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Clare de Lis      June 18, 2017

Beloved Clare de Lis
David Christopher Lewis
June 18, 2017   10:20–10:34 am MDT
2017 Summer Solstice Event
Divine Mercy Comes to Save You and the Earth: Kuan Yin and the Heavenly Mothers East and West Inaugurate a New Golden Cycle of Mercy
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Wield the Mother Light Where You Are

Dear Disciples of My Heart, Sons and Daughters of the Sun,

I address you today because I love you as you are and as you can and will be in your higher Selfhood, fully God Self-realized in the light.

You may wield the Mother light, the energy of the Shakti of the Father, as you choose to abide in higher consciousness within the Mother's comforting love and joy each day. This comforting joy, this light-energy will bring you the essentials of life as you require them and will provide for you an impetus to nurture self continuously from within.

As you wield the Mother light where you are, God is present and center in your life. The Mother light is pure, undefiled, holy, clean. It is your soul essence objectified and outwardly manifested, though the fountain from which it springs is deep within you. You access this fountain through devotion to God. And when you tap into this as an eternal resource of light, of radiance, of harmony, I am there assisting you in raising the kundalini fire through your chakras. And then abundantly flowing through your aura, there is the transmission of light and the clarity of consciousness that may be directed to any focal point where you desire to see it manifesting. If you can imagine many foci, many focal points, that you choose to so associate and share this Mother energy with, it is so by the grace of God, by the miracle of the fountain that we, the Mothers of heaven, provide as that divine resource through you, precious ones.

The Mothers have come to this event to illumine you, to inspire you, to motivate you and, yes, to goad you higher. You can do more than you think you can through your own choice to ascend in consciousness daily by placing your focused attention upon the Father, who will draw the Mother light up through you to your crown. And in this dynamism of the union within your own being of the Father-Mother principles, there is the ascension current manifesting tangibly right within you.

Why wait for the ascension, for some distant date and time when the manifestation of its fountain may be yours to claim now? Yes, it is so for those who can feel God within. And you can be one of these, my beloved ones, daily allowing the impressions of that light to co-creatively manifest through your mind, your heart, your will. And when these are locked into the matrix of perfection, you will be amazed at what will proceed within your life, what will procession through your being, your consciousness, your soul.

We witness the miracle manifestation of light within our disciples who are true to God through virtuous living. And as we witness what is and what still can be, we connect the dotswe provide that resource to stretch you into your new life of beingness; to illumine, through your Higher Mind, that which yet remains to be objectified as the wisdom that you chose long ago to bear to this world.

You are a light, blessed ones. You are an infinite spirit born of God and borne by angels to this world to give birth on this planet to something amazing and radiant that is your essence of godliness. When you claim day after day who you are in God, the creative spark of your raised Mother light then manifests with the majesty and the miraculous mystical elements of your soul wed to Spirit.

Feel now the brightness of your inner being as all of the divine Mothers who have pledged to speak and to share at this event now accelerate the light within every cell of your being. The alchemy of that light is now empowered within you to glorify God within you, to magnify the Lord within you, to shine you up, up, up into your full Godhood as a blazing sun.

Early in The Summit, Mark received from Lady Master Nada “The Keeper's Daily Prayer,” which is a holy prayer. And if you study it and use it, you will know the keys that David has used almost daily since he made his pledge to be a keeper of that flame, to so retain and expand that light. “I AM an active flame; I AM a vital flame.” When you know these words as real within you, your Solar Presence, your God-consciousness, is yours to utilize for your victory in all things.

Make your prayers real and alive by applying the pressure of heaven within them through your consecrated voice so that those words merge with the Logos. And then the Christ alights where you are and reconditions all for you within your temple, purified. You now glow in your eternality, in your divinity, in the unity field of pure beingness in God.

Yes, I AM Clare de Lis, your mother, guru and friend, if you will have me—or your teacher, if you would keep a little distance to safeguard your aura from my fire. Yet if you desire that fire, I am here to inscribe within you more light, more energy, more beingness. For I have not let go of my own—I have not let go of my own. And many of my own are within this movement and community, and you know it and you know my voice.

Wield the Mother light where you are, now and always. For in this, you fulfill Mark's and my mission in the future, which is now within you. Thank you for being here and being true to who you are.

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