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David Lewis      September 22, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
September 22, 2017   11:28 ̶ 11:32 am CDT
2017 Autumn Event
The Twelve Archangels Illumine Chicago
Techny, llIinois

Surrender as a Sixth-Ray Quality and Virtue

While we were singing that, I just got a flash and a teaching from the masters, and that is that surrender is a sixth-ray quality and virtue. Some of you may know that when priests and certain ministers are initiated, they have to lie completely prone, spread out, and this is a symbol and an act of complete obeisance and surrender to God.

In Buddhism, we hear of pilgrims going around Mount Kailash and prostrating themselves ten thousand times. They have little paddles or protective things on their hands; otherwise they would probably be scratched to death. They go about three feet, go completely prone and say a mantra—often to Padma Sambhava: Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum. They have to give this mantra ten thousand times as they are making this pilgrimage.

So surrender is a virtue of the sixth ray, because to be a true minister, a true ministering servant or a priest of the sacred fire, you have to consecrate and dedicate your life to God, not to your lower nature. And you have to surrender to the will of God. In most holy orders, you have to take a vow of obedience, which is a type of surrender to the authority above you. And, of course, in the hierarchical order of things, there's always going to be somebody above you. So even if you are an ascended master, you have to have this virtue of obedience and be obedient to your gurus, your mentors, those with greater attainment than you. Knowing this, if you desire to be a true ministering servant, a minister, a priest or priestess of the sacred fire, you qualify yourself through your givingness, through the sacrificial life, through the sixth ray of peace, brother/sisterhood, ministration and service.

Early in The Hearts Center, we had the ritual of surrender that Joyce and Nancy Freaner, along with the students of Joyce's class, put together. This was a beautiful ritual and we still have it in our prayer book. We don't give it very often, but we should give it at least once a month just to renew our vows of surrender. If we ever think that we are getting high and holy on the path, God somehow puts us in our seat and abases us, because we have to maintain that humble state of true beingness.

So meditating on the sixth ray with Nada, with Uriel and Aurora today, with Peace and Aloha, Jesus and Kuthumi, we can find a new means of expression through our hearts and our solar plexus chakra, which is the sixth-ray chakra, in order to master our emotions, master ourselves and then move upward and onward on our path of divine service.


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