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Uzziel      September 24, 2017

Beloved Uzziel and Azzalea
David Christopher Lewis
September 24, 2017   12:01–12:11 pm CDT
2017 Autumn Equinox Event
The Twelve Archangels Illumine Chicago with Cosmic Joy
Techny, Illinois

Amethyst Blessing of the Heart and Initiation of the Holy Spirit by Uzziel and Azzalea

Angels of the sacred fire, come forth to Chicago now! Angels from the twelve legions of the twelve archangels and their archeiai, come forth now! Nine choirs of angels of the Most High God, come forth now! Charge these souls of light with the ruby ray and all of the seven rays and the five rays of God for their service to the light, for their love, for the hallowedness of their souls and their dedication and consecration to the holy cause of eternal freedom.

We, Uzziel and Azzalea, now stand before you, dearest ones, for the initiation of the Holy Spirit. And as you come before us, we will place this amethyst heart upon your heart for the charging of your heart with this radiance and grace from heaven, for the protection of your heart from all that is less than perfection and from all discord that would in any way oppose your victory on the path; the fulfillment of your divine plan; the balancing of your threefold flame; the alignment of all of your holy bodies, above and below; the working out of your psychology; and your qualification for the ascension in the light at the conclusion of this or the next lifetime.

We are here to support God in this world. And because you have called us forth, we now stand before you to bless you, to charge you and to initiate you with these spiritual graces and radiances from the altar of the Most High God. This opportunity is rare, and so we are grateful for those who have come physically. For you will receive tenfold that which others will receive who are not here in the flesh.

This blessing is a permanent blessing upon your heart, and the radiance of the eighth ray will be there for you in times of trouble. All you have to do is close your eyes and go within to access this accelerated love-field of light through the ruby ray, which is our great privilege to bestow upon mankind.

When you accelerate love within your life and your world, we are there. When you seek to embody that love from the altars of God, we are there. When love begins to express itself in magnanimous ways through you in every sacred moment of beingness, we are there. Remember this, for our loving, tender care is with you always, watching over you, sealing you in our aura of sacred fire.

Now come forth, blessed ones, and receive this blessing and anointing of sacred fire.


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