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David Lewis      December 16, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
December 16, 2017   3:44 ̶ 3:55 pm CST
2017 Winter Solstice Mexico Event
The Holy Family Blesses Mexico with the Light of Freedom and Justice: Saint Germain and Portia Come to Illumine Families Everywhere
Cuernavaca, Mexico

Visualization to Access the Secret Chamber of the Heart

Mexico and its people are a nation of people of the heart. It is a culture of the heart. This culture is sacred, and all of you contain within your hearts a part of this culture. The Divine Mother relies on you to save the Earth through this culture of the heart that you know so well. You were born through love and you will ascend by love.

The culture of the heart is the culture of true divine love, and the reason the masters chose the name “The Hearts Center” is to remind us of this always. For when we are centered in our hearts, we are one with God. Now, we may think that we are heart-centered, yet we are still getting closer and closer and closer to that perfect point of pure heart-centeredness. When we finally reach that point of being perfectly heart-centered, we reach our state of God-beingness.

Many of us may have experienced this in certain moments of perfect divine love, and we know that our job, our spiritual responsibility, is to try to remain in that state. And so the visualization we can have is this: You are in your favorite room of your home. There's a center point of that room. You go to the very center of that room and you remain there, feeling the balance of being exactly at the center. In this perfectly balanced state is where the light of God is the most powerful and dynamic in that room. So to access your true divine power, your true divine wisdom, your true divine love, you go to that center point of being and you stay there until you feel fully clothed in that light.

Now, this place has also been called the secret chamber of the heart. And in that secret chamber there is an altar upon which the threefold flame exists. So you go there in your consciousness and you serve at the altar. It doesn't matter if you are in a male or female body now—you are a priest or priestesses of the sacred fire. You see that light—pink, gold and blue— and it's blazing there on the altar. Yet really that altar is inside of you. You have kind of miniaturized yourself in consciousness so that you can see it, behold it and feel it.

You all know the feeling of being near a campfire and the heat of that campfire, and you can't get too close, at least physically. Yet the masters now say, jump into the fire in your light body. You won't be burned up. You will feel that eternal flame burning, and it is magnificent and it will transcend all your expectations. And whenever you feel a little down and out, all you have to do is close your eyes and go to the sacred place again to first see and then feel that light, where you are perfectly centered. You're in perfect balance. Nothing negative can ever touch you in that perfect state. If you've had some problems or issues, go there and remain there and watch how your problems and issues just disappear because you've accessed this pure point of consciousness by dissolving anything that's not that pure point of consciousness through your focus, your gentle concentration on that point. You will balance your karma much more quickly in this state because you won't make any new karma, and the old karmas just seem to dissolve and be transmuted in the alchemy of this state.

It's really divine magic and it's beyond time and space. Yet it's at the center point of all time and space. Do you feel it now? Do you feel the gentle heat? This is pure love, wisdom and power.

Thank you. Just meditate in silence for about five minutes and stay here in consciousness.

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