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Mariel      June 18, 2017

Beloved Mariel
David Christopher Lewis
June 18, 2017   3:40–3:57 pm MDT
Divine Mercy Comes to Save You and the Earth!
Kuan Yin and the Heavenly Mothers East and West Inaugurate a New Golden Cycle of Mercy
Healing Light Retreat
Paradise Valley

Mariel Speaks on the Mission of the Healing Light Retreat

In the stillness of the inner peace within you, I come, your Mariel—the lover of your soul; the sister of your being, one with God; the advocate of the raising of the Mother light within you, your families, your communities, your world. My sister Mary has asked me to speak to you on this sacred day of Father's Day to honor both the Alpha flame within the men of this community and the Father light within all, which is pure Spirit, pure beingness within the I AM God Presence of each one.

When a property is consecrated to a divine purpose, when a temple of light is erected and when devotions flow forth from the hearts of devotees on a near-daily basis, there is an alchemy established whereby heaven comes into concord with earth within that consecrated space. And all who come into this environs are blessed by the consciousness of the One and all of the angels of the sacred fire who come regularly to offer, within the context of your spiritual work, God's graces unto your offering of self to this cause.

There are many consecrated places of light around the world where Mary has appeared to the humble, even those outside of the churches themselves, who through their open hearts were able to perceive her being, hear her message and obey what the Mother of God would share. This sacred community is one such holy family of light that has received, over many years now, the intimations of Mary's heart—often week after week and month after month—through her almost continuous coming to you in a more intimate, ongoing dialogue with your souls than many upon Earth, even within the Catholic Church, could imagine possible.

Though we know that some of you at times take this dynamic and miracle for granted, this day I choose to speak of it so that, dearest ones, you may always honor the living Presence of Mary within this community—this family of devotees, who long ago, even before this incarnation, were called of God to come together to love, to serve, to pray, to be of one accord in the Spirit to do a sacred work and fulfill a holy mission upon Earth during this pivotal time of transition.

Because you believe in our offerings, they have value to your soul. And the anointings that have occurred through the agency of the Holy Spirit have been tangible unto you, though many others, not perceiving what you feel or knowing what you experience, cannot even imagine what God has wrought within the alchemy of this community of light. You are here because God is real within you. You have searched and striven and determined that, come what may in your life, you will fulfill your destiny in God. And therefore God has answered, has been a blazing fire within your heart and has shown you the path of light, in which you have walked back to the source of all that is good, beautiful, divine.

Because you have kept the faith, your faith has expanded. The gifts of the Spirit are progressively being congealed within your chakras and aura. You have been enlivened by all of the words that the blessed masters, angels and archangels, cosmic beings and Elohim have spoken unto you. And all of this has resulted in an uplift within the Earth here and where you walk, live, move and have your being.

I come this day to support the mission of Mary, of Raphael, of the temple deva and of those of you who know that this is part of your calling and purpose. And that is to be a vehicle for wholeness, whereby you allow the Holy Spirit to work through you so that balance and harmony can be restored to body, soul and mind alike and so that the living light of the Christ can manifest in such glory, brightness and effulgence that those who come here will truly receive what they have sought—first, surcease from struggle within their souls, and then, perchance, by God's grace, the alleviation of suffering, pain, distress and burdens of all kinds.

Whether or not all of this will be fulfilled within a decade or generations to come will be determined by you and those who come after you. Yet I aver this day that this mission is real, that this alchemy is valid and that even after the passing of the original visionary—your beloved Maydell—sometime in the future, all that she knows to be a part of this alchemy will indeed proceed into reality.

Doubt not that God can use any of you to be an alchemist for healing, a transfer of light through your heart, your eyes, your hands. Even today, when Mona and David visited your beloved Jean Morgan, she spoke of Carol's coming and of how she received through the touch upon her shoulder a charge of light and the alleviation of pain within her spine. You see, blessed ones, because of the holy intent of this other daughter of God in your midst—truly a holy one, Carol—the healing light manifested; the healing light was present; the healing light was kindled for one.

This Healing Light Retreat is a center of beingness, where those who come to serve will receive the light of beingness even as they offer it. And those who come to receive it will indeed be stimulated by the power of the Holy Spirit—whether in the midst of the temple or anywhere upon this property where a devotee connected to the immaculate heart of Mary receives the empowerment and is thereby the vehicle for that transfer of healing light.

You have chosen the name well, simple yet profound. Now I adjure you each to manifest your wholeness—body, mind and soul—so that going forth from this conference, you too may receive the essentials of your divine nature to be that nexus for that healing light to be offered liberally, as the Spirit moves you to so give it.

Will you promise, dearest ones, to Mary, Jesus, Saint Germain, Magda and the healing masters that you will always use the light proffered to you to glorify God and to assist others? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Then let the light, the healing light, flow through one and all as God sees fit to manifest it. Let the healing light expand, from this day forward, when more commit, even within their own homes and communities, to pray for this mission, to donate, if possible, even the midow's wite—the widow's mite, toward this cause. Yes, blessed hearts, spoonerisms are occasionally manifested through him, and levity is the new norm to bring laughter and joy when required.

So, my precious ones, hold hands now. The grace of God is here. Each of you is empowered to go forth, as on Pentecost and now on this Father's Day, to initiate light here, there and where you abide, to offer the gifts of the Spirit when God moves you so to do and to be a progenitor of conscious beingness day after day for the rest of your eternal life.

I, Mariel, issue this proclamation, witnessed by these and all of the angels in your midst—oh so many, who have come at Mary's behest to bless you, to charge you and to initiate you with this healing light. Thank you.

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