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HeartStreams Library - Messages From the Ascended Masters
DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
10/12/18 18m GabrielGabriel and Hope Announce the Shortening of the Days for the Elect
10/11/18 10m MelchizedekPerfect Love Casts Out All Fear! Be Selfless, Fearless and Victorious!
10/10/18 8m David LewisHow Watching The Song of Bernadette as a Child Awakened David to His Life's Mission
10/10/18 10m AkshobhyaAkshobhya Comes Consecrated to Our Victory and to Sustaining our Path of Oneness
9/23/18 40m Saint GermainSaint Germain: The Genesis of the Aquarian Age through the Genie within You! (EXPO-Falls Church, VA)
10/9/18 25m Maria MontessoriLove the Child Within. Teach the Child Within. Save the Child Within. Then Love, Teach and Save all Children!
10/6/18 10m Saint Therese of LisieuxSaint Therese of Lisieux: Develop a Fragrant, Rosy Heart Like those of the Loving Saints of East and West and a Sweet Story of the Healing of a Precious Child with a Surprise Ending!
10/5/18 29m CelestelCelestel: We Co-Create with You a New Latticework of Divine, Crystalline Light around Our Earth
10/7/18 14m El MoryaEl Morya Charges Us with a Light Impetus to Adopt a Higher Orbit of Christhood
10/7/18 10m David LewisReading from Chapter 3 of Advanced Studies of the Human Aura
10/3/18 41m Divine DirectorDarshan with International Heartfriends
10/2/18 22m El MoryaA Word of Caution to Initiates: Pride Can Compromise or Negate Spiritual Attainment - A Thriving Economy Must Be Built on a Foundation of Light and the Golden Rule
9/30/18 18m David LewisPatience, Perseverance and Purity on the Path
9/28/18 14m OmraamThe Courtesy of the Christ; The Comity of the Buddha; The Civility of the Holy Spirit
9/29/18 20m MichaelArchangel Michael's 2018 Michaelmas Day Address Reinforcing Our Spiritual Mooring on Our Path of Light
9/26/18 12m David LewisDavid's Reflections on 2018 Virginia Expo
9/22/18 49m Saint GermainSaint Germain's Discourse at Gloria Rojas Home
9/16/18 18m David LewisReading from The Teacher by Beinsa Douno
9/16/18 23m JesusJesus' Discourse on Sound, Chakras, Music and Toning
9/16/18 19m Sanat KumaraSanat Kumara: I Shower the Saving Grace of Divine Love over the Heartland Now!
9/15/18 26m Holy SpiritThe Holy Spirit: I Empower You All with Divine Love
9/15/18 28m David LewisThe Solution for Chicago—Pray and Love Each Other
9/15/18 19m Saint GermainSaint Germain’s Teaching on the Pulsation from Our I AM God Presence
9/15/18 9m Saint Germain2018 Saint Germain Infires Chicago with Violet-Joy Love
9/19/18 22m ShivaShiva Speaks on the Processes of Transmutation in Nature
9/14/18 11m Mother MaryMother Mary Comes to Heal Chicago through Her Immaculate Heart
9/12/18 13m Mother MaryMother Mary on Fortitude
9/11/18 8m El MoryaEl Morya Says Prosper in the Providence of your Divine Presence!
8/22/18 26m JesusJesus on the Ancient Essenes and Being the Essence of God Now
9/9/18 10m LantoLanto Infills Us with Golden Illumination Flame
9/9/18 11m LanelloRe-assessing Our Lives, Our Purpose and Our Work
9/9/18 30m HilarionHilarion Says Value Your Life and Live to the Fullest
9/8/18 19m Hans RöingThe Call Compels the Answer!
9/5/18 56m Mother MaryDarshan with Mother Mary
9/4/18 30m El MoryaEl Morya on Thriving on Your Path of Oneness through Spiritual Thrift and the Thrust of the Tithe
8/30/18 53m Mother MaryMother Mary on the Loveliness of Our Soul
8/26/18 18m GodfrePrepare in Proportion to the Difficulty on the Endeavor
8/26/18 38m LanelloDarshan on Ancient Camelot's Mystery School and the Hearts Center Community
8/26/18 9m HanumanHanuman Clears Britain and Supports Morya and Merlin’s Mission
8/26/18 45m Saint GermainThe Alchemy of New Discovery, New Enterprise and New Creativity
8/25/18 13m Divine DirectorDivine Director Comes with Many Masters and the Living Christ Light to Bless England
8/25/18 5m MichaelArchangel Michael Blazes the Blue Fire Light of God into England
8/25/18 3m FaithFaith Expresses Gratitude and Provides a Special Gift to Participants
8/24/18 12m El MoryaEl Morya On Directness and Sustaining God Consciousness Through Focus on Your Source
8/24/18 10m PurityPurity On the Value of Using the Circle and Sword of Astrea Prayer
8/23/18 8m KuthumiKuthumi Invests the Light of Peace Deep Within Us
8/23/18 45m KuthumiKuthumi Darshan on Meditation
8/22/18 54m Mother MaryUse the Healing Energies of Nature to Restore Wholeness
8/16/18 29m Gautama BuddhaThe Four Nobler Truths and a New Eightfold Path through the Eight Heart Virtues
8/14/18 21m LanelloShine Forth Your Light! Invoke Illumination’s Flame and Manifest God-Wisdom Daily!
8/15/18 18m Mother MaryMother Mary's Ascension Day Message on Leading a Principled and Disciplined Life
7/25/18 53m Saint GermainSaint Germain: The Genesis of the Aquarian Age through the Genie within You!
8/12/18 8m Divine DirectorThe Importance of Your Life and Your Special Place in the Universe
8/10/18 8m Mother MaryThe Ascension Is Not So Difficult; Love, Care, Serve and Be Humble
7/29/18 8m Maha ChohanThe Maha Chohan Amplifies the Flame of Comfort for Our Healing
7/29/18 12m Saint GermainI AM Blazing Violet Light throughout the Galaxy
7/29/18 1m David LewisSaint Germain Shares Theme for Mount Shasta 2019 Summer Event
7/29/18 21m Buddha of the Violet RayHow to Manifest a Flowfield of Perfect Violet Joy.
7/29/18 11m Arcturian2018 Mount Shasta MU Event
8/8/18 22m Goddess of LibertyThe Goddess of Liberty on Immigration and the G's and L's of God-Gratitude
7/28/18 19m Kuan YinKuan Yin: Discourse on Mercy
7/28/18 8m Sanat KumaraMarriage Blessing by Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus
7/28/18 42m Saint Germain2018 Mount Shasta MU Event
7/28/18 12m ArcturusArcturus and Victoria: Our Plan for Planetary Salvation
7/27/18 1h 5m Saint GermainSaint Germain and Portia discourse: Freedom's Flame Reigns Supreme in All Loving Hearts
7/27/18 4m Oromasis2018 Mount Shasta MU Event
7/27/18 30m Omri-TasOmritas and Govinas: How to Make Earth Freedom's Star
7/27/18 14m Omri-Tas2018 Mount Shasta MU Event
7/26/18 13m ZadkielZadkiel and Holy Amethyst: Wash the Earth in Violet Light
8/7/18 9m El MoryaReflect on God’s Abundance and It Shall Also Be Yours!
8/5/18 6m AfraAfra Requests Three Months of Prayers for Truth in Order for Justice to Descend
8/5/18 12m AfraAfra Speaks on Truth and Justice as the Master Azuna Comes from the Great Central Sun
8/5/18 17m Buddha of the Aqua-Teal RayBuddha of the Aqua-Teal Ray Leads a Breathing and Healing Exercise Using the Aqua-Teal Light
8/4/18 28m Karin SvedeliusKarin Svedelius The Divine Radiance of Hearts Attuned to God, Hearts of Gold
8/3/18 27m AurielBeloved Auriel Developing Spiritual Sensibility and Sensitivity
8/1/18 57m El MoryaDarshan With El Morya and International Heartfriends
8/1/18 23m AmitabhaBefriending the Dhyani Buddhas and Imbibing Their Fiery Gifts
8/1/18 6m David LewisAvoid the Pitfalls of Get Rich Quick Schemes
7/18/18 8m David LewisDavid Shares Tom Miller’s Book My Life & Times with The Prophets
7/18/18 24m UrielHandling the Pressures of Modern Living Through Angelic Assistance
7/18/18 27m Sanat KumaraSanat Kumara Calls Us to a Higher Standard in Practicing Reverence for Life and Avoiding Gossip
7/16/18 14m Padre PioPadre Pio on Surrendering Undesirable Inner Elements and Outer Attachments
7/14/18 20m KuthumiMindfulness, as a Virtue, Leads all to Brother/Sisterhood and Peace
7/13/18 6m Angel of JoyThe Angel of Joy Sparks Joy into Our Prayer Service
7/13/18 18m LanelloLanello's Sermon on Growing Your Wisdom and Your Humility
7/12/18 21m El MoryaIt is Great to Be Employed by God!
7/11/18 8m HimalayaHimalaya: Overcoming the Dissonance of the Lower Self through the Resonance of the Higher Self
7/11/18 47m Saint GermainSaint Germain Darshan
7/10/18 22m Saint GermainSaint Germain: The Light of God Always Prevails in You!
7/8/18 29m KrishnaKrishna: The Fragrance of God's Love
7/6/18 31m David LewisMaintaining Harmony is Key to Our Collective Oneness with God
7/3/18 20m El MoryaEl Morya on the Path to True Riches Through Service
7/1/18 28m David LewisSpecial Announcements by El Morya and David
6/24/18 9m Goddess of LibertyGoddess of Liberty: Liberate the Soul of America with Me!
6/24/18 7m SuryaSurya: America’s Sun Is Still Rising!
6/24/18 7m MaximusMaximus and Progeneta: Maximize Your Solar Light Day and Night!
6/23/18 13m Keeper of the ScrollsKeeper of the Scrolls: A Report on America, Her People and Her Destiny
6/23/18 10m Fourteen Masters Gov Destiny of AmericaThe Fourteen Ascended Masters Who Govern the Destiny of America: Fulfilling America’s Divine Destiny Is Up to You!
6/23/18 14m GodfreGodfre: The Power of I AM Prayers to Save the Nations
6/23/18 3m Sanat Kumara2018 Summer Solstice Event