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Emerald Ray Masters      October 09, 2016

Beloved Emerald Ray Masters
David Christopher Lewis
October 9, 2016   9:55–10:15 am ART
Pilgrimage and First International Congress—Argentina and Uruguay
Saint Germain Anchors the Light of Freedom in South America
Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Emerald Ray Masters Radiate Their Light to Stabilize the Economy
and for the Victory in the Light of All Sentient Beings

We are the Emerald Ray Masters—the Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia, Raphael and Mary, Hilarion and Francesca—standing before you, blessed hearts. And we radiate forth the emerald ray within this nation and her people to stabilize the economy and the light of the third eye, which signifies perfect vision and the light of immaculate seeing, which all may rise into if they choose to see perfectly, as God sees, and to behold immaculately, as the Divine Mother does, the nation and its peoples, the economy and all commerce, and especially the light manifesting within the spirit of each soul.

Dearest ones, we teach you the imperatives of the hour. If you would have your full enlightenment and Self-realization, the light must first blaze forth within your third eye with the perfectionment of that emerald matrix of light in order to then rise unto your crown for your full Buddhic enlightenment. Therefore perfect vision is the precursor of enlightenment.

This is why within this movement we have advocated the giving of the rosaries, especially to the blessed Mother Mary. For as the great archeia, she has walked among humanity physically upon Earth and has graciously taught you the science of immaculate vision. And whenever you give your rosaries, including the Hail Mary, unto Mary, she raises you in light to behold your own I AM Presence face-to-face. And from this apex of perfect perception, you may see a new reality before you; you may behold your true Self in its infinite beingness. And from that higher vantage point of spiritual cognition, you are being prepared for that ultimate day of your victory in the light, whereby you are raised unto your ascension to be one with God eternally in the light.

Thus, dearest ones, as you participate with us—each and every one serving on the emerald ray—we enlighten and illumine you through your third eye to access the All-Seeing Eye, which exists in heavenly octaves, so that you, as an initiate of the sacred fire, may begin to understand this pure seeing for yourself and all life in order to then pass your initiations, your final tests in this embodiment; in order to enter into that perfect union with God.

You have understood that union is the uniting of two, and so when your two-eyed vision becomes one single-eyed vision, you begin to participate in the alchemy of divine beingness. And this, dearest ones, is a key to the infinite doorway unto the light. The more you focus on perfection, the more that light of infinite beingness descends into your conscious awareness. Therefore speak and muse only on the highest outcomes, the most perfect alchemical matrices. Behold the perfect realization of everything. Decide, with an affirmative mind fixed upon God, to only know that which is true, beautiful and sublime. Turn off those television sets and avoid those movies that drag you down into the mire and muck of the astral plane, displaying images of nihilism, murder and mayhem. And choose to engage in watching those that allow you to see into heaven, its heights and its vast reaches, where the great angels and cosmic masters exist in their infinite light essences and where you can participate with them consciously in this science of beingness.

We have worked with the initiates within your Creative Arts Team of this Hearts Center community to co-create visuals of great light and higher perception that are worthy of devotees of the One Light. And through these videos and images, we ray forth cosmic-light frequencies into the Earth and activate and energize cosmic engrams of perfection throughout the atmosphere of this planet.

You see, dearest ones, soon you shall give Vesta's Solar Rosary, preparing for the coming of the great Helios and Vesta, the original God Parents of this solar system, who have now moved on to higher heights. Through this ritual and sacred rosary of light, the light of the Great Central Sun blazes forth through you. When you accept this higher vision of this solar system, the planet Earth and yourselves, then we the Elohim and the Great Silent Watchers will work with you to alchemize all that is beautiful, real and sublime so that a higher form of co-creation may ensue within this science and so that you can literally imagine heaven into existence upon Earth through your third eye, one with the All-Seeing Eye. Therefore use this and other rituals provided graciously by The Hearts Center servitors of light to recreate your lives, homes, cities and nations in perfection's glory and thereby fulfill your own divine plan and win your ascension in the eternal light of God.

We come with sacred gifts, emerald offerings, and many angels now distribute these unto each of you. Open your hands before you. And after you have received these, gather them unto your hearts, where they will exist as precious offerings from heaven, ever for you to utilize on your spiritual path for the benefit and for the saving of sentient beings everywhere, for the freedom of all mankind and the victory in the light of all sentient ones.

We love you with the fullness of God's beingness, dearest ones. Our perfect vision for each of you is real. The infinitude of God's grace manifests through all ascended ones. And when you are gracious to all and loving toward every part and form of life, we are there with you sharing God's divine love and blessing all of humanity through your sacred hearts and through your perfect vision of light, as fulfilled in God's eternal Spirit.

Thank you for coming to Argentina and for being here for our message. We are grateful to you, each one, and bless you now.

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