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Babaji      May 26, 2017

Beloved Babaji
David Christopher Lewis
May 26, 2017   3:12–3:19 pm CEST
A Cosmic Infusion of Light from Venus
Umea, Sweden

Emanating Planetary Love and Peace

I AM the emanation of planetary peace. I AM Babaji. Through my heart, light is manifest. Through my love, miracles occur. Through my Presence, God-beingness is known. Through a portal of perfection, joy—divine joy—is rebirthed within my own.

I bring good cheer to chelas who are earnest in their meditation practice to contact the highest light and the brightest star of heaven. And through the silence and the stillness of the quiescent state of inner knowing, I afford many gifts and siddhis of higher awareness.

I have witnessed the turning of worlds beyond worlds. I have seen the co-creative process of star systems. And I have witnessed a child in the womb, from the first onset of its awareness in conception to the last moments before it leaves the mother's womb to enter the portal of birth. And in this epic nine months of evolution, I have seen the hand of God in its miraculous manifestation of life. O, how precious is life! O, how precious is every moment in which you may experience eternality in its majesty.

Now, dearest ones, we spread our divine wings to encompass the Earth with God-joy, God-beingness, God-love. And as you enter the co-creative process, through meditation, of the acceptance of your true nature, there is the diurnal movement of your own star among stars, your being among beings divine. And through the initiations of light and life, the miracle of you now sings its song to all of humanity.

O, if you knew the allness of the One, you would never decry or defame self through criticism of others or yourself. Therefore abide in the nondual state of the unity field with me. And in true meditation upon the essence of God within, you will reach the state of the arhats, the mindfulness of the Buddhas, the Christic Presence of all crystal beings and the loveliness of the Mother as she woos her children back to her bosom to know eternal love.

Planetary peace depends on you—your choices, your involvement in the affairs of God daily. Choose righteously with whom you associate and collaborate and interchange your energies, dearest ones. For in right association is the key to community and to the victory of the Earth itself.

I, with Kali, devour all division among the sons and daughters of the One through love. And as I absorb into my being the antithesis of oneness, so illusion and maya collapse, and a bright new day ensues.

I AM Babaji. Come and find me within the Himalayas of your own crown and in the Andes of your soul, in the Alpen heights of the Christic expanse of being within your heart. I thank you.

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