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Christyla      January 20, 2017

Beloved Christyla
David Christopher Lewis
January 20, 2017   9:06–9:16 am MST
Livingston, Montana 

Christyla Blesses Us with Her Divine Quintessence

Dearest Hearts of Love-Light and the Christic Presence of the Divine,

With Christiel, I come to invest within Canada and within all nations the light of the third crystal ray this day for a newfound presence of peace, of joy and of cosmic expectancy to manifest—first from deep within your hearts and souls and then fanned out throughout the world for the blessing of all life.

You have read that one of those miraculous manifestations that we are privileged to offer unto you is the widening and expansion of your crystal cord between your soul and your beloved I AM Presence. This action we initiate in this moment in order that each of you may access more of the divine frequencies of God's grace and more of an understanding of your eternal nature, which will come to you in those sacred moments of silent meditation and holy introspection whereby, because you are one with your Presence, the light of your Presence may truly flow unabated unto you.

You see, blessed ones, it is God's great pleasure to give you the kingdom, the consciousness of heaven and of all divine worlds.1 You simply must open the aperture of Self and offer your heart, your mind, your will and your soul to the Divine through praise of the Almighty, through giving deference to God to act within your world, through allowing the spiritual light of heaven and of your Presence to manifest through you today. When you are consciously engaged in this scientific application of the spiritual graces of God in your world, the five crystal-ray archangels and archeiai come unto you within those sacred moments of deep connectedness with Spirit to afford you these deeper, more radiant and amazing phases of God-consciousness and streams of crystalline beingness.

Now within the atmosphere around each of you, one of our angels places a divine thoughtform, a matrix of light—crystalline in nature—for the purpose of ever transforming and changing your world. For when you are ready for planetary and personal transformation, we are there enabling you with the ennobling Spirit of the One Eternal God, offering unto you the quintessences five and the anointing oils of cosmic grace that soothe your soul and mollify all that has been at times difficult to bear.

Drink in these love-light fires of heaven now and feel the alternating currents of divine light, even the mystic OM matrix of sound beyond sound, of light beyond the light that manifests in your domain. When you attend the altars of heaven, there is a deep mysticism of your Presence manifest whereby you feel these heavenly currents and experience the ever-changing and transforming frequencies that we bear to mankind and the initiates of the sacred fire.

Yes, we come to the mystics who have accessed something deeper, more rarefied and pure through the holiness of their beings, through the quintessences that they access through the purity of their hearts, the purity of their motives, the purity of their minds.

Enter the crystal mist of beingness with us and experience Solar- and God-consciousness each day. And there, abiding with the One Eternal Spirit of perfection, your joy will increase, the majesty of your Presence will shine forth and the essences that will give birth to a new golden-crystal age will reside with you in the simplicity of innocence and the beauty of harmony.

The Holy Spirit has provided you an opportunity for an intimate conversation and experience in the Soul-Raising Sessions. Often we have been there, working behind the scenes with the Holy Spirit, to provide transformative change, if you are willing to accept it. And if you are, you may simply give your assent by invitation to us to help you give birth to the new and higher you within, the more glorious and Divine Presence that you truly are already in your Higher Self. Accessing and allowing this divine manifestation to flow through you is the great joy-work of the ages. It is truly that which brings eternal happiness to the soul.

I AM your Christyla, anointing you now and whenever you choose to associate with me and Christiel and to blaze forth that graceful light of your Presence unto all. Thank you, beloved ones. To my friends in Canada, be at peace, be at peace, be at peace. Thank you.

1. See Luke 12:32.

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