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Meta      May 25, 2016

Beloved Meta
David Christopher Lewis
May 25, 2016   7:05 ̶ 7:35 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

Meditation on the Exaltation of the Body Elementals of All People on Earth

Meditate now upon your body elemental, who looks like you at the age of about three to five, and see the light emanating around this precious one, who beholds you in a perfected state of beingness, in your childlike state of innocence. See yourself as pure, immaculate, holy, innocent, gentle, kind, loving, affectionate toward all, inquisitive about the universe, desiring to discover all that is new and awaiting your mind, your heart, your will, your hands.

Now behold the body elementals of all mankind, who are as children tonight, gathered together on a giant plane, an emerald grassy expanse, looking up to the Sun-Source of all being, the Divine, with hearts upturned in devotion to the One Light—no religion, no isms, no schisms. There is only the oneness of hearts and the expectancy, through a childlike attitude and appreciation for God, to simply know and be that light of oneness, perfection, joy, harmony and peace. We feel our oneness with every other soul. We experience, through conscious awareness of our connectedness, the pulsation of each one's radiant field of light.

We intuit the gifts, the graces that each one has come to Earth to employ and offer in the sanctity of a heart trued to divinity. As the pulsation grows and expands between us, through us, around us, within us, we feel the coming of Jesus the Christ, as the advocate of all children, and Mother Mary. And their beloveds, Magda and Raphael, are also here, as are Saint Germain and Portia. They gather in the atmosphere to bless each child, the body elementals of all of us—our souls, our spirits, the inner child of our hearts. And in this blessing, there is a bestowal of grace; there is an anointing of Spirit. And they encourage us by their example. They model perfection, and we are in an ecstatic state of bliss in the presence of their beings, enjoying the sun, the stars, the atmosphere, the sky, the gentle wind, the swaying of the trees, nature in all of its glory.

Through our beholding of perfection in one another, the resonant field of awareness that continues to build and expand becomes an ocean of light, which we consciously perfuse around the entire world. And the energy field of this blessing heals all, graces all, brings all into perfect wholeness, understanding, divine gnosis and presence. We see the precious elementals joining in this process, augmenting what we do consciously in this meditation and perfuming their love, their awareness along with ours so that the action is greater through the uniting of the kingdoms of mankind and of the elementals.

And now, descending from on high, numberless numbers of angelic beings also enter into this alchemy and radiate light. So we have all three kingdoms manifesting simultaneously and accelerating the glory of God within this endeavor, blessing every life-form upon Earth, coalescing around each one the light of protection and healing, the light of grace and love, the light of wisdom and truth.

All that has been of the past that is dark, dense, dire and destructive is now transmuted. And in its place there is the sacred arousal of cosmic awareness, light essences and divine quintessences, which are stupendous in their originality and their co-creativity, and these move through us as a gentle breeze. And through these currents, we pick up on alchemical formulas, provided unto us by great cosmic beings and masters so that we can assimilate these and utilize them in coming days, weeks, months and years for our sacred work upon Earth.

This infusion of light continues to pulsate through us, and God's glory grows and the Sun-light of eternality shines forth in an exciting multicolored atmospheric manifestation—more glorious than the greatest of all fireworks. We see the light essences manifesting within the sky. We feel what every color represents, the vibration of it, the consciousness of it, the energy of it. And we are lifted up in Spirit again and again, feeling these impulses flowing through us, recreating us in a higher glory and divine brilliance. We feel God, God, God permeating everything within us, around us and within every life-form with whom we are intimately conversant through instantaneous telepathic communication. And we feel the love-light of every soul as one with our soul. We feel the radiant field of their beingness merged with ours, and ours with theirs, in a collective awareness that is beautiful, transcendent, divinely ecstatic.

As our meditation continues and our higher minds collaborate in the sacred work in which we are engaged, many more divine beings come from far-off worlds to augment that which is occurring here through our collective awareness, one with the Higher Self of every soul upon Earth. And those who are stooped down in ignorance, delusion, illusion, and in the darker sciences of nihilism are raised up, freed from self-imposed bondage. And in their freedom, they are aghast at what they have done, and yet there is instantaneous understanding, forgiveness. And now a new knowingness comes upon them, and in their divine freedom they join us and are truly in a new state of inner harmony and being.

We breathe deeply and feel the power of the Holy Spirit flowing through every cell of our being, through every cell of the Earth, every cell of the solar system, every cell of the galaxy and now the cosmos. We have new freedom to be who we are, uninhibited, no longer restrained by lesser awareness; we are liberated in this field of divine love-light, love-wisdom and the power of divine grace. Our past is literally transmuted right before our eyes and there drops away from us all limiting factors whatsoever, and we pick up on what the angels offer as new awareness, conscious presence. And we behold the gifts and graces of God as they flow now from the Holy City and are ensconced within our greater beingness, our cosmic awareness, our Buddhic Self and the Logos, with whom we are now aligned.

The Divine Mother sings within the atmosphere unto her children throughout the Earth and the cosmos. And in her singing, we feel her universal love for each one and we are raised in this vibratory field of her great cosmic love for all children. Now we will listen to the Ave Maria, as sung by either Mario Lanza or Andrea Bocelli. And as we listen intently, we will feel the ever-expanding and ever-widening ripples of light through the vibrations of this pure sound of hallowed love for Mary, representative of the Divine Mother of all.

[Ave Maria is played.]

            From high in the atmosphere now the Mother Omega appears and shines forth great cosmic rays of love-light to every sentient being upon this Earth. The brilliance of her being is so amazing that all gasp in cosmic wonder at her beauty and the feeling of oneness that she emanates through the purity of her heart and the virtue of her Spirit. We have a new sense of our own purity, the immaculate us, which she has ever held for us within the field of her awareness and continues to hold for each and every one. She both beholds and realizes it on our behalf until we can fully accept and realize it consciously. And we are impelled from within to enter into this alchemy of clear and pure seeing, clear and pure feeling, clear and pure being within God's omnipresence.

We feel the omnipotence of this energy of clarity; we feel the omniscience, the pure knowing of all that is real and true, beautiful and reverent. We rise in multidimensions of awareness to behold God now, through Mother Omega, face-to-face. We look into her immaculate eyes and see reflected our own pure state of being. We witness the golden-crystal aura around us that is our natural state of perfection and beingness, which Omega clearly sees, beholds and knows for us as true and real. And we are encouraged to move forward on our path in this love-light of perfection, of inner joy and radiant love, because there is nothing except love. There is only love now flowing, manifesting, brewing and accelerating through us.

And that love is recreating us and the Earth in a new conscious awareness of peace, brother/sisterhood, freedom, understanding and joy. Within the seed kernel of this love-light is the answer to every dilemma that we have considered, every issue or problem that is manifesting in our world, every challenge upon our initiatic path. We feel the cherishment of the Divine One arising again and again in those intimate moments of our pure communion with God through silence, through song, through stillness, through beingness.

The majesty of God's grace we feel. The sacred aromas and divine scents that God emanates, as the pure perfume of his/her being, waft upon us and stimulate that within us which can accept them as they enter our nostrils and now our inner being and work their perfect alchemical work upon us to refine every sense within us—who we are, what we are. We no longer accept that we are only human; we feel and know that we are divine.

We see a choir of seraphim and cherubim descending now from the throne of God, and they are singing the great song Sanctus, which we will listen to as we continue meditating upon the sanctum of our hearts—the sanctuary of oneness with all life. And the choirs of heaven and of earth sing in unison this great cosmic chant, which we sing to the Divine—Sanctus.

 [Sanctus is played.]

Now our beloved twin flame appears before us and draws nigh to our soul and spirit. And our twin flame merges completely with our essence of light in this ecstatic state of pure beingness, of the oneness of two as a unified being of glory. The cosmic electricity that ensues through this unified field of beingness of our hearts as one gives birth to a Sun awareness of perfection and glory, of beingness; and we are renewed in this perfection and unity field.

And as we prepare to listen to the sacred music The Lost Chord, performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, we retain this sense of oneness, of inner peace, of perfection and pure beingness, of the wholeness of us as one, and the lost chord is restored within us. The Word itself, the Logoic light of that chord, is now vibrating within our threefold flame, which expands to engulf our entire aura as the lost chord becomes the beginning of a new symphony of light that we choose to sing, to experience, from this day forward, as our own divine keynote, our representation of light to the universe.

As we listen, enter into the music, become the music, become the voices, become the strains of the instruments. Unify your being with the light, the energy, the frequencies of this pure sound of hallowed beingness.

[The Lost Chord is played.]

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