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Djwal Kul      December 12, 2016

Beloved Djwal Kul
David Christopher Lewis
December 12, 2016   9:00–9:28 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

33-Day Ascended Master Wisdom Series
Djwal Kul's Maxims

          Good morning, everyone. God bless you and thank you for being here today. Today's twenty-four maxims come from the Master Djwal Kul, who is an awesome master. I just love this guy and I think you will too. 

1.      Through love, we help turn your resolutions into revolutions.

2.      Intuition is your best nutrition.

3.      When you find your center, your balanced life begins. When you retain your center, the sun and universe smile.

4.      Love soars on many-splendored wings.

5.      Mastering your path requires transmuting your past.

6.      The fragrance of success doesn't always result in the taste of victory.

7.      Meditate on the additional inalienable rights that all are endowed with by their Creator besides life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

8.      I know all the high lamas. To an “L,” they all lay low when asleep.

9.      A major step in redemption is reclamation.

10.  There are no insolvable problems, just some subtle factors amid the most difficult equations.

11.  God-reliance leads to God-realization.

12.  Unlike the nihilists, we don't equate freedom to Be with license to do or be nothing.

13.  The Holy Spirit's torrential love will never drown you.

14.  Being aware of evil doesn't make you complicit with the devil, though both are best kept at a distance.

15.  Truth hides from the vain, for its humility they have slain.

16.  Discover God's nature everywhere and uncover God's nature within.

17.  Kuthumi says: “It's best not to be your own nemesis.”

18.  Many wait for reality to sink in until it's too late in the game to allow it to stick to their ribs!

19.  Every infant is full of intuition, and conscious parents choose to avoid deflating it.

20.  Those who live by the sacred word also ascend by it.

21.  Contemplating is only preliminary to becoming, yet it's still a necessary prerequisite.

22.  For many, their only discernment of spirits involves alcohol.

23.  Because your core reality is God, make your central doctrine love.

24.  All variables point to the one Constant.

I'm sure that Cathleen appreciated numbers ten and twenty-four: “There are no insolvable problems, just some subtle factors amid the most difficult equations.” There's a great movie out called The Man Who Knew Infinity. I think I spoke of that a few weeks ago; it's a great movie. The other one she would appreciate is “All variables point to the one Constant.” I think that in higher math we learn how to solve the most difficult problems by tuning into the subtle factors that help us resolve the equation—both sides of the equation—so that they are equal. And everything that is changeable ultimately points to or is directed to the one Constant, with a capital C, meaning God, because God is immutable, in one sense—unchanging, everlasting, all-encompassing, pure love and light.

So if something is a variation on a theme, it's okay, and yet the original theme comes from God. Many wonderful composers have written variations on themes. There's Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini—one of the greatest, most beautiful melodies that I have ever been privileged to hear and meditate with.

Many of these today are pithy, short and very insightful. I really liked number eighteen because it's like three different funny quips all in one: “Many wait for reality to sink in until it's too late in the game to allow it to stick to their ribs!” Probably only a master could come up with a statement like that. That has some spiritual insight in it.

I love number sixteen: “Discover God's nature everywhere and uncover God's nature within.” Beautiful. What is God's nature? Well, God's nature is within nature, which is everywhere. And God's nature is inside of us: our Buddha nature, our true nature.

Number nine says, “A major step in redemption is reclamation.” We have to reclaim who we are. We know this. We are God. God lives inside of us and yet it's been drummed out of us, beaten out of us by the dark ones, the devils, the denizens of darkness who keep telling us we're unworthy. So we have to get rid of that and reclaim our divinity. That's a major step in our salvation or redemption.

“I know all the high lamas. To an “L,” they all lay low when asleep.” I thought he was going to say “to a T” and then he changed it to a capital L. You may know that Djwal Kul was a Tibetan high lama, and he knows all the high lamas. So that's pretty neat.

Number four was “Love soars on many-splendored wings.” As a child, I remember that there was a television program with something about many-splendored things, and there's probably a poem that some of you are aware of. Who is it, Robert Browning? Maybe someone can look that up, “Love is a Many Splendored Thing.” My dad loved Robert Browning. He would memorize some of his poems and tell them to my mother. And I remember him getting teary eyed when he would orate those beautiful poems of love to his bride, my mother.

“Through love, we help you turn your resolutions into revolutions.” So there's the turning and the revolution. To make resolutions is great, yet we have to have a revolution inside of ourselves to make them reality, and the masters help us do this through love. They give us the fortitude; they provide the impetus, goading us at times; they challenge us; they tell us we can do more; they give us more work than we feel we can ever do physically or humanly. When we try—“Theos rules you,” as Saint Germain says—it's amazing what we can do, by God's grace, through Christ, who strengthens us. All things are possible unto us because of God. With God all things are possible. So when you find your center, your balanced life begins. Isn't that amazing?

If you ever feel that your life gets out of balance, return, refind your center, and then it will resume or ensue again. When we retain our center day after day, moment after moment, the sun and the universe smile. I think we all love to live in the divine aurora borealis of the sun, the aura of the sun, which is smiling upon our endeavors, because God's love is infinite. Yet we can see, behold and feel that smile when we are centered, when we retain our center.

“Mastering your path requires transmuting your past.” How true. It doesn't mean that we forget or dissolve our past completely, yet we transmute those elements of it that have been problematic for us. It doesn't mean that we completely eradicate our past. Our past is our past; it's part of our life record, part of what we've done, the learning experience. Yet the parts that don't serve us any longer, the errors that have created little issues within our spiritual evolution do have to be dealt with. They have to be squarely addressed and handled so that we can move on.

“The fragrance of success doesn't always result in the taste of victory.” Many who smell success leave off of the path, the true path of life. They get embroiled in materiality or desire and so they don't move on victoriously to taste that God-success that is the ultimate victory of light. So we do have to be careful with the subtle initiations the higher we go on our path.

Number seven: “Meditate on the additional inalienable rights that all are endowed with by their Creator besides life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” These, of course, are mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. Have we contemplated what these other inalienable rights are? The right to love and be loved; the right to experience God's virtues from the time we are in the womb, from the time we are born and then to the end of our days. Life is essential; it's an inalienable right to have life. And unfortunately our society today has stricken that inalienable right from millions and millions of unborn babies in the womb by legalizing abortion and denying them the opportunity to come into embodiment. This strikes at the very core of this divine inalienable right.

Only a true civilization of people who are heart-centered and God-centered understand this. Those who desire the pursuit of pleasure rather than the pursuit of divine happiness would sanction abortion, which is the slaughtering of children in their most delicate state, in the womb. Years ago in The Summit we had a beautiful musical about the right to life and a wonderful song about that right, “I Have the Right to Be.” The voice of that soul was very poignant. It's as if the ethers were stimulated by the depth of feeling of this child that desired to come into embodiment, who was crying out to the parents to allow it to have a vehicle to come into incarnation. How many of these souls of these children are important for the Earth's divine plan to be fulfilled? And yet we are denying them because in our current civilization we've devolved to a state where we feel that a mother's so-called right of choice is more important than the child's opportunity to actually have a body. I know it's a tricky issue, and many have been very subtly influenced by a culture that they feel should allow freedom and liberty and license to make our personal choices with doctors. Yet what do those choices really result in, ultimately? The denial of life.

So we have to look at this Declaration of Independence as a very important document for the founding of this nation, and ultimately of many other nations, based on what they also have incorporated into their constitutions now. And we have to address this if we are going to have a golden-crystal age.

I love this short, pithy statement: “God-reliance leads us to God-realization.” We rely on God all of our days. We look to God; we thank God; we abide with God. And by doing that day after day, year after year, decade after decade, lifetime after lifetime, we reach the point of God-realization. So reliance and realization are linked.

“Unlike the nihilists, we don't equate freedom to Be with license to do or be nothing.” The nihilists may feel that there is nothing that will happen after we die, that there's just nothing, that there's no real purpose for our lives. We are just matter and we have, I guess, a level of consciousness while we're alive and then all of that dissipates and disappears when we are dead. Sorry, that's not the way it is. We were created in the beautiful image and likeness of God. We have a purpose. We have consciousness, and that consciousness transcends the body, as nature tells us, and that consciousness lives on, moves on. Why? For a holy purpose—to experience life, to grow, to learn lessons, to evolve, and ultimately to be reincorporated into the divine light with a stamp of divine individuality upon and within us as sentient beings, who are now immutable beings in our own sovereign essence. We are now a part of the whole and yet still unique and beautiful, because this is part of the reason for the creation: to allow God's expression of him/herself to be expanded through many individual seeds of divine identity.

I think I'll leave it there for today. We are at 9:28 and a half. Thank you, Dwinn and Ronaldo and all of you at Mt. Shasta, for providing a beautiful service today to share the light with humanity. I feel your love. Thank you so much for your givingness, your dedication. Have an awesome Monday and week.

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