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Queen of Light      May 14, 2016

David Christopher Lewis (overshined by the Queen of Light)
May 14, 2016   1:49 ̶ 2:19 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

Queen of Light's Teaching on the Importance of Purity
for Raising the Kundalini for Ourselves and for Europe

The Queen of Light is greeting all lightbearers and heartfriends in all of Scandinavia and sharing through her heart—which I would also term an immaculate heart, like Mother Mary's—the light of purity and the light of freedom, which purity also provides.

The Queen of Light is saying that she is invested in freeing the mind, the heart, the soul, the spirit and freeing every chakra through the light that she wields on your behalf. And when you have the freedom of your soul, and especially the base chakra—free and clear, vibrating in synchronicity with hers, through that light of purity, and with the light of the Great Central Sun—you are free to perform divine magic, spiritual alchemy of any kind. And through the raised kundalini, a magic circle within your aura is established so that whatever you desire in a godly way that is in alignment with cosmic law can manifest.

Now, we are about spiritual manifestation primarily. And through the lens of her awareness I see that the great masters, the great archeiai and archangels, the great cosmic beings and even the Elohim are involved in supplanting upon Earth all that is dark and dense with all that is beautiful, holy and rich in light. And a clear base chakra—in other words, clearing the Mother light in the base chakra—is essential for perfect alchemy.

Many people almost despise the word purity because they think that someone is trying to be too pious, too holy, better than thou, or trying to enter into a state that's unreal. And in this day and age, people really despise purity because they don't understand the nature of life and light in terms of what the raised kundalini can bode and how it can allow us to actually be free.

People desire all kinds of freedom and license from responsibility, spiritually, and they desire to kind of let it all hang out. However, this is to the detriment of the soul and the spirit. When people understand that by living a virtuous life, in the sense that we can be like Snow White in the purity of our hearts, then all manner of amazing alchemies can begin to manifest.

The Queen of Light would like us to know that the story of Snow White, which actually came before Walt Disney, was based on truth. It is based partly on her, the Queen of Light. So what did Snow White do? If you study that fairy tale, which is based on truth, there are the elemental characters who came to her aid. The seven dwarves represent the seven rays, and we see the elemental kingdom coming to her aid to protect her in her role as a queenly figure, who eventually is able to meet her twin flame and fulfill her destiny.

If you study that fairy tale from a cosmic perspective or the perspective of initiatic science, you will understand the nature of purity in its true essence. Other fairy tales can also cue us into this beautiful ancient initiatic path, which many of us have walked in previous golden-age cultures. We can bring these stories into the present day to understand why it is important to maintain the purity within our soul, within our hearts, within our mind, and especially within the base chakra.

So when you desire to manifest any virtue, you can call to the Queen of Light, and even the overshining presence of Snow White, to bring this very snow-like quality of perfection and purity into play in your world, in your life, because that will help you to maintain the raised kundalini and the fire in the crown chakra. It will help you to glorify God through your virtuous life. It will help you, through the light of purity, to contact the greatest energies of Spirit, which you can draw forth into the matter planes for magic, for perfect alchemy, for the scientific application of the arts of heaven in our world.

The Queen of Light is not just some mystical character who exists in fairy tales. She is very, very real, and the more we call to her and the more we believe in her, the more energy she can pour into our worlds. This is why this prayer that we have to the Queen of Light is so essential for Scandinavia right now. You see the challenge that has come to the Scandinavian peoples and the peoples throughout Germany and Europe as a result of the influx of certain foreign forces that do not appreciate the light of purity and the virtues that are inherent within women. And so they attack women, young girls and their virtue. And this attack is a direct attack on this spirit of the Queen of light.

So how do we deal with this? How do we attend to the situation that is rampant now, where the perversity of those who are not in the true stream of the true Islamic faith are coming out against these young girls and women and attacking them? Well, by calling to the Queen of Light we can help set up a flowfield of light around the auras of all young women and girls, and even of older women, to protect them in this light of purity, in this light of crystal perfection so that there is such a powerful energy field that they can never be misused, abused, raped or any of this. This is not just a fairy tale; this is real. This can be a powerful matrix of light that we can wield in our sacred work of the Spirit on behalf of the feminine ray everywhere on Earth.

Virtue is being assaulted East and West, and the perversions are coming out of the astral plane because of the misuse of the sacred fire through all manner of licentious acts and because people of this culture of today have a perverse understanding of sex, et cetera. Sex is a sacred act and it should be hallowed in the sanctity of a relationship in which people are either married or at least completely committed to each other and are not just going here and there seeking partnership for pleasure.

By calling to the Queen of Light and using her prayer and singing that beautiful song, as you do in Scandinavia—and especially during these services that you hold weekly and monthly, especially when I'm able to provide a live message—there is an investment of the energy of Spirit through your hearts that is then perfused throughout Scandinavia and all of Europe to safeguard women, young girls, children and the virgin consciousness and the purity of their souls. And she's showing me that because of what you have all done in these sessions, she has literally saved hundreds and thousands of young women, especially from the clutches and the vile energies of the dark spirits that are attempting to use people who are dark or who have allowed entities to take hold of them, through lust and all manner of perversions, to assault their virgin consciousness.

In the sixties and seventies a part of the astral plane erupted into the physical plane through the hippie movement, which unfortunately brought forth this carefree attitude of licentious living. This is still going on, and it's unfortunate because it has allowed there to be a lowering of the standard of behavior, especially in the way that women dress, which then allows there to be all manner of lust from men toward women. This has to change for a golden-crystal age to occur.

When women dress appropriately, without revealing too much of their body temples to the outer world, to men, then it safeguards their spirit too. This may sound very churchy or kind of religious; however, it is not at all. It is being brought forth from a spiritual context. What she would like women to know is that there is a power that they wield through their virgin consciousness, through the raised kundalini that safeguards who they are as an integrated being, as an initiate, as someone who can wield the authority of that light and that ray of purity, of wholeness to perform the most amazing work on the Earth that they are called to perform.

So in addition to the Queen of Light, the twin flame of the Divine Director is one who wields great power in this Earth through the virtue of her soul, the energy of her consciousness, the virya of her being. And she chose to incarnate and remain on the Earth for a long period of time in order to bring forth these blessed souls and to anchor this light in the Earth plane, which is so essential.

The Queen of Light is asking for prayers for the Divine Director and his twin flame in the Earth, for the mission to be fulfilled, for the lifestream to be safeguarded, because having this level of purity in the Earth is essential to hold the balance for women everywhere, especially in Europe. And the more light that can be released through the raised kundalini and the purity of the base chakra of this woman in embodiment, the greater the energy that can be wielded for the raising of the kundalini of the Earth itself. Consider how the kundalini can be safeguarded in you, how it can be maintained in purity, through virtue, to allow there to be a greater influx of light into the Earth.

Now she's taking us in consciousness to Spain in the west, Italy more in the central, and then Greece and Turkey in the east. And so the base chakra of Europe can be seen as this field of all of these nations.

So what does this bode? It means that as we send light into these areas of the southern regions of Europe, we are sending light to the areas that represent a part of the base chakra of the entire European continent. And in these areas, we have to pray especially for the feminine beings of women and the young girls, especially the teenage girls, to have the raised kundalini for the safeguarding of Europe as a whole. Because when the base chakras are compromised, it compromises the raising of the kundalini through the entire continent.

These are the nations that we have to begin with in our prayers. This is why there has been such an assault on the economy of Greece, and there's been an assault in Turkey on the harmony between Orthodox Christianity and Islam. We have to pray for harmony, peace, brother/sisterhood in Turkey, Greece, Italy and Spain, and I should also mention Portugal. All of these areas are very crucial to the stability of all of Europe.

The Queen of Light is showing me that when praying for the nations of Europe, as we name them we should highlight the southern region because this is also where the influx of immigrants is occurring. If they start in Iraq or other nations in the Middle East, a lot of them come through Turkey and then they end up coming through Greece. They end up going into areas of Eastern Europe, and then eventually they make their way up through Germany, to Denmark and then into Scandinavia.

It's almost as if this influx of immigrants from other cultures—not the nice ones, but those who are coming simply for other reasons—is a perversion of the raising of the kundalini, because they start in the south and then they migrate north. So this is almost a direct point/counterpoint opposition to the raising of the kundalini.

The more that we have purity and the integration of our own being in the light, the more this safeguards and protects us as a continent, within each nation, within each culture and people.

Lastly, she is radiating great, great light today to safeguard the culture of the Scandinavian peoples: the Swedish peoples, the Norwegian peoples, the Danish peoples and, of course, those in the east in Finland. And she's showing me even beyond Finland into Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, especially, and even into Russia.

It's important to safeguard the true cultures of these peoples in the north because the people in the north represent the crown chakra, and the raised kundalini all the way to the crown chakra. And so even though we start by visualizing the protection of the kundalini in the base chakra in the southern nations of Europe, we also have to understand the dynamic of the protection of the raised kundalini in the crown, or the northern countries, especially in the Scandinavian nations and the others that I mentioned. So once the kundalini is raised, it will be protected and glowing in the crown chakra, manifesting in the sacred dynamic of the Buddhic light and the illumination flame, fully ensconced and vitalized within these northern regions.

Part of the reason that I travel so much to Scandinavia, at the invitation of heartfriends, especially in Sweden, is to anchor that light in this crown chakra region of Europe so that the light of the Buddha, the light of the risen Christ can manifest there as a magnet to draw the kundalini up into the crown, because the Father has to magnetize the light of the Mother unto the crown for the raising of the kundalini to be complete. This is the perfect dynamic of the interaction between Buddha and Mother—the Mother pushing the kundalini up, through the purity of her being; and the Father magnetizing that kundalini from the crown, as the Father energy, into spirit. This push-pull action is the “as Above, so below,” “as below, so Above” in the perfect balance of Alpha and Omega, masculine-feminine, Father-Mother, for the flow to occur, which then manifests as perfect harmony, peace, progress and also abundance.

We know that on the cosmic clock, God-harmony and supply are on the line of the Mother. So when you have inharmony, you also have a challenge to the supply and the abundant life of every individual. So in order to gain greater abundance, you have to maintain that harmony within the nations.

So what do we see manifesting through the perversion of the European Union, through the moneyed interests? We see a compromise of true harmony, true peace, true brother/sisterhood through what the international bankers, the World Bank and those interested only in money are doing. They have formed this European Union based partly on a great concept of the interaction of all peoples—socially, economically and politically. However, by forcing it and lowering standards to the lowest common denominator, you also have the compromising of the higher spiritual standards that could outplay themselves in a divine economy.

We can make calls on having a true type of European Union based on spiritual principles, values and higher standards of the golden rule. There is a challenge now, and the people in Great Britain will be voting on whether to remain in the European Union. Maybe that vote has already happened. I haven't read the news on it. However, this is very important for the British Isles because the British Isles represents the twelve tribes of Israel, which then migrated to the United States. And just as the Scandinavian peoples are one or two of the lost tribes, so the peoples of the British Isles are also one of the other tribes. It's important that we understand the relationship of these tribes, how they can work together to inculcate within the Earth true brother/sisterhood so that we don't have division, strife and disunity.

In addition to what has transpired with the raising of the kundalini in this teaching, the Queen of Light is also sending a ray of love from her heart into the British Isles in this moment to safeguard its mission on behalf of all of Europe and the world. The British Isles is an important component in maintaining both the economic, political, social and spiritual balance for all of Europe because of the peoples embodied there.

She's asking me now to ask you, Rune, if you have any questions that you would like her to address on behalf of the Scandinavian peoples or of all of Europe. [Not at the moment. Thank you.] Okay.

She's now placing a white capstone on the crown chakra of Europe for its protection for quite some time. This will last for at least three years to safeguard all of Europe with the light of the raised kundalini through anyone who chooses to so call it forth and engage in the alchemy of these prayer sessions; who will spiritually support the work that she is doing, along with the Divine Director and other great masters—Lady Master Venus, Sanat Kumara and all the Kumaras—to hold this balance within Scandinavia and throughout Europe.

Finally, I'm seeing El Morya also stepping forward to say that he is invested in this work on behalf of the British Isles. He is affirming his support for the Queen of Light on behalf of the British Isles because of his embodiments there—as Thomas Moore, the other Thomas More and King Arthur. And he is sending a ray of blue-fire light in support of the Scandinavians and the interaction between the nations of the north and the British Isles for the safeguarding of both areas in the light.

And finally, El Morya is saying that it is imperative that I travel to the British Isles within the next two years to anchor the light on his behalf. If we desire to have a seminar there or whatever, El Morya will be there through all of it, with Saint Germain, to anchor great, great light on behalf of all of Europe and especially the British Isles. And the reason for this request today is because of what could potentially be occurring in that area, which he has foreseen, and because we can forestall certain dark things that could occur within the next two years.

I'm asking him to clarify—would this be by the end of 2018? And he's saying by the end of August 2018. So we have two years, by the end of August 2018, to consider this. And he is recommending that if we do do something in the British Isles that we also consider concurrently doing something in Scandinavia, since I'm going to be traveling that far. I can spend at least ten to thirteen days total going to both areas. This is something that we can talk about, collaborate about, plan appropriately. Of course, this is brand new news to me. I wasn't expecting this, and we'll have to see what we can do.

In closing now, in addition to the Queen of Light coming and El Morya coming, the final blessing is from Sanat Kumara himself, the Regent Lord of the World. And he is perfusing throughout all of Scandinavia first, and then throughout all of Europe, the light of pure divine love to touch the hearts of every soul, to have them feel what true love is, what true godly love is, what divine love is. And in this aspect of the feeling of true divine love, souls will be raised to experience what can be known through the initiatic path of that love so that they can be free in the light.

So thank you, beloved Sanat Kumara. He's recommending that at the end of your service today, you sing to Sanat Kumara and Venus, if you choose, one of the two songs that we have, preferably the one to the melody of Finlandia. I don't know if you already played that today. If you did, you can play the other one. However, he is recommending that at least for the foreseeable future, what you could do for these sessions for Europe and Scandinavia is to end the broadcast with that wonderful, wonderful song to the melody of Finlandia, because this will crystallize all of the light that you have invoked through your prayers, devotions, decrees and songs into the most glorious matrix of divine love. And every time you play this song, he will perform an alchemy on behalf of both Scandinavia and the world.

So, Rune, thank you so much for being there. And I guess sometimes I do things and I don't know why I do them. I was just prompted to call you, and I apologize that I wasn't participating in the whole service. However, I was attending to our beloved Nancy Kolze, who recently had a stroke, and I've been working on her behalf to set up some things—where she can live after she gets out of the hospital on Monday. Thank you so much for being there, and all my love to all the Swedish and Scandinavian heartfriends.

Participant:  Thank you, David. I do have a question, but we can take that at a later time.

David:  Well, that's okay. We still have ten minutes for your broadcast, right?

Participant:  We are almost twenty minutes over time, but that doesn't matter. It's still light outside here. As I have mentioned, I have been doing so-called talk tours on skis. The concept is that you have skids under your skis and you ski pretty steep up to the top and ski slalom or downhill down. And during these times I have kind of meditated on the snow. You see the light from the sun hitting the snow at various angles and creating various shades of light. And I have pondered what kind of effect this has, the sun upon snow. So that's kind of an introduction to a theme that could be very large, I think.

David:  By doing what you've been doing, because of who you are you are raising the kundalini as you ascend to the heights and then you're taking the light of the sun, which is the crown chakra, and as you descend and ski down, you are actually anchoring that light of the sun everywhere you ski and everywhere you visualize and send love to. So this is actually an action of the raising of the kundalini through the ascent, and then the anchoring of that raised kundalini light of the sun more tangibly into the Earth as you descend from the heights. So it's a physical action and it's a spiritual action. And you already discerned how powerful that light of the sun upon the snow is. It's like the phrase in the old ritual that we used to give in The Summit on Sunday mornings, “the light of the sun upon new-fallen snow.”

Those of you who have seen the sparkling and glistening of that light know the feeling that you get, as if you are right within this field of beautiful sparkling light, where the snow merges with the sun and the sun with the snow. It's like living in a temporary infinitude of grace. What she's showing me is that the sun upon snow is the closest thing to the grace of heaven that we can see and feel.

So if you would like to meditate on the flame or the quality of grace, that is what the sun upon snow does. It tunes you into what grace is and what the grace of God is. So it can be a theme for more to be revealed later, if you'd like. So you've been doing alchemy when you are skiing.

God bless you. Thanks for taking the call. Bye-bye.


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