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Seven Holy Kumaras      May 27, 2017

Beloved Seven Holy Kumaras
David Christopher Lewis
May 27, 2017   3:43–3:51 pm CEST
A Cosmic Infusion of Light from Venus
Umea, Sweden 

The Seven Holy Kumaras Bless Scandinavia and Her People

[Sanat Kumara chants in an ancient tongue for 75 seconds.]

The Seven Holy Kumaras come to invest light throughout Scandinavia for the raising of every soul; for an infusion of light into every avenue of expression, every sphere of influence, every home and heart. For the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ.1 And this realization of heaven upon earth is manifest through you, blessed ones. And I, Sanat Kumara, on behalf of the Seven Holy Kumaras, stand in your midst to anchor this light on your behalf and on behalf of the one hundred and forty-four thousand and on behalf of all those who were lost and now may be found and return to the heart of God.

The light has come; the light has served you. Now, will you serve the light with love in your hearts? How will you serve that light through love? This is the eternal question that comes to you each day through the freewill offering of your hours, your minutes, your moments within the eternal space and time of the Now.

“O my Lord,” you say, “we would fulfill God's will here upon Earth.” And if you would engage in this way, then we, the Holy Kumaras, will be with you in all of your sacred ruby-ray work to embody that accelerated love, to fulfill that love in all ways through the nexus of your hearts wed to God.

Lady Venus steps forth now to bless the women and children, all whom you represent of your nations, of your peoples. And she infuses the essence of her Mother love within your hearts, within your souls so that it may never be lost; it may live on even beyond this earthly life in eternity. And for you men, the light of Alpha is strong within your will, within the work of your hands, your consciousness, your mind trued to the divine mind. And lest any should surfeit themselves in materiality to the point of forgetting their divine estate of being, I come to remind you that you are a living flame and that that flame is your reality; that flame is your connection with Spirit and with God.

Remember, you are that light. And as you recall the Ancient of Days, who I AM in your midst, so that flame will be rekindled again and again within you for the works of love to be fulfilled within your life, the works of Spirit to manifest, as on Venus, so within Earth.

Now sing the keynote. And as you abide within the essence of Finlandia—in one sense representing one of the four nations of Scandinavia—so my essence and the essence of Lady Venus will live on through you within this dynamic release of sound. Through the welling up of that love from all spheres of being, all will ascend and return to the heart of the One through ruby love, through divine compassion, through infinite beingness, which all may experience through the heartstream of eternal life. Live in the integrity of love and command love in all that you do to express God's beingness within earth, as in heaven.

1. Revelation 11:15.


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