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Sanat Kumara      June 08, 2016

Beloved Ahura Mazda (Sanat Kumara)
David Christopher Lewis

June 8, 2016   7:02 ̶ 7:23 am MDT

The Healing Light Retreat

Paradise Valley, Montana

Ahura Mazda (Sanat Kumara) Consecrates the Healing Light Retreat in the Healing Light of Love

As your Ahura Mazda, I come flaming fires of Solar light in the Earth, in the atmosphere and within you, if you are willing to bear this fiery love this day, O initiates of the sacred fire. For the fire is healing; the fire is what creation manifests through.

You were born of fire; you will return to fire. And if you have a fiery nature, we from Venus are there inhabiting your world, your consciousness, your life so that what you fulfill as your destiny in this incarnation and beyond may truly be enfired with the light of God, the levity of God, and you may leave your legacy through that fire, through that flame for all to know.

Virtuous ones in whom the living light of the Eternal God manifests, we consecrate this day this property and you in the light, if you would have that hallowing of the space in which you live, move and have your being with this light eternal, with this love eternal, with the joy that love brings, with the honor that love manifests. Truly, those who honor God love God with their entire being. For in honoring the Lord God Almighty, the living light of love bespeaks who you are as a God-created one, as a sentient being involved in the co-creation of all the essentials of life where you exist. And if you would truly fulfill your destiny through love, then look up to the sun; live in that light; express your divine nature; and truly enjoin our forces, our cosmic legions of light, to enwrap this Earth in that light, in that love, whereby all shall be healed, all shall be fulfilled and all shall come to know the Eternal within themselves and within every point of that creation.

When we come, there is left a mark of fire where we have alit upon the Earth. And we leave these tracings of eternality here, blessed ones, so that all who come to this property may have the essences of godly good, of eternal love manifest to feel, to know, to experience. And that love is self-transforming. That love takes you from where you are unto a new dimension of expression and beingness. That love fulfills within you that which you came to this Earth to express. When you tap into that love, when you enter that love field of light, nothing can take from you your eternal nature of beingness in God; nothing can delude you or denude you of that which is true, pure, holy and sublime.

Many have settled for something less than divine perfection manifesting within their world. And why have they settled for something less than their I AM God Presence? we ask. It is because they have been temporarily manifesting in the planes and dimensions of illusion rather than accepting heaven's glory, their divine estate, beingness in its full outpicturing and divine majesty.

Look up to the sun to see the Holy City manifesting within that cosmic sphere that gives you life, that gives you the nurturing fires of immortality. When you can, in moments of deep meditation and reflection, enter the Sun Presence of your own God I AM nature and the sun that illumines your world, you will experience that which is pure, undefiled and illumined to the extent that it may provide for you an impetus of cosmic joy, which you may know in every moment of your life. Consider every moment as a sacred moment, blessed hearts. Every moment you may experience your godly nature; you may experience God within nature. You may know your eternal nature, one with the Eternal One.

We come to remind you that you are composed of love, that you are fulfilled in love, that your destiny is the love fires of the creation manifest through you as a Solar being. When you evolve to that state of awareness where you can represent the Sun through your own beingness, your own life lived to the glory of God in that state of Solar Reality, then truly, as a witness to that love, love is fulfilled within you through every breath; through every heartbeat; through every thought, feeling and expression in word; through every gesture; through the way that you walk, the way that you talk, the way that you communicate with others—lovingly, graciously, with compassion, understanding and reverence.

We bring these essences to the Earth, for many have lost the sense of godliness within. And because they do not know their eternal nature, they have lived outside of the circle of God's being of oneness. They do not understand all the essentials of life and how they can truly work the works of Spirit here in the planes of Mater. Well, you know something of this work. For we have impressed within you the essences of cosmic joy, fulfilled through daily action, action, action on behalf of the Lords of the Seven Rays, the chohans thereof, the manus of the races and those who stand for truth, for justice, for freedom and for the integrity of the soul to live its purpose, its beingness in God.

When you have a purpose, you work forthrightly day after day after day on behalf of the Lord God as his son, her daughter, blessed hearts. Conceive and reconceive of yourself as part of the holy creation of the Elohim in these dimensions of being. When you see yourself as a part of the fulfillment of the creation itself, one in whom is invested so much glory, so much divinity, so much cosmic reality, then every day becomes a magical, a mysterious and a miraculous day whereby, through alchemy, you fulfill your destiny now, now, now and not at some future date or distant point of reality that you grasp for in your mind, that is not quite there for you.

You see, the ascension is every day; the ascension is every moment; the ascension is within the eternal Now. And when you comprehend this, when you get it, blessed ones, then the ascension fires are there living through you; moving through you; loving all life through you; expressing through you the divine joy, the Solar majesty, the cosmic reality of who and what God is. When you comprehend God, God, God every moment, there is the purity of love in that comprehension, in that beingness that you receive unto your heart, feel in your soul and then express through your givingness, your giving nature to all life.

How long does it take to contact God? I ask. It only takes a microsecond to feel the impulses of the Almighty if you go within and know love. It does not take eons of time and evolution in the matter planes to know who God is. You can have God expressing through you now, now, now through love when you feel that love, blessed hearts. Therefore take a moment now, or I should say receive a moment now, to simply feel God manifesting through your heart, through these love fires that we bring this day. [Sanat Kumara pauses for a few moments.]

When you can truly say that you feel God within you, that you know love within you, then all healing is possible. This is the Healing Light Retreat, and the key to all healing and wholeness is love. For where love is front and center, present in the eternal Now within this moment, that love coalesces in the beloved in whom you desire that wholeness to manifest, that purity to be restored, body, soul and mind. And thereby restoration may occur, either through reconciliation; through the forgiveness of self or other; through the letting go of all blockages, lapses of consciousness or habit patterns that keep that one bound to an existence less than his or her true nature. Yet when love is there, when love is felt, that love permeates every cell, every organ of one's being. And then it is natural for that love to flush out unreality, discord, dissonance and that which has violated cosmic law and caused a lack of wholeness, integration and oneness.

Therefore instead of seeking to somehow heal others through some mysterious means, enter into the space of cosmic love in your heart and feel the pulsations of that love flowing through your chakras. And all in the atmosphere and the environment of that love that you now feel and express will have the impulses and the essentials for the restoration of wholeness, you see. It is a simple matter, from our perspective on Venus, to have the reintegration of self with Reality. And that simple formula is divine love, divine love, divine love manifest. When you are that love, all is fulfilled, your nature is Self-realized and your Godhood may be expressed through poetry, through song, through dance, through vision, through any means that you choose to so express it.

Now beloved Venus comes as my bride and cohort to infuse within the nature kingdom of the Earth her divine essences of love so that the elemental beings—earth, air, fire, water and the ether itself—may be refreshed in her Venusian love. For you have called forth that love on behalf of the elementals in your songs, in your prayers, in your decrees and in your sacred work in your gardens and on your properties. She has heard your cries on their behalf, your expressions of love toward them, the intimate communication that many of you have entered into with these precious devic beings, and now with that special deva that you have received.1

Blessed ones, you have recourse to the eternal heart of God for many alchemies and mystical, magical miracles. And if you utilize all the resources provided unto you, you will see the transformation of this world in this incarnation, in this lifetime, in this generation rather than at some distant future point.

Now this infusion permeates every particle of the Earth—at the etheric level first and then stepped down through the mental plane, the astral, emotional and finally the physical. This infusion co-creates and facilitates the power of love to transform all in divine grace, within the hallowed space now brought forth through Venus's love.

When you speak to a bird, a deer and even a vole with love, dearest ones, you contact a part of God that is within that life-form, and in that contact you are transformed as much as the other life-form. For in true communication there is a two-way exchange of light, of understanding, of information. And when you truly discern the nature of life in the other as a part of self, and a part of self as a part of the other, then you enter into the oneness of true communion and the holiness of that sacred moment of the bonding of your beings and the integrity of that state of harmony.

Therefore commune with all life as the Holy Spirit adjures you. And in the sanctity of those sacred moments of oneness, your Self-realization accelerates, your Buddha nature descends into the cradle and chalice of your being, your Christic Presence shines forth and the majesty of your glory and your Mother nature of love may truly be expressed as holy Venus expresses it.

We come early because you prepared the chalice through your presence, through your expectation, through your love. And it is an honor to be in the presence of such loving ones upon Earth who know our names, who pray and sing to us and who fulfill that love every day in some both grand and humble way. Keep on in loving as Jesus has admonished you: love one another as true brothers and sisters and all shall come to fruition according to God's divine plan manifest through you.

I AM Ahura Mazda, friend of Zarathustra and of the ancient Persians, who learned the secrets of their own fiery nature of love. Thank you.

1. On June 2, 2016, through a special dispensation, the Elohim of the Five Crystal Rays offered an elemental being to initiates of The Hearts Center community and those who support its work to assist each one with any righteous task that would serve God within the nature kingdom.

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