through the power of the z within her name. All who attune to her vibration will receive the energy of that z-ray, which also represents Omega—the Alpha to Omega, the a to the z. The z finishes what the a begins.

The Mother receives the Spirit light from the Father and anchors it within the Earth, within the crucible of her womb and being. And so each of you is that chalice, that crucible now to receive this light of my beloved for the healing of the Earth and the blessing of all sentient beings.

I thank you for coming. And I choose not to perform an earthquake today, for you have had enough of those recently in Mexico, right? Enough is enough. Bless you.

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