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Nada      June 19, 2017

Beloved Nada
David Christopher Lewis
June 19, 2017   11:37–11:55 am MDT
2017 Summer Solstice Event
Divine Mercy Comes to Save You and the Earth! Kuan Yin and the Heavenly Mothers East and West Inaugurate a New Golden Cycle of Mercy
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

Manifest Your Mother Spirit through Service to Life 

Precious Hearts, 

I show you a vision of the future, within the eternal Now, of your full Self-realization in God and of the Mother light that you have fully embraced and manifested in all of your incarnations through your givingness, your service to life. Your causal body is great; for it is God's treasure as you—the fruits of all that you have proffered to humanity over your many incarnations on this and other planets.

See now how all that you have purveyed, all that you have consciously woven through the creativity of your soul, is blended with the Mother's love as a tapestry of light that you adorn the cosmos with by your creative flair. Whenever you have been in the spirit of love and of service, there is the etching upon this noble tapestry of something beautiful and hallowed. And all of this has had as part of its purpose the glorification of God within the universe, other souls and self.

Your service has resulted in many miracles throughout the ageless, timeless history of your evolution. These miracles may not always seem to you to be so, and yet from the perspective of the Divine One, whenever love through service is manifest, there is the brightness of the starry light of your Presence that shines forth. Your essence truly congeals, within that moment of thanksgiving and gratitude, a oneness of heaven and earth within the consecrated space and time of that offering.

Think of how you have felt when you have opened your heart to give to a beggar or to someone in need of love, assistance or just a cup of cool water or a bowl of rice or soup. Think of how when you have stood in your kitchens and prepared meals lovingly for your families, God has been present as the Mother Spirit of light to embellish those meals with grace—even before you have said that graceful prayer with hands held between you, affirming God's presence in your midst, and with heads bowed and souls respectful of the moment of gratitude for what you were ready to partake of. Think of how every time that you mothers, and even sometimes you fathers, have changed a diaper, God has been present, even then, to bless your child through the touch of your hands, even as you experienced the majesty of that special "aroma", which some get used to incarnation after incarnation as just a part of life and the processes thereof.

O souls of my heart, your givingness has resulted in the majesty of life where you are day by day. For in giving, you receive; and in offering, you also are blessed by a greater grace that manifests because of the love that you press into that miracle that you are and that you abide within in those moments of service.

I show you through this vision all those who have been impacted by your service, your creativity, your own oneness with God throughout the ages. And each one of these smiles upon you now and says “Thank you” for what you gave in that moment and “Thank you” for what you continue to give now and that which you will give of your heart's love in the future. And all of this gratitude, as an incense of thankfulness, now ascends to God, the Great One, in deference to God's givingness to us, to all sentient life, to every creature and every being. And as we praise the One Eternal God, who has gifted the universe with his love, her light, the mystery of life is known and the beingness of oneness is felt among us as one spirit, one heart, one mind—mindful of our purpose, our being, which is to serve with love.

Service is the vehicle that rides across the bridge between ages, that connects all hearts and that inspires all to be their best, their brightest, their most beloved self. When you serve, you empty what is unreal and embrace the truth of who you are. When you are in the mode of loving service, the greatest alchemies occur and the greatest mysteries are revealed from within you. Angels of the sacred fire stand round you as you give tirelessly to community and to the world to bless your gift and your heart, head and hands. For the blessing is thrice: you, the gift itself and the one or ones to whom you have given your gift. And in this triple blessing, God, as the Trinity, manifests power, wisdom and love, faith, hope and charity—blue, yellow, pink—in all of its glory within you, your gift and the donee.

O precious hearts, there is something about giving that is essential to life itself. If you are not giving, I say you are not living truthfully. Yet when you give, you live with integrity and authority, because the act of giving is a conscious impelling of light forward, as a thrust of energy and beingness that clears the path before you and others to walk upon with heads held high. And through the agency of the Holy Spirit, that blue-fire radiance within the givingness carves out new paths of light and establishes the kingdom right where you are and walk, where you serve, where you live. Thus, the kingdom of God is the greatest gift to those of God's children who have understood their nature and God's nature of givingness and entered into this alchemy of spiritual grace through the giving of love every moment—every conscious moment—of their lives.

If there is one thing that I choose to inspire upon and within you, it is that through service and through love within that service, you fulfill your purpose and God is present in myriad ways, in majestic colors, aromas, essences and blessed manifestations. Where you give, God connects you, through your gift, to God within the gift and to the one to whom you have given. God connects you in that moment of sharing and receiving to one another. And this is the sacred bridge of the Golden-Crystal Age—this oneness, this unity field of beingness through giving and receiving, through serving and understanding.

I anoint you now, all, with the fire of my heart to be great givers and sacred servers. I have vouchsafed within my own an essence of harmonic joy and an attar of love-light, rose fire, for you to discern the mysteries of creation within this alchemy of service. May it be so now and forever as you continue to manifest your sixth-ray mastery—with Jesus and Kuthumi, with Peace and Aloha, with Uriel and Aurora and me—as ministers of fire, servitors of life, priests and priestesses of love. I thank you.

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