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Zadkiel      October 08, 2016

Beloved Zadkiel
David Christopher Lewis
October 8, 2016   11:54 am–12:18 pm ART
Pilgrimage and First International Congress—Argentina and Uruguay
Saint Germain Anchors the Light of Freedom in South America
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Archangel Zadkiel Speaks on Saint Germain's Sacred Alchemy Book and on Cuba

A new sparkling reality of infinite light, as the violet-amethyst joy-field, appears in your midst. For I, Zadkiel, command it now in the name I AM THAT I AM to manifest as a blessing to each one here. And each one receives the anointing of this waterfall of light, this waterfall of grace, this waterfall of joy. A new world appears for each of you—the same new world that Christopher Columbus was seeking, who, as you know, was an embodiment of Saint Germain, though in recent years his name has been defaced.

Yet I, Zadkiel, proclaim him a savior of this age along with Jesus the Christ, for his ships did arrive very near where my etheric retreat is above Cuba. You see, I was there with a magnet of violet joy urging him forward upon the seas. And though at times all seemed lost to the crews of those three ships, yet the great captain and navigator held the vision of that new world within his third eye. And the light of España stretched forth across the Atlantic, and the seeds of that great culture were sown upon many lands.

And you, the Spanish-speaking people of various nations, are the beneficiaries of his light. For you see, you are all his children; you are all of his heart. This is why you love the Master Saint Germain so much; why your hearts resonate with his soulful mission; why you feel invested in the work of the ages of liberating every man, woman and child upon Earth; and why many of you would give your very life toward this mission. And I say that many of you have laid down your lives in previous incarnations for the truth to be revealed.

Yet in this lifetime all is coming to fulfillment. You now have your advanced teachings in your own language in this sacred book, Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy—sacred alchemy, the teachings sublime of the great Master of this age. You see, blessed ones, Saint Germain himself oversaw this sacred project, and I can truly say that both he and Portia are very, very happy at the release of this book of light. It is truly a tome filled with cosmic fire, and each of you who speaks the Spanish language should secure it immediately. Read it and consume it. Eat it up and assimilate its message, and then share these sacred teachings in study groups and with friends of light everywhere at every opportunity presented unto you.

Yes, this is my advertisement for this book. For I am very spiritually proud of the initiate, the great Master Saint Germain, who would often come to my retreat for guidance and support and to receive the supercharging radiance of that violet frequency of joy. And I offer that same radiance unto you this day, dearest ones, as this waterfall of freedom. And this waterfall will continue to grace you with its radiance throughout this weekend, and you can bathe yourself again and again in its radiance simply by asking for it again.

This freedom-joy flame will sing within your cells and liberate you from many mental thoughts that you should not have about yourself, the world or others. You see, one of the aspects of the violet light is to hold you inviolate in perfection's joy—in other words, in the immaculate image of yourself as a son or daughter of God. For when you can see and behold yourself as God truly sees you, then you can rise into that radiant field of perfection easily and be the true God-man or true woman who you are destined to be.

Now, blessed ones, I would speak of a matter very important to the Great White Brotherhood. It is the opening of Cuba to visitors and vacationers from the United States and elsewhere. Although this opportunity is now presented to many, and many will take advantage of this opportunity, it comes with a price. And all who travel there will pay this price within their soul. What must be done is that all who do come must pray for the Cuban people, the sons and daughters of God who are embodied there, who are destined to incarnate aspects of the violet ray, the seventh ray. For they live, move and have their being under our retreat.

You see, blessed ones, the citizens of Cuba have been downtrodden by a system overshined by Communism. And their full liberation must manifest—the liberation of the social system, of the economics of their nation and of educational opportunities, as well as the very freedom of their souls themselves to be expressive of any religion that they choose, any path of light that they desire to walk, free from governmental oversight or incursion.

You see, blessed ones, that which America represents of freedom must manifest upon this island for the people thereof to fulfill their mission. Therefore pray for this people, not that they become a part of some system that is not to their own liking, which at times the worst of the capitalistic system embodies; rather that their own government honors who they are and supports their spiritual and economic development. Trade itself does not liberate the soul; it is the interchange of light between the Divine and the soul that affords the soul true freedom.

So with the greater freedom and opportunity presented for travel, let all understand the exigencies of the hour and the requirement for every man, woman and child to be honored for who they are, to receive a righteous education and to be liberated to know God in spite of a system that denies the Divine One. Any and all governments upon this world that deny the existence of God are futile! They cannot endure through the ages, and they must be replaced by righteous people demanding their freedom to be. As you know, this is why America was founded: for freedom of religion. And even that freedom to choose one's own belief system and religion is under attack in this hour. Therefore pray for the freedom and liberation of all to seek God as they choose. For when all peoples and all nations have this as a primary principle, then you see, blessed ones, it will be so by the demand of the people themselves.

In this hour we expand the freedom flame from our retreat over Cuba to encompass all of the Americas, North, Central and South; to infuse every man, woman and child with this radiance of cosmic joy; and to inspire all to seek and feel the light of God within them and to feel their own Divine Presence shining brightly above them, lighting their days from this day forward evermore.

O gracious hearts, we are grateful that you have come to Argentina, that the place has been prepared, the table has been set for this great feast of light. Now see the world free in that light and desire only to support the work of the ages of the Self-realization, enlightenment and freedom of every man, woman and child. Your inner desire to manifest this reality helps to make it so by the will, wisdom and love of your hearts. And we support this matrix and endeavor with our archangelic love for each of you, with the freedom flame itself burning within your heart, with violet joy irradiating your soul.

Yes, blessed ones, God is great; God is great within you. Live evermore as his/her children, free in that light to be who you are—loving, kind, compassionate and holy, radiant and joyous in all things, happy that you simply exist as a co-creator with the One Eternal Lord and the Divine Mother ever watching over you with her love.

We seal you now in that radiant stream from the river of life in heaven, in the Holy City. Our love is with you always. Live in that love and be free. We thank you.

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