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Lanello      December 11, 2016

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
December 11, 2016   10:30–10:58 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

33-Day Ascended Master Wisdom Series of Maxims
Beloved Lanello

      Good morning, everyone. God bless you and thank you for being a part of our service today. I'd like to share the next twenty-four maxims, and today they are from beloved Lanello.

            Before I begin, I'd just like to say that these maxims, to me, are releases of concentrated wisdom light and that part of the purpose of the masters releasing these is to establish these engrams, these kernels, these foci of light deep within our consciousness, where they actually take root to give birth within us to higher consciousness. And, of course, I'm reading each one twice so that you can hear it more than once and attempt to really digest it, even though to assimilate it, it may take a little bit more study. So I recommend going back and listening to these again later after our audio editors have put them up on our website so that you can really go deeper in concentrating on the words and then meditating on them in order to really absorb the crystal essence of the message. With that said, here we go.

1.         You were validated by God when you were formed within the cosmic womb.

2.         Meditation upon transmutation and levitation helps overcome irritation and temptation.

3.         Original thinkers never tinker with the past. They create a brighter future now.

4.         Initiates' highest awards are more opportunities to serve and co-create.

5.         Though earthbound, Pelleur is heaven-sent.

6.         Divine resources are never scarce, just veiled from the uninitiated.

7.         Worry not about returns on your investments; retune your investments.

8.         Are you amenable to the untenable? Push many envelopes and pull out all the stops!

9.         Your search ends when you find your center in God and God in your center.

10.       Many Americans would benefit from studying English as their second language.

11.       A life founded upon God will neither flounder nor fail.

12.       The pliable are oft the most viable and reliable.

13.       Vanquish thoughts that demean; allow divine concepts of love and beauty to flourish.

14.       Though your entire life is recorded, your courage is bolded, your wise choices highlighted, your hopeful attitude underlined and your shared love italicized.

15.       Wisdom is the foundation of education, truth the tenet of reformation, justice the intent of civilization, and freedom the goal of spiritualization.

16.       Mentors should focus more on the heart and soul than the mind.

17.       Cosmic communication throughout the universe is instantaneous. Loving sharing has no space-time speed limits.

18.       To be in the zone, don't drone on your phone!

19.       Morya says: “Offer no excuse; produce!”

20.       The immensity and intensity of cosmic stillness can be felt everywhere.

21.       A blest quest is best; begin all with prayer.

22.       You cannot gerrymander the Holy Spirit's habitation within you. Dissolve the inner walls and consume the inner barriers to her freedom to abide within you.

23.       Your ascent is meant to be quite an exciting event! Repent and give your assent to God now!

24.       The heart that is pure seeds God's light everywhere.

      I love Lanello and his attitude of gratitude for the mastery of the word—a great lexicologist, using words to stimulate higher thought within us in a very Zen way. Remember that he was Bodhidharma. And he probably brought back some of that Eastern wisdom as Longfellow, inspiring people through his stories, the meter of his epic poems and the love and radiance that was embedded within all that he wrote as that iconic American poet, a very beloved poet of his time. So I'd like to focus on a few of these.

“Though earthbound, Pelleur is heaven-sent.” Pelleur is the hierarch of the earth element with Virgo, Virgo being the female and Pelleur being the male aspect of that relationship. They oversee the work of the gnomes and all of the earth elementals, the nature spirits of the earth. So though Pelleur is heaven-sent, in a sense he's earthbound—not in a negative sense, just in terms of working with the earth.

I love number eight: “Are you amenable to the untenable? Push many envelopes.” Push the envelope—in other words, go for it, strain a little bit to give your best and then “pull out all the stops.” So push and pull. “Amenable to the untenable”—there's a lot of rhyming in these twenty-four maxims.

I think number nine is about the most profound of all of them for me: “Your search ends when you find your center in God and God in your center.” As soon as I read that, the sun broke through the clouds here and illumined my office, even through the shades. I feel like that was a yes from heaven.

I love number fourteen. I think this one will live on for eternity through many dispensations, which will quote it in the future: “Though your entire life is recorded, your courage is bolded, your wise choices highlighted, your hopeful attitude underlined and your shared love italicized.” Those of you who work in Word on your computer know about bolding, highlighting, underlining and italicizing for emphasis. So what Lanello is saying is that everything is recorded, yet akasha, the akashic records, the Book of Life, really accentuate those times when you are in your highest spiritual mode of being courageous, making wise choices, having a hopeful attitude and, of course, sharing your love.

I believe that when we have our life review, all of these will be exceptionally highlighted. I'm looking forward to mine, and I hope you're looking forward to yours. I think that no matter what your life has been like in the past, before you found the teachings, the fact that you are so consecrated and dedicated to this path of light, to God, to prayer, to meditation and to service means that you will have a much better life review, especially for the latter part of your life. And many of you have served God throughout your entire life. When I hear the testimonies, the biographies, the autobiographies of many of you on Thursdays with Cathleen, I'm just in awe of our heartfriends and what they've done with their lives. I cry tears of joy to learn about you and to see just how amazing each of you is, what you've done in your life.

This is definitely El Morya, number nineteen: “Morya says: ‘Offer no excuse; produce!'” We have a gentler New Blue Morya now. However, we're still in his aura within our movement in terms of producing and concretizing Spirit within matter through beautiful offerings to our community. Usually when each project is fulfilled and I release something on behalf of heartfriends—a new song that we've done, a new video, or whatever—it's a time of great celebration to see how much we are producing. And every production that we are involved in has the love and the essence of the individuals that were a part of it. It's such a great thing.

Number twenty-one: “A blest quest is best; begin all with prayer.” That's another iconic statement that has so much truth in it for all of us.

Gerrymandering, as you may know, is how political parties use their office to re-form or fashion the boundaries of certain districts where their constituents live so that they can get the best advantage for their party, whether Republican or Democrat, based on who's voting from where. People kind of gather in similar areas or live in areas that may have similar political leanings. And so our politicians have been accused of gerrymandering and have gerrymandered the outlines of their areas to their own benefit. Those in power are the ones who usually do this, and then they can keep their power for sometimes years and decades and generations.

So what Lanello is saying is that we can't gerrymander the Holy Spirit's habitation within us. We can't define it, determine it of our own volition. The Holy Spirit will come to whom the Holy Spirit desires based on their openness. So we have to dissolve those inner walls and consume the inner barriers to her freedom—the Holy Spirit is feminine—to abide within us. We don't desire to set up walls or barriers for the Holy Spirit to abide within and to emanate through or to limit her from utilizing us as a resource for God.

The last one is twenty-four: “The heart that is pure seeds God's light everywhere.” This is a little play on words, because in the Bible it says, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”1 And here he's saying, “The heart that is pure seeds God's light everywhere.” As we're moving through life and we are joyous in our spiritual work, are loving and kind and smile at people in public, are attempting to help people, and are just shining our light everywhere, we are seeding God's light everywhere.

I love number fifteen. This is pretty iconic: “Wisdom is the foundation of education, truth the tenet of reformation, justice the intent of civilization, and freedom the goal of spiritualization.” I think of the Protestant Reformation trying to expose some of the shenanigans in the Catholic Church that were occurring at the time of Luther, especially with the taking of money and promising people they'd get to heaven through what they called indulgences. Do you remember that? “Justice the intent of civilization”—civilization is meant to be a society where all can live in a state of justice, with equality of opportunity and justice for all. And then “freedom the goal of spiritualization”—in other words, our goal is soul freedom, eternality in God, liberation. Spiritual teachings, all that spiritualizes us, are meant to liberate us toward our soul freedom, toward our ultimate union with God, which is universal freedom.

“The pliable are oft the most viable and reliable.” Viable means “able to live.” Vi comes from the Latin verb vivere, meaning “to live life.” So the pliable, or flexible, people are the ones that are “oft the most viable and reliable.” If you're not pliable, you're probably not reliable. If your boss or your mentor gives you an assignment that moves you out of your comfort zone, you may kick against the pricks and not desire to do it. In our movement with our staff, the masters, often through me, are constantly pushing the envelope so that people can expand, learn more and try new things.

“Divine resources are never scarce, just veiled from the uninitiated.” I think that this is important for us to remember, that the resources of heaven are unlimited, especially when we get into the dynamics of reviewing our budget and our business plan. The question is, how do we access them? They're veiled from the uninitiated, those who haven't really leaped beyond the veil to understand the dynamics of how to draw forth those abundant resources from heaven, yet they are there. “I'm rich beyond my wildest dreams, I am, I am, I am,” as the book says.2

I think we should play that song in closing today. I'm going to end right now so you have time to play that, Philip and Barbara. We'll claim the richness of our causal bodies and the abundance of heaven in our world right now. And if you desire, you can have a little love offering to The Hearts Center movement now to help us with our campaign of gratitude so we can hopefully get close to the $30–40,000 mark. I think it's $30,000 that we're trying to have in order to start the New Year out on a high note rather than being in the red. We'd really appreciate it.

So God bless you. Thank you, Philip and Barbara. I always appreciate your services and Barbara's explanations and her going the extra mile to help people, especially new people who may be joining us, to understand what we do, how we do it and where they can access certain things. Philip, thank you so much. God bless, and I'm rich beyond my wildest dreams. Have a great day.

1. Matthew 5:8.
2. Thomas L. Pauley and Penelope J. Pauley, I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams “I am. I am. I am.” (The Berkley Publishing Group, 1999).

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