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Amethyst      October 08, 2016

Beloved Amethyst
David Christopher Lewis
October 8, 2016   10:04–10:18 am ART
Pilgrimage and First International Congress—Argentina and Uruguay
Saint Germain Anchors the Light of Freedom in South America
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Embrace the Teaching of Ho'oponopono to Change the World

[The Spanish version of the song “Ho'oponopono” is played.]1

This is a spiritual shower, a cosmic bath of violet light, and your soul is enfolded in the grace of the light of forgiveness. You are washed clean and like a little child again. And what better thing to be than like a little child? Remember, Jesus said you must become like a little child in order to enter the kingdom.2

No matter how holy we think we are, we all require a daily bath. Yet this bath is a bath of light and it is a cosmic, loving bath for ourselves and our souls, because what we must wash first before we wash the world, or think that we can change the outer world, is always the washing of our own inner being. The greatest saints are the humblest, and the greatest masters are the servants of all.

So remember as you move through your life, especially your elder years, when your hair begins to gray and you have to use coloring to look young, that the most important coloring is the inner coloring of the violet light of forgiveness. This is what really makes us fresh and new and clean and clear. It's totally okay to look great on the outer; however, God looks to your soul. God beholds your inner being always.

And so we begin from the point of our soul to express the loveliness of our inner being. And by doing this we are able to enjoy God's beautiful cosmos and feel our perfect connection with all life. And from this sacred space of that perfect connection, we are one with every other sentient being and engulfed in this beautiful radiance of joy and divine light.

This is a beautiful song to memorize and have singing from within you all day long. And sometimes you will wake up in the morning and already be singing it in your soul. How many people have had that experience? So it must be that it's so important that we learn it on the inner too and we're singing it in heaven in our finer bodies at night. And then, naturally, we're singing it first thing as we arise in the morning because it's so lovely and so simple and so beautiful.

If there's one thing that I can share with you at this event that is most important to change the entire world, it is to embrace this teaching, to draw it deep within your soul and to utilize this understanding every day. Because when things are not always going so well and you blame this person, that person, this situation, that outer circumstance and everything outside of yourself, you have to stop—stop the blame game and realize that you are God. You take the accountability and the responsibility back unto yourself as a co-creator with God, you clean, clean, clean within yourself and you begin to re-emanate those pure vibrations of pure love. And then throughout your day, you can simply say, “Te amo, Dios. Te amo, Dios. Te amo, Dios.”

Let this be your mantra all day long:

“I love you, God, within the center of the cosmos. I love you, God, in every form of life. I love you, God, within my friends, my family, my co-workers and all of humanity. I love you, God, within myself. God, I am in love with you; I am totally in love with you. You are my greatest love. In fact, there is no other love than you, O my Lord, for you are everything. Yes, you are everything, my love, my Lord, my God.”

1. Copyright © 2008 Songbird Music USA. Music and lyrics by Lauren Pomerantz (
2. See Matthew 18:2–4.


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