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Zadkiel      December 09, 2016

Beloved Zadkiel
David Christopher Lewis
December 9, 2016   8:12–8:26 pm MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

Archangel Zadkiel Invites Us to His Temple of Purification for Spiritual Rejuvenation

I, Zadkiel, am here with you, precious hearts, to blaze the violet fire through you and through your soul! Feel now within your soul this action of the light, which, if you absorb it consciously, will allow your soul to soar to new cosmic heights; from which you yourself may blaze forth the action of the sacred fire as that amethyst-light matrix of perfection that brings all into alignment through the transmutative processes of freedom's ray.

Amethyst has surrounded you this evening with her joyful presence to bring you the effulgent light of this seventh-ray experience. Why? you ask. In order that your soul may be free, your mind may be free, your heart may be free to experience God in a new aspect of divinity, in a new field of cosmic joy; where, fully liberated in your Presence, all that you know is perfection, all that you realize is divine happiness, all that you emanate is light, light, light unto a planet and her people—unto every man, woman and child who requires from you those streams of God-consciousness, those rivers of dynamic light that will assist them, like you, on their journey, on their pathway to soul liberation.

Dearest ones, during these services many of you are often brimming with light, shimmering with light. And as you experience the dynamism of this radiant field that we together co-create with you during these services, you are literally raised into your Divine Presence to feel and know God in actuality, through the reality of that which is true and divine.

Many live in a quasi-world of psycho-spiritual illusion, where they dream in their minds that somehow they are married to a master in some wonderland that does not quite come into actuality in their world. Well, dearest ones, though heaven is more real than what you experience upon earth, many of these individuals have not quite made that leap into the highest vibratory fields of ascended-master consciousness. For they have had patterns of illusion etched within their subconscious, which the violet flame may completely wash clean and transmute if they would use this sacred gift of the sacred fire throughout their day in their conscious lives.

You must teach them this action and the buoyancy of liberation in this way, through your pathway of light, and how you utilize this sacred gift from the heart of Saint Germain to bring forth personal and planetary freedom. Your videos, your songs have allowed for the joyous aspects of the violet light to be anchored throughout the world, and these are what will inspire many who are caught in somewhat of the astral plane through their illusory experiences, not quite tethered to reality. And thereby they may receive, like you, that infusion of grace and come into the divine plan for the lightbearers to manifest and self-realize their divine state of beingness.

 Many of these souls live in the Mount Shasta area, in the Sedona, Arizona, area, and in other areas of California. And they often come to your expos and fairs and share stories that make you wonder whether they are true or simply a figment of their imaginations. Well, blessed ones, love them regardless of what you may observe within their auric field. Cherish their soul and allow us, the archangels with the archeiai, to infuse within them the sacred divine precepts and aspects of God and his/her virtues that will raise them out of this state of soul mediocrity. And by offering them the nexus of truth and the fruits of the Spirit through your offerings, many will receive that impetus that will liberate them from this quasi-psycho-spiritual state that I have mentioned.

O blessed ones, it is time for many to awaken fully, and you can assist them by first awakening yourself to your Divine Presence and then staying awake to that reality throughout your day and even throughout your night. Yes, even while you are sleeping and physically unconscious, your superconscious mind and being is awake to Spirit if you have done the preparation before retiring by asking that your soul be taken in flight to the highest octaves of light to receive the impartations of grace from us within the heaven realms.

I invite you this night to come to our temple of purification to receive an even greater action of sacred-fire radiance than you have experienced this night. We will bathe your souls in the Solar joy of liberative light. We will infuse your soul with freedom's flame, in both its intensity and its immensity and its purity. And I daresay that when you awaken in the morning, if you will pause for a few moments to absorb all that transpired during the night, you may just feel something new and fresh brimming and shimmering within your new aura that will give you that joy-field you require to move through your day with great ease, cosmic expectancy and divine happiness.

It is the natural state of sons and daughters of God to live freely in the light. And even with all of the machinations of the dark ones who are attempting to keep you bound to a matrix of darkness and sullied in their sense of their own sin—which they then project upon you as a negative forcefield of limitation—you can rise out of all of this. This you can do if you will simply accept God's grace in your life, if you will accept the highest aspects of the violet fire, the violet-laser light and all of its avenues of expression, and employ something of them each day in your conscious work upon Earth.

Yes, dearest hearts, God is great. God desires your soul liberation; God desires your oneness with him/her in the infinity field of eternality and pure beingness in heaven. If you choose that this shall be your new life, your highest experience and your goal, then it will, it will, it will manifest. And it is so now, through your acceptance within the eternal state of the Now, right within you, here today, blessed ones.

Now let me say something of this violet pyramid orgonite. In addition to that which Omri-Tas has manifested through it, beloved Amethyst herself is offering an aspect of her cosmic awareness to be embedded within the coloration that our human alchemist has manifested in this sacred device, thereby offering to humanity this gift of violet-fire amethyst joy in order to bring that joy-field into play wherever it is positioned.

Yes, dearest ones, the violet light is a joy-field of grace; it is a joy-field of beingness; it is a joy-field of soul freedom. Therefore where you place these talismans, there Amethyst will radiate forth through each one this joy-field of cosmic grace to bless all life in that same environment that Omri-Tas has spoken of. This alone is worth the human price of this creation of our holy brother upon Earth. Therefore get the word out and allow this sacred energy field to manifest throughout the fifty states of this union and in every nation upon Earth so that through these talismans, a greater action of the violet fire will manifest in many realms.

Thank you, blessed hearts, for your service this night, for the joy that you have experienced, for the Solar elevation that has occurred as you have communed with us and offered your hearts' fire for the holy purposes of God Almighty, the great I AM THAT I AM.

We bless you now in this radiant field of Solar joy and seal you in the indomitable fires of Holy Amethyst's light. Thank you.

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