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Mother Teresa      October 27, 2016

Beloved Mother Teresa
David Christopher Lewis
October 27, 2016   12:00–12:15 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

Mother Teresa on Purity, Patience and Peace 

Dearest Hearts,

Purity is the virtue that you imbibe when you consider and enter your true nature, your beingness in God rather than outside of God. In God you are always pure. Within God's being there is only purity.

God is like a pure child in the center of the cosmos and within the center of you. When you manifest your own childlike nature, God is there inside you, and you are pure. Every newborn baby is pure and chaste and undefiled. In your own state of being childlike, like a baby, you are pure, beautiful and holy. So to feel that purity, become like a child again. Feel the innocence of your true nature, one with God.

Patience is a virtue of abiding in the state of innocence through pure surrender of oneself into the arms of God. Patience allows you to get to know God through surrendering your own concepts of time and space and the ways things should be. It is allowing God's timetable to occur by watching and waiting and abiding in the Presence. In our patience, we possess our souls;1 through patience, we can feel our souls.

Patiently attending God's Presence in meditation allows us to mindfully know God's light and love within ourselves. The patient ones endure; they endure all human suffering. Yet, more importantly, they endure the eternal cycles of light to be able to come fully into the Presence of God and be ready for the great encounter.

The great encounter consists of the final initiations of the transfiguration, resurrection and ascension. Patience allows us to consciously move through these initiations without fear or trepidation. We can experience them with joy and expectancy; with harmony, inside and out; with the assurance that at the end of our path of initiation God is there, both inside and outside of us. We have brought God from outside of ourselves to inside of ourselves to experience him/her always, any time we so desire to commune with God and feel God's love.

Peace is the result of mastering the science of being, whereby, through harmony and equanimity and then through patience, we have full possession of our true nature. We know the God-essence of peace within and it then manifests outwardly in a mindful and heart-centered way. Peace is won through the mastery of the threefold flame in the first three rays and then the mastery of the next two rays of purity and wholeness. We cannot manifest perfect peace unless we are whole and have mastered the fifth ray first.

Jesus was a spiritual scientist and mastered his lower nature and fully became the Christ through total surrender to God. Once he gave up all and became one with the Father Spirit, he could command the storms, the seas and the elements as a divine alchemist. He was then known as the Prince of Peace. God is the King of Peace. Jesus is God's Son and therefore a Prince of God and a Prince of Peace.

Since Jesus served on the sixth ray of ministration, service, brother/sisterhood and peace, he is there for us too. He models perfect peace so that we too can be that peace. We can all enter the kingdom of God when we have mastered the initiations of peace, the tests and trials of brother/sisterhood.

Thus, dearest ones, I have spoken on purity, patience and peace. The sisters of charity in heaven and on earth, the initiates of the sacred fire who would be perfect love, use that love of God to master these virtues: purity, patience and peace.

Imagine now with me a world where purity is the norm of society. Imagine a world where all are patient with one another. And imagine a world where peace exists among all peoples, cultures and nations. This is the world that we all truly desire in our souls. This is the world that now together we are co-creating by living virtuously and embodying these virtues of purity, patience and peace.

Harmony ensues when God lives, moves and has his/her being within us and when we find ourselves also consciously living, moving and having our beings within God's eternal Presence, living lovingly, consciously and appropriately as we embody those virtues, as we become God's essence and live eternally in that light.

As your Mother Teresa, if you would have me in your life as a divine sister and friend and beloved, I will continue to teach you more on the various virtues that the ladies of heaven embody within their awareness and that which they desire you to embody upon Earth to raise humanity into the light, to grace all with that beingness, that essence of love, purity, patience and peace.

Try, blessed ones, to embody these for a day at a time, a week at a time, a month at a time and more. Watch the changes within your consciousness. Observe how you become more sensitive and responsive to God within. And find a new meaning within every situation that you undergo, every test and trial that you experience to weather all the storms, to master yourself and to know God fully and deeply within.

When you are ready for another teaching on three more virtues, and after you have called me back to share with you, I will come to tutor you on the inner path of light and then to assist you further in your victory, in your life.

Thank you, blessed ones for your givingness, your authenticity and your love. Have a wonderful day, a wonderful service in the company of many heartfriends, your beloved chosen, caring ones, whose love refreshes the world and recreates all in eternal joy. I thank you.

1. See Luke 21.

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