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Helios      October 09, 2016

Beloved Helios
David Christopher Lewis
October 9, 2016   12:00–12:10 pm ART
Pilgrimage and First International Congress—Argentina and Uruguay
Saint Germain Anchors the Light of Freedom in South America
Buenos Aires, Argentina

God Is the Answer to Everything

The light of the Great Central Sun is here and shines within you, each one, and fills your auras with its radiance, its divine glory, its perfect light. Precious ones, it is the noon hour of this day, from which you may draw forth great inspiration from the sun above you and the Sun within you. And this inspiration is the holiness of God's Presence stepped down into your dimension through your mind and heart trued to God.

You may breathe in this light now consciously. You may accept this light within every cell now. You may feel the enriching spiritual fire of this Solar light energizing every cell, activating higher consciousness within your mind and illumining everything within your world because you allow God to make it so through your free will yoked to the One Light.

Dearest ones, have you truly understood that sacred mantra “I AM One, I AM One, I AM One with the Sun”? It is one thing to say these words, and yet it is altogether another to fully comprehend, feel and know the reality of them. Therefore when you say these words, believe them as realities. Feel them deep within your soul as an experience within the eternal Now, in the present moment. For when you do, you may be healed of everything that you choose to release—all burdens, concerns and cares that weigh you down in any way. For the light is the answer to every situation and dilemma. God is the answer to everything. Remember this.

My God is my answer.

My God is my source of light.

My God is perfect love flowing within me.

And through the Sun Presence of my I AM reality,

I now live, move and have my being within my God.

And God lives, moves and has his/her being within me.

I AM truly one with God.

I know this; I feel this; I radiate this.

In fact, God radiates that reality through me,

And nothing of darkness can in any way

Cloud or darken this new reality in which I am living.

I walk in the light; I AM that light.

God is that light within me.

And I am refreshed in that light,

Renewed in that light, healed in that light.

For light is who I AM.

I AM God's Sun eternally.

This is my reality.

This is my destiny fulfilled this day

Through God's Presence here and now.

 I thank you, my Lord God,

 O my beloved Solar Presence,

For your loving radiance in my life.

OM. Amen.

Dearest ones, we have given you a sacred prayer that you may offer any time you choose to be restored unto our Presence and to truly feel all that is real where you are. We love you; we support you. We are always here for you, and though at times the clouds hide the face of the sun, you may rise above the clouds to behold our face, to commune with us. And you do this by going within to access the Sun inside of you, where there are no clouds, where there is no darkness, only light. Therefore go within and experience the Sun consciousness, Solar awareness, and be whole always. Thank you.

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