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Lanto      December 07, 2016

Beloved Lord Lanto
David Christopher Lewis

December 7, 2016   8:13-8:39 am MST

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana 

33-Day Ascended Master Wisdom Series of Maxims
Beloved Lord Lanto

1.      Men's hearts and minds must be redeemed before their souls.

2.      Truth expands to include new pearls of wisdom revealed beside time and beyond space.

3.      The intensity of your mind's focus determines the ease by which you will understand any subject and the breadth by which that understanding may spread.

4.      The spiritual education of its citizens is the wisest investment any civilization can make.

5.      The light of your soul shines through your eyes; the light of your heart shines through your smile; the light of your Presence shines through your aura.

6.      Becoming God is a universal enterprise in which all may participate.

7.      The truth of (the) matter is in spirit.

8.      Godly minds conceive of virtuous initiatives that ultimately give glory to God.

9.      Your heart chakra was in resonance with God's heart when you were created. It may return to that state through pure devotion, magnanimous givingness and selfless charity.

10.  Better to celebrate a harmonious loss than to gloat upon a discordant victory.

11.  By its very nature, understanding involves two or more parties. Let your spiritual understanding be, at minimum, between you and God.

12.  Cultures clash only when the egos of the world's people collide.

13.  When you study the weather, you realize that all storms eventually cease. When you study your own nature, you realize that the days of your not-self are numbered and therefore finite.

14.  Buddha spoke and the trees bowed; Jesus spoke and the winds subsided; Mary spoke and the sun danced. How does nature respond when you speak?

15.  As your interest in your Presence grows, so does your cosmic bank account.

16.  Ignore your lesser self; fool your ego; trick your dweller on the threshold. The wary one slays the sly serpent within through wisdom-craft.

17.  Let God rule your will, reign within your mind and hold sway within your heart.

18.  The magic of the violet flame's miraculous effects is that it works wonderfully even if you don't fully understand the mystical spiritual science behind it.

19.  The sensitive disciple attunes to others' inner body language before responding to their outer words.

20.  As you allow your Christic mind to filter what you observe through your senses, you will intuit both what is important to know and recall and what is nonessential to your path.

21.  Never deter someone from following their inner guidance; most unrequested human advice is a detour to Self-realization.

22.  Be grounded in your ascension path.

23.  Better to plant a few seeds in fertile ground than a multitude in rocky soil; to spiritually nurture a dozen seasoned disciples than to appeal to a multitude of fair-weather seekers.

24.  Accent your ascent with your flavorful feelings of love, joy and peace.

David's commentary:

I love number four: “The spiritual education of its citizens is the wisest investment any civilization can make.” Education is a very wise investment, of course. Socially, monetarily and through business, commerce and industry, education is a very wise investment. Any corporation that desires its workers to remain in that corporation will invest in the education of its staff. That's very important. Yet, the Master says, spiritual education of its citizens is the wisest investment any civilization can make.

What is that spiritual education? And how can civilizations invest? Well, we can have a means by which people can use part of their resources for their spiritual education. In other words, the government, the laws allow for this to be a reality because it will help to hold that civilization and society together. What this means is that in the highest civilizations, spirituality merges with government and society. They're not separate. It's not like you're trying to separate church and state. Yes, in one sense you do desire that to be separate because you don't want a one-world religion, a one-world government. Yet in a true theocratic type of highly advanced civilization, spiritual education is the norm.

People are naturally drawn to do things that benefit their souls, their spirits and the souls and spirits of every creature, every living being. If we could see through a different lens into the records of true golden-age civilizations, we would see how they did invest energy, abundance, time and resources into the spiritual education of the people. And that's how they sustained those golden-age civilizations. If they started to not invest or to lower the investment, there was a waning of those civilizations.

Number five is beautiful: “The light of your soul shines through your eyes; the light of your heart shines through your smile; the light of your Presence shines through your aura.” That's one that we can spread to everyone that we know. We can put it in Tweets, on Facebook, whatever. It's a beautiful thing to share with people.

I love number six: “Becoming God is a universal enterprise in which all may participate.” Of course we're already God, in one sense, in that we have God inside of us. Yet most people have forgotten and they haven't Self-realized it. So we have to become God again, so to speak. Becoming God is a universal enterprise. If every man, woman and child were invested in being godly and returning to God, boy, what a civilization, society we would have. It would be wonderful. We wouldn't have any issues or problems.

Similarly, in number nine it says: “Your heart chakra was in resonance with God's heart when you were created.” Well, for many of us it is in resonance now. And the threefold flame has always been in resonance, even if it's a tiny little sixteenth-of-an-inch spark. Part of us has always been in resonance with God. It's not that we've lost that completely. Otherwise we'd be lifeless and soulless. Yet we know that we have work to do to return to that state of perfectionment, whereby we're in complete resonance. And how do we do this? Through pure devotion, magnanimous givingness, selfless charity. So it's devotion, givingness and charity, with those qualifiers, those adjectives—pure devotion, magnanimous givingness, selfless charity.

Number ten: “Better to celebrate a harmonious loss than to gloat upon a discordant victory.” I've seen in the sports world, through my own experience, victorious teams that gloated upon their victories and were not very gentlemanly after the victory in terms of congratulating or at least embracing the losers in a very sportsmanlike way. There are people who are driven by ego and the desire for victory rather than for the pure type of competition, which is simply working with teams to try to do your best. And if you have your victory, great. We all win some and we lose some.

Now, how do you translate this spiritually? We all have losses in our lives. We lose friends; we lose relatives; we lose things in our lives. Do we ever celebrate a harmonious loss?  A loss can be harmonious if we allow it to be. If we are going through an intense trial energetically, emotionally, physically, spiritually, the key is our harmony—“to celebrate a harmonious loss than to gloat upon a discordant victory.” If we get to the top of the heap in a discordant way, I don't think that's really a victory, and we can't really celebrate it. Yet we can celebrate the times we've fallen and gotten up and brushed ourselves off and continued on the path. So, in a sense, then, these are victories too. They actually are victories. We may not look at them in the moment as victories. Yet when we get up and master ourselves and overcome, that is a victory.

I love number twelve: “Cultures clash only when the egos of the world's peoples collide.” The only way to resolve these culture clashes and these divisions between nations and peoples and countries is to get rid of our egos, right? If every nation and its people were egoless, we would embrace every other culture as wonderful and a part of ourselves, a part of all of humanity. Really, the end to war will only come when people overcome their egos. Until that happens, when egos collide, the end result is clashing.

I love number fourteen. This is another one you can send to everyone: “Buddha spoke and the trees bowed; Jesus spoke and the winds subsided; Mary spoke and the sun danced. How does nature respond when you speak?” Mary at Fatima may not have even spoken. She just extended her arm up and then the sun was spinning around. Remember that? I think internally she spoke though.

Number fifteen is a play on words: “As your interest in your Presence grows, so does your cosmic bank account.” Our causal body can actually expand through our focus upon our Divine Self. The greater the laserlike focus of our attention upon our Presence, the more that flow of energy does rise—energetically, spiritually or metaphorically—in vibration into our Presence. And then that suffuses itself to become part of our causal body. So the more we meditate, the more we pray, the more we focus on God through the stream of our attention, the energy flows through our attention, and the energy of our love and devotion go to our Presence. And that itself actually co-creates more of that abundance within that which expands as our causal body. It's kind of interesting dynamic, because our cosmic bank account is our causal body.

Number nineteen was interesting: “The sensitive disciple attunes to others' inner body language before responding to their outer words.” If we're in a meeting online, we don't always see people's body language. However, if we're sensitive, we may be able to sense their inner body language even if we don't see them physically. What is the inner body language? It's what is manifesting before they speak and respond to what we're saying. I think that the more sensitivity we develop, the more we will be able to sense people's inner body language.

Now, when we're physically with people, it becomes more obvious. There are courses you can take to study body language. We all know what it means when people cross their arms. It means they're shutting themselves off to information or whatever, blocking themselves from it. When Donald Trump met with President Obama, people made comments about the way they were sitting, and some interpreted it very interestingly. So body language is what it is. And those who have studied it know that it's a science and that you can really tell a lot about what's going on.

Along with the outer body language, there is the inner body language, and I think that's what Lanto is asking us to consider. And the more sensitive we are in listening deeply, the more we will be able to respond to people's outer words in a loving, caring, and honorable way with that sensitivity that we've developed by the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Number twenty-two: “Be grounded in your ascension path.” Another Zen statement. In other words, don't just try to be otherworldly without being practical. You've got to be grounded; otherwise you may not make your ascension.

These are just a few of the highlights. Since I'm here with you physically, would anyone here like to say anything about any of these that touched your heart, or comment?

Participant:  I was most edified by one that you didn't cover, and that is that the violet flame works whether or not you understand the mystical or scientific part of it. And when you were talking about inner body language, I was wondering if that manifests through the aura. How does that relate to the aura? Is it where auras blend or overlap?

David:  People who are clairvoyant can see what's welling up in somebody before they speak. They can see anger if it's there's, or their responsiveness by the coloration or intensity in the aura, or actually sometimes see things in the aura, such as creatures. Or they can see the change in the dynamics of the aura. Clairvoyants can see and feel that, so that's definitely part of this. I think you hit on a good point about the inner body language. Those who are the most sensitive and can see the aura will obviously observe that and be able to respond in a very tactful and yet insightful way to people, maybe in a subtle way, calling them to task in a loving way or asking a question that will draw out more from them so that they can resolve their issue.

I've been in meetings where the masters, through me, get very intense with people in a very quick way. And from my observation, on the outer surface it may look to people like I'm being reactive. The masters sometimes immediately cut to the chase to get to the core issue. This happened recently in a meeting, though I won't say with whom. Somebody asked us to do something, and yet the issue was really about them. This person wanted us to change something, to accommodate something that they did that wasn't appropriate. So the master just said, “Sorry, that's not the issue. We're not going to do this thing that you're suggesting because that wasn't the issue. The issue was this. On the outer surface, it looked like David was very impatient, but El Morya just said, “Forget it; we're not going to do that.” I was a little surprised at how quick the response was, because I was listening and I thought, “I wonder if we should take that to heart,” and then, suddenly, bam!

Participant:  So you're saying that the masters can be proactive through you, even though, from a superficial human standpoint, we may perceive it as being David?

David:  Exactly. And this happens all the time. It happens in services; it happens publicly, and it happens a lot more in meetings, in private things. Why? Because I'm representing the masters. Now, humanly it can look like I'm not practicing what I'm preaching. So it's just a funny dynamic, and I have to surrender to the dynamic. I have surrender to the masters and what they desire to do. Because humanly I don't like to create disturbance or what could be perceived as that, because I know it's not the best practice. It's an interesting thing.

Does anybody else have one that they'd like to remember or highlight?

Participant: I have one. I can't remember the exact words, but it relates to something that I've sort of determined in my own meditation. In my meditation practice and by daily just watching myself, I realize that every day we wake up and we're a little bit back in a gravity well, not our Higher Self, and that we have to become our God Self. I actually have a sticky note on my monitor that says “Choose to become the God-man who you already are, again, today,” because you have to make the choice again every day. And it's not just words either. I find that I have to connect with my God Presence and choose to become it, and then sustain it. And I don't always remember to. It was exactly what I perceived that one—I don't remember which number it was—to be saying, something to that effect. It seemed like the same thing.

David Okay, thanks, Boyd.

Participant:  I think that you can relate the one that says “Buddha spoke and the trees bowed” to your own life, where your nobility of action can interact with the entire planet—holding yourself nobly and speaking with authority and with the love of Christ, and your aura radiates throughout the Earth. To hold that matrix, I think, is very powerful. That really influenced me.

David:  Yes, I loved that one. That was one of my favorites. Thank you.

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