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David Lewis      June 18, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
June 18, 2017   9:31 ̶ 9:36 am MDT

2017 Summer Solstice

Divine Mercy Comes to Save you and the Earth! Kuan Yin and the Heavenly Mothers East and West Inaugurate a New Golden Cycle of Mercy
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Balancing the National Budget Begins with Us Being Debt-Free

Before we record, the Master just flashed me a thoughtform. One of the biggest problems in the United States—and probably in virtually every nation—is the debt and the inability of the leadership to balance the budget. Correct? We have huge debt in the United States and we don't have a balanced budget. Congress keeps appropriating money that it doesn't have, and they keep trying to extract money from us that they desire, through pork-barrel spending schemes, to spend. And this has to change for balance, harmony and justice to prevail.

Do you know how we're going to deal with this? Is your budget balanced? Are you debt-free? It begins with us. How can we expect our nation, its leadership, to do what we're not doing? We have to be the change that we desire to see in the world. So each of us has to take accountability and responsibility to take command of our finances—to attempt to be debt-free by having a balanced budget in our lives; by not overspending; by working, working, working to eliminate debt; and to get rid of clutter, as we talked about yesterday. Maybe some of that stuff can be turned into money at garage sales, or whatever.

It requires a shift in consciousness to realize that we are accountable as initiates. We have more responsibility as initiates—because we have the truth, the way and the life of the Christ, the Buddha, the Divine Mothers—to make the changes necessary, which then permeate into the world. When we do it, it has a power and it has a dynamic that is magnanimous.

So how many people choose today to work during the next cycle, whatever that cycle may be, to be debt-free? It may take a month if you're almost balanced and almost debt-free, and for some of you it may take a year or seven years or a decade or the rest of your life. How many people choose to be debt-free and have a balanced budget by the end of your life? I don't think that there's anybody who doesn't have a hand raised. How many people choose to do it within three years? Okay, about half of you. How many people are already completely debt-free? Fantastic! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven—seven of you are completely debt-free.

So you are already living in the integrity of balance and harmony because of your choices thus far in your life. Now, some people have mortgages and that's considered a debt. However, it's a legitimate debt so long as you have the means to pay your mortgage. It is acceptable in this day and age as a debt. However, it would be nice to not even have that, to get beyond that.

If we individually in our Hearts Center movement choose this dynamic, it will also help the organization. If instead of seven people, next year fourteen or twenty-one of you are debt-free, and then the next year double that—forty eight out of the fifty—and then eventually all of us are, imagine what that would that do to our collective abundance? It would be phenomenal. It will be and we will see changes. We will see greater growth in our activity. If you desire to see greater growth, it begins with us each one of us. We can't just say, let's do this in our movement to inspire people. The inspiration starts right here, right now.

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