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Chamuel      September 21, 2017

Beloved Archangel Chamuel Discourse
David Christopher Lewis
September 21, 2017   2:34–4:00 pm CDT
2017 Autumn Equinox Event
The Twelve Archangels Illumine Chicago with Cosmic Joy
Techny, Illinois

Chamuel and Charity on Bringing a Higher Love into Our Lives, Chicago and the Nation

If we consider the greatest gift that we can give to another lifestream, I think that many of us will come to the conclusion that it is love, and it is love that is on par with God's love because it comes from the same eternal fountain of light. When we express love in a virtuous way with anyone, it creates a hallowed sanctum of light around the giver and the one to whom that love is offered. It hallows time and space and leaves an indelible mark in akasha that can be read by the recording angels, the Keeper of the Scrolls and, after each incarnation, by our own souls when we have our life review and we see whether we have loved.

Recently I was watching a video on YouTube of someone who had a near-death experience. This person saw all these people either going up or going somewhere else. And as those who were going up reached the gates of heaven, Jesus was there and he asked everyone, “Did you learn to love?” And if they could honestly say, “Yes, Lord,” they were welcomed in. So this was the experience of this one. And I think it is very appropriate that we consider this, because when we make our transition and have our life review, I think that we too will see all the times when we affected life and others through love. And then, contrariwise, we'll see those times when we did not express that love, when we withheld love and could have expressed it.

The decision to never withhold love is one of the most important decisions that you can make. Yet we make it on a daily basis. Am I living in the sacred space of divine love, where I am offering who I am to God and to the universe to be expressive of that love? Am I positioning myself so that I can give that love in its fullest, blossoming, beatific state of holiness? Am I really expressing love the way God intends? Or is this a human emotion, even a reactivity, a feeling that I think may be love, yet when I enter my heart I realize that it may not be my greatest offering? We can assess whether we are in the sacred space of this divine love experience through the heart, which becomes wise through its givingness, through its expansiveness, through its authentic and very opportune giving and becomes an anointing in that givingness.

I see your lifestreams and the record of your lifestreams when you have extended this type of love to others. And this truly has been for each of you an anointing, where your love is so precious and so dear to the angels and to God that they come in the experience of your givingness of this love and add a certain holy oil from heaven that embellishes that love with a beauty, a harmony, an aroma and a resonance that is magnificent.

You can experience this in deep states of prayer and meditation as you seek oneness with God and have those hallowed moments of total connectedness and oneness with the Source, whereby you feel that there is nothing left of self save God. You are totally immersed in your Presence, and God is subsumed into you even as you are subsumed into God. When you have one of these moments and relish it with a divine relishment, you can experience it again and again and again. You can recreate it in your heart because of the feeling that was there when you understood the nature of life and of God in that hallowed moment; when the Holy Spirit was there breathing through you; when the angels were present, smiling upon you; and when God him/herself, in a certain dimension, said, “This is my beloved son/daughter in whom I am well pleased.”1

To have these experiences on a regular basis is the gift of love of the disciple. And it is our privilege and our right as sons and daughters of God to experience God's love, to know that love and to be recreated in that love as often as we open ourselves up to it—daily, hourly, magically, moment by moment if we choose to make that our new reality; if we give permission to the universe to alchemize our hearts in this mystical union that the saints have been privileged to experience and that the masters East and West have modeled for us, and which we now, as their disciples and as initiates, also choose to make real in our lives.

It is an optimal choice to do this. It is the best choice to enter into the salvation of this love, which has the ability to raise us out of mediocrity and the limiting states of our human consciousness and to coalesce in our worlds this new life, which becomes newer and newer every day. And so we leave off our yesterdays to become who we are today because we can't go back and we can't access the future. Yet the future is now every moment, and we make that choice to be love. We enter into the sacredness of that communion with our Lord, our living Lord, moment by moment.

Think of what it was like to be in the aura of Jesus the Christ when he was physically alive on Earth. I have meditated on this, even from the time I was a teenager. I had mystical experiences just contemplating this dynamic. As I read the scriptures, the Holy Spirit illumined certain passages. And it was as if I was there again, or for the first time, experiencing the true love that Jesus, as an epochal son of God, shared with all of humanity, not just those who were privileged to personally witness his Presence, his healings or his teaching. All mankind were blessed by his presence in Judea, Galilee and wherever he trod.

If we bring the experience of meditating upon that level of love into our auras and into our heart and we draw from it the comfort and the virtues of it, it will continue to work on us and within us to prepare us for the ultimate reunion of our ascension, which is the most mystical experience of divine love that humans can have. And that is simply a new beginning too. In the ascended state of complete parity with God, I'm sure we will experience greater and greater and greater levels of this cosmic love, at least from the perspective of our everlasting life of union with God.

I consider all of you living saints. This is what I behold you as and what I hope that we can all behold each other as, because it helps when we have that immaculate concept of each other as divine, as living, walking Christs rather than holding an image or concept of one another that is less than that perfection.

Now, Chicago is the heart chakra of the United States of America. And because it is almost in the center of this nation, energetically at least—somewhere in Kansas may be the geographical center, but Chicago is the energetic light center of the United States—we can commune with the heart of our nation and send love to the entire body of our nation from the heart. It's easier to do this from the heart, because the heart is at the center of everything. It's like when you are in the center of a circle, you can reach every point on the periphery equally because you are in the center. If you're on the periphery, it takes more energy to reach the other side of that circle; whereas if you are in the center, in God, you can reach everything easily.

So you who live here are privileged to be able to impact the life of the entire nation by emanating love from your hearts to anyone who requires it, to all who really require it, as you see fit to share that love through your spiritual practices every day. And all of our spiritual practices are a little bit different, right? Some of us are more warriors, some are more teachers, some are more industrious people who like to be involved in business, and others are more quiet, meditative and introspective.

We all have the way that works for us in terms of how we access the light and share the light, and all of these are acceptable. And sometimes you move through different phases. You may be a warrior one minute, defending a soul with Archangel Michael's sword, and then an hour later, you may be soothing a child and comforting that one with the grace of God and the love of the Holy Spirit. All are equally acceptable paths.

I'd like us to give this call sheet for Chicago now, the Heart Chakra of America call, CS-9. If you don't have a copy, raise your hand and we'll have somebody pass out copies, which are on the table over there. And as we do this, realize that there is an angel deva of Chicago. I remember first hearing about the fact that geographical locations have angel devas. Early in the teachings, I would be driving with someone, and every time we entered another state and the sign said, “Welcome to Wyoming,” or whatever, he'd say, “Hail, Angel Deva of Wyoming!” So I learned that we could make that call.

So in this call we're going to say, “Hail, Angel Deva of Chicago!” at the beginning and at the end, and make contact with that being who ensouls the essence of Chicago, her people, her geography, everything about her. And I'm saying “her” because I consider all these places to be part of Mother Earth, which is a she, so we would say “her.” So here we go:

Hail, Angel Deva of Chicago!

            In the name of the victorious light of God that always prevails, the Holy Christ/Buddha Self and Solar Presence of all lightbearers, in the name of all masters whose retreats are over Chicago: the Angel of the Jade Temple; Victory and Justina; Amerissis, Goddess of Light; Saint Germain and Portia; and Godfre and Lotus;

            In the name of Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus, Gautama Buddha, Justina, Cyclopea, Pallas Athena, the Cosmic Being from out of the Great Silence, El Morya, Lanello and Clare de Lis, Valiant, Lady Adelphia, Lady Vìolette, Lady Eunìce, Lady Valeria, Master S.O.S;

            In the name of Bob and Verla Lewis and Lady Master Wanda, who all chose to ascend from above Chicago to bless the heart chakra of America;

            We affirm that Chicago is Saint Germain's victorious City of Light! The heart chakra of America is filled with ruby and violet love as it experiences an etheric quadruple-bypass infusion of light, light, light! This light flows into the economy, the government and the religious and educational institutions of Chicago. We see a strong local Hearts Center pulsating this light throughout Chicago and magnetizing thousands of souls. Through the Presence of the Maha Chohan and the indwelling Holy Spirit, we listen to the inner voice and we share the Word in loving wisdom.

            Services, conferences and heartshare events occur regularly throughout Chicagoland, opening the way for greater numbers to find their reconnection to God and deepen this sacred relationship. Mighty Victory blazes the six-pointed star of victory within our hearts as we visualize a cone of spiraling light coalescing to a point over Chicago, drawing all heartfriends of old to the heart of Saint Germain.

            Chicago-area universities, colleges and schools are sponsored by the God and Goddess Meru, Jesus and Magda, Kuthumi and Mother Mary for the protection, illumination and divine direction of our youth, filling them with joy in discovering the Christ and Buddha within. We see neighborhoods and communities living in peace and harmony. The streets of our city and suburbs are safe, clean and beautiful.

            Every family feels the presence of the Holy Family. And through stronger love ties within families, streams of brotherhood move throughout Chicago and extend outward toward the coasts, the northern and southern national borders and beyond.

            In the name of beloved Mother Mary, we hold the immaculate concept for ourselves and this city and practice only holy communication with one another. We see and feel the fulfillment of the mission of Chicago as we become, day by day, a community that lives together in harmony, forgiveness and love. We accept this victory for Chicago and all Hearts Centers and Heartfriends Groups throughout America and the world.

            In the name of Fortuna, abundance flows from the heart of God and from our collective causal bodies to support the great expansion and total God-victory of the heart chakra of America. And in the protection of Archangel Michael, we receive heaven's abundance now! To that joyous end we give these fiats with full fohatic fire:

            Release into our consciousness the emerald ray of God-vision! (3x)

            We are the resurrection and the life of Saint Germain's town! (3x)

            According to God's will, wisdom and love, it is done. We are grateful!

            Hail, Angel Deva of Chicago!

In our Hearts Center community, we love to practice a ritual called the ritual of appreciation. And once we're done with it, we all feel like we're in a new dimension. So what we're going to do today is interesting. We're going to appreciate one another, and then at the same time we're going to appreciate Chicago, because the Angel Deva of Chicago would like to hear from us what we love about Chicago.

The way this will work is that I am going to appreciate __________. And then she will appreciate the person nearest her. So you have to come up to the mic, and both of you have to be there at the same time because you're going to make a heart connection and a visual connection with the one that you are appreciating. Then after you appreciate the person next to you, you're going to say what you appreciate about Chicago. This is important energetically, because we hear in the media and other places in the U.S., “Oh, Chicago has all this crime.”

Can you imagine how that makes the Angel Deva of Chicago feel, when all these people all over the place are saying, “Oh, Chicago this or that?” It's disheartening and we don't desire that. We have to hold the immaculate vision of Chicago. So part of this ritual is the science of immaculate seeing, where we are really going in and deciding what it is that we're going to accept about Chicago that is bringing it higher and moving it up in awareness and consciousness. So we'll begin.

[Participants come forward and engage in the ritual of appreciation.]

In concluding this part of our service, before intermission in a few minutes, I'd like to say that the sharing that I provided before this, the talk on love, was from Chamuel and Charity. And they would like to say now that this ritual is done in heaven. It is an ancient ritual that dates back before Shamballa to Venus. So the ritual of appreciation is done on Venus; it's an ancient custom.

In many cultures, even on Earth today, when you welcome someone into your home you treat them like family. You treat them like the most precious friends you've ever had. And that welcoming spirit is the spirit of divine love. And when we show that same spirit of love, we are also inviting the angels of love, because they have to respond to love.

What Chamuel and Charity would like to say is that they respond energetically to love, divine love, wherever it is expressed. And by divine love, I mean authentic love. It can be love of God, yet it can also be love of others that is authentic. It's not feigned; it's not unreal. And where love is expressed, there God is and there God's angels are. So if you desire angelic intercession in your life, the way to make that happen is to love, to express love, to be love.

Appreciation, gratitude, thanksgiving are beautiful virtues on the seven o'clock line of the cosmic clock, overseen by the Goddess of Liberty, as we know from the teachings of Mother Mary. It is so important to balance the ruby cross of the cosmic clock—the one-seven/four-ten axes—and to balance the entire cosmic clock, because if there is no gratitude, you really have no life. If people don't express gratitude and they don't say “Thank you” after someone gives them something, they're leaving off of an opportunity to share love and to have that reciprocity that is important to balance the equation of givingness.

So when you say “Thank you” and when you are appreciative, you are harmonizing and balancing life in your world. Without “Please,” “Thank you” and “You're welcome,” there would be no harmony and balance in our lives. We have to express gratitude. Thankfulness—“Thank you so much for what you did for me”—balances the equation in so many situations and maintains harmony and peace. When people can't express gratitude to another culture, there is a lack of communication; communication breaks down. Then you have arguments and conflict and war, right? Where you appreciate, where you have reverence and respect for other people, cultures, nations, that's the beginning of true brother/sisterhood through open communication. And “Thank you” is one of the most important things that you can say.

When you study another language, what are some of the first words that you learn in that language? Please, thank you, you're welcome, because that is the universal language of respect and reverence. So within this ritual, Chamuel and Charity remind us how important it is to be appreciative, to share love, to hold the immaculate concept, to get to know new people, to always see people in the highest light, because these are the important things in our life.

My wife was telling me the other day that she heard a teaching that everything is about relationships. And I have to agree that all of the major tests in our life seem to revolve around our relationships with others: our family, our spouses, our children, grandchildren, parents. And when we master relationships through the expressiveness of love and we master the initiatic path, then we can move upward and onward to our ascension. If we haven't mastered relationships through open, honest and compassionate communication, virtuous givingness, authentic and joyful beingness as who we truly are inside, then we may have to come back. So let's master that. We agree to master this, right?

[Participants repeat after David in giving the following affirmation:] “I agree to master my emotions, to have wonderful relationships with everyone I know and whom I meet so that I can master all my tests, pass my tests and become an ascended being, according to God's timetable, and continue to serve for eternity. Amen.”

Okay, you are all commissioned to be angels of love with Chamuel and Charity forever! Amen.

1. Matthew 3:17, 17:5; Mark 1:11; Luke 3:22; 2 Peter 1:17.

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