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Rex      January 29, 2017

Beloved Rex
David Christopher Lewis
January 29, 2017   9:30–9:44 am MST
Livingston, Montana 

Rex Speaks to Our Inner Youthful Spirit


Disciples of the Living Word, 

I, Rex, come before you this morning to blaze the light of living truth, higher consciousness and the energies of the Divine within your world; to encourage you on your path of light to reach deep within your soul and to contact God so that there may be the energization of your world with that light supernal, with that joy eternal, in which you may live, move and abide forever. 

I come on behalf of the youth and truth. For when the youth have access to truth through the true teachings of divine light, there is activated within them a clear pathway to their God-ascent. And the internal wisdom unfolds naturally as their Holy Christ/Buddha Selves overshine them and provide them with an impetus of great awareness to transcend self and to accent their lives with the creative fires of the Spirit and that which proceeds from the very mind and heart of God into the arena of soulfulness. 

You have Afra's teachings on the soul. Have you truly meditated upon the engrams of light within his sacred words to contact the inner child that is your soul, waiting to be reborn within you so that you can live that youthful and vital life of Spirit where you are? You see, blessed ones, Afra's teachings bring you to that state of childlike wonder in the heart of God. Afra's truths originate from the ancient mystery teachings and that which originates also from the Ancient of Days himself, as the great Youth of Creation and the sponsor of many, many heartstreams, heartfires, heartfriends living upon many worlds. 

If you, O youth, feel that this world is not quite your natal star, then abide within the mind and heart and soul of Afra and Sanat Kumara to access that which yet remains to be fully Self-realized. For when you accept that vitality, that youthful spirit from within your soul, there arises that awakening spirit, that true divine joy, which lights your world and inspires all in its refreshing currents, in its heavenly graces. 

In our sacred sessions in the retreats of the Universal White Brotherhood in the etheric octaves, I am often asked the question, “O Master Rex, how can we save the youth today?” And my response often is that we must first contact that sacred center of light as the original blueprint of divinity, the child within, and then perfuse throughout the cosmos that light-essence of inner joy, of divine happiness, of love. For when love sings within one's soul the song of the free, then that freedom flame, inscribed by Saint Germain everywhere throughout the cosmos, may enfold many souls and bring them the nurturing currents of that resonant violet-light field of perfection, of fulfillment, of alchemy.

Saint Germain did teach us—Nada, Bob and Pearl, with me—the truths of today and the mysteries of yesteryear from his vantage point of God-attainment, of Self-realization in freedom's flame. We went straight to the source of that light from within the I AM Presence to ascertain what was required of us to know those truths, those deeper mysteries. And from our I AM God Presence we learned all of the arts and sciences of truth and beingness. And in our collaboration with each other and with the great Master of Freedom, there was born for many an opportunity to learn of the ascension, the pathway to God from within the heart. 

Saint Germain often came blazing forth that radiant field of violet light to enrapture us in his spirit of oneness with God. And he comes this day with us, blessed ones, to enfold you in that radiance also. You may feel what it is to know God's eternal Presence as freedom, as joy, as the violet eternality flame. For when you are ensconced in that light, nothing of darkness can touch you, nothing can dissuade you from your sacred journey. There is only God and the I AM way spread before you to walk in; there is only light to guide you, your fulfillment within the Christic and Buddhic presence of joy. All is harmonious; all is sanctified in this radiant field of oneness and presence. And the truth becomes self-evident, and the light emerges in many sacred moments of divine connectedness and presence. 

You see, when you connect all the dots of the many awakenings that have occurred in your lives, you see the stream of God-activity fulfilled through you and within you. There is a presence, there is a coursing of light and there is a means of divine expression every moment that is a part of this pathway to the source of all beingness.

How may we save the youth? We save that youthful spirit inside. From that point, abide in God to gain all for the light by nurturing their souls with love, with wisdom, with divine faith and truth. 

Now Nada, Bob and Pearl stand with me to emanate light to all youth within this activity and to all who will awaken in future months, years and decades to follow the stream of God-beingness to their Source, the great I AM THAT I AM. We hold the future in our gaze and bring that great divine mindfulness into the present moment of the eternal Now so that when these all awaken, many dots will be connected, many heartfriends will find their way to this fount of wisdom and truth. And many communities will be formed around the awakenings of these intrepid souls, which will allow Eden to be known again upon Earth, along with the ways of the wise ones who walked in great harmony and peace.

Dominus vobiscum. Dominus vobiscum. Dominus vobiscum, all, I say. Thank you for your presence, your spirit of oneness and peace.

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