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Maitreya      July 18, 2016

Beloved Maitreya

David Christopher Lewis

July 18, 2016   1:30–1:53 pm MDT

Livingston, Montana

Lord Maitreya Speaks to Argentinian Heartfriends

I, Lord Maitreya, come with great love in my heart for the souls of mankind, the souls of light in every nation, among every people, within every culture, all races, every evolution of light. And my love, as compassion this day, I send to you, each one, so that you may know the law of love in order to fulfill it within your life consciously, unerringly, graciously.

The law of love sustains the cosmos itself, for love is that which holds everything in a field of perfection and glory. Love sustains every relationship between people so that there may be true and real communication and a furthering of the evolution of all souls in the light.

We the ascended masters, and the World Teachers in particular, are invested in the enlightenment, Self-realization and freedom of every soul. Imagine how we work with the teachers of this world through various movements and opportunities to present the most cutting edge, new spiritual technologies and understandings in order to bring every soul to the point of its full and complete Self-realization in the light. This is quite a task, you see. And therefore we must work within many domains of awareness, many fields of consciousness in order to originate within mankind's affairs that which will move each soul into a new and greater pathway of light to experience God within the heart, mind and will; to experience the Buddha nature in the blessedness and the expressiveness of its flowering divinity.

Blessed ones, you, each one, are involved in this process and may especially participate with us in this sacred dynamic when you love God with your entire being, when you love one another with perfect love, even as you love your Higher Self, the true you, the real individual who you are as a God-created one. When you focus on the light of perfect love, we restore within you a new nexus of compassion whereby you may emanate cosmic fields of awareness, vibrations of peace, brother/sisterhood and oneness; whereby you may enter into that state of pure being in harmony with one another toward the holy purpose of planetary freedom and enlightenment in God's Presence.

Yes, there are many movements, teachers and organizations, yet few fully comprehend the dynamic of the power of dynamic prayers. Few utilize this spiritual technology to inculcate within the matter planes of being the great God-light of the higher octaves of Spirit, which, when mobilized and utilized with great God-consciousness, portend something magnificent and divine and work to illumine every soul in that divine state of pure beingness.

Meru University is a great opportunity for you to learn the higher sciences of Spirit. And this is why the World Teachers, Gautama Buddha, the God and Goddess Meru, Lanello and Clare de Lis, and I are so invested in seeing that this opportunity is presented to tens of thousands of souls in coming years. For when the reach of this wisdom teaching goes forth in all of its glory, the illumination flame itself, freeing the soul to experience God right within the heart and mind, allows there to be a new alchemy that is sublime and a new creative process whereby every soul is fulfilled in its perfect purpose, Self-realized in God, creative with the one Creator, the All-in-all, God.

Dearest ones, avail yourself of all of these teachings already presented in past courses, as well as that which will come forth in future classes overshined by us, actually taught by us through our amanuensis and messenger. There will be great light released in Argentina in October. And each of you who considers yourself a dynamic chela, a disciple par excellence, should consider making the sacred trek to South America and to adding the impetus and the fire of your heart to the equation of the alchemy of the pilgrimage, the congress and the seminal conference, where many masters will be with you to provide their dialogues of light, their releases of God-consciousness.

Truly, we see it now already realized beyond human time and space. And all it requires is for you to show up, to be there and then to experience that release of light in consciousness through your collective auras, having prepared first for this great week and more of communion with us. For, dearest ones, this will change the entire continent of South America permanently, and many dark forces will be erased and consumed. And many souls will be freed to pursue their higher calling to walk with God, to talk with God and to invest their hearts' love in a new paradigm of cosmic faith, acceptance and Self-realization.

Truly, on this day I come, as you have requested, to charge forth the light of illumination into the world and into your nations, especially Argentina. And this light will result in many changes and transformations over time. This energy will spark new thought, new creativity, a new idealism to stretch the limits of the human mind to experience the God mind of cosmic consciousness. When you begin to perceive beyond the veil of human understanding, touching the garments of God and entering into the deeper mysteries of Spirit, then we will share with you and speak to your soul. Then we will originate new and more powerful streams and dynamics of blessedness in your midst. All of this is born of compassion. All of this is caused by love. All of this is fulfilled through the heart wed to God in perfect love.

Dearest ones, angels of the sacred fire now stand in your midst, surrounding you, each one, and hum a tone, a sacred tone that harmonizes all within your world and enlivens you and enriches you in spiritual fire. This toning will continue for the duration of this day and evening, and as you set forth your intention to be retuned and redialed into God, so it shall be. And there will be the erasing of patterns of imperfection and compromise, and there will be the onset of a new wave of Spirit, raising your soul in light, giving birth within you to higher awareness in God's Presence.

I have been called the Laughing Buddha, and it is true. For within the humor of perfect love, there you reach God in great joy and happiness; there you experience the bliss of beingness. When your solar plexus is free in this process of divine laughter and when you can, with a twinkle of mirth upon the Earth, with El Morya, understand the higher teachings through that humor sublime, then the Lord will come unto you individually, bless your endeavors, charge you with light and utilize you as a resource for the enlightenment and saving of many sentient beings.

O holy ones of God, I appreciate your prayers and your songs calling unto me and many other Buddhas. I appreciate the bhajans and the chants whereby you invoke the seed syllables, which denote much in the way of the inner light that burns within your hearts and chakras. As you engage in these activities within the greater science of the spoken word, we employ heavenly gifts to reach into your world for self-transformation and renewal. We provide many impetuses for you to strive beyond the constraints and limitations of your lesser self.

It has always been so, and so it shall remain that the individual disciple set on a true course of light, intrepid in his or her determination to be victorious wins the day with us; completes every initiatic test upon the path; and, as the final result, ascends to be one with God, ever free, immortal in the light. If you make this your dream and goal and work each day to fulfill it in some practical way, I will be there initiating you by love, through compassion, to be victorious, to be fruitful and to know fully your Buddha nature.

I AM Lord Maitreya. I am with you, even as I was with Jesus the Christ in his sacred journey upon this Earth. I was there assisting him through every step of light on his path. And because I served this Son of God, I also serve all sons and daughters of God who call to Maitreya, who call to the Buddhas of light. For in their calling, in response to their hearts' desire, we answer with our victorious love, our illumination rays, our faith most holy and our joy beyond comprehension.

Laugh often, blessed ones, for when we hear your spiritual laughter, even we smile. And in that smiling, a new universe is born and an elder one sustained. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your love, your compassionate hearts, your kindness in all things and the joy that you express through conscious living and divine loving. I thank you. 

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