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Omraam      January 25, 2017

Beloved Omraam
David Christopher Lewis
January 25, 2017  7:00–7:10 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

Omraam Comments on Our Progress with Meditation

I AM Omraam, and I come with the Holy Spirit this day to emanate through the great silence within you light, love, consciousness so that a new awakening may manifest, a new heart coherence may be expressed by each of you.

What do you resonate with this morning? Is the mind of God, the heart of God front and center in your life for you to abide within in your meditation in order to feel and experience your own divine nature? If you feel that you require assistance in mastering the science of meditation and stillness, we are here to abide with you, to overshine you in this alchemy of entering into that state of divine mindfulness, where the heart and mind of God appreciate you as you appreciate them.

You have heard the scripture that says, “In your patience possess ye your souls.”1 This patience is won through stillness and abiding within your Presence. For when you are in true and complete possession of your soul and all of its faculties, then the initiatic path unfolds before you with great joy and cosmic expectancy, and each day becomes a miracle opportunity to live in that light of eternality, of beingness, of oneness.

If you are truly making progress on the path as a result of this fifteen minutes of meditation daily, then you will touch those sacred spaces in heaven where I abide, even within the Sun and the Sun Presence of your own Divine Source. And in the mystical union of your soul in these moments of eternality with your Divine Self, there is that sacred infusion of light deep within you where you can retain, through greater moments throughout your day within this state of timelessness and spacelessness, that light of divine joy and radiance. And all the virtues of God arise naturally within your frame of reference and your life, and love is fulfilled through the grace of the Holy Spirit manifest within your being.

It is a time, dearest ones, to be God-centered, heart-centered in light. For there are many forces askew within the world that, if you allow them, would take you far afield from that inner state of pure beingness and oneness. Allow them not concourse within your soul and spirit. Feel the God-impressions and Solar radiances of your true Selfhood each moment. And know the arousal within you of that divine Spirit that speaks from within the voice of the conscience and allows your Christic/Buddha/Atmic Presence to flow and to grow within you and to hallow the space within and the earth upon which you walk and the atmosphere in which you abide.

Yes, there are many disciples of various movements who adhere to various doctrines that have been codified within those movements. Yet I say that the movement of the Holy Spirit is the greatest of all vehicles through which the divine artistry of light may manifest and the greatest co-creative power, wisdom and love of the Divine may flow. Therefore allow the Holy Spirit to guide you, to teach you, to direct you through all your days and all your nights. For when you are listening, the Holy Spirit is glistening, and the impressions that you require of divine wisdom and truth manifest as needed in your life, on your path moment by moment, microsecond by microsecond.

Now practice the science of emanation through joy, cosmic expectancy and levity. The path as we know it is light. That path that you may experience may also be rich in that spiritual joy of your Presence when you are mindful, when you are helpful, when, dearest ones, you are simply full of love.

We release new streams of opportunity within this movement for great things to manifest. Make it so through divine mindfulness and your own conscious Solar awareness. I thank you.

1. Luke 21:19.

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