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David Lewis      May 04, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
May 4, 2016   4:03 ̶ 5:00 pm PDT
Fresno, California

Alchemical Secrets of the Four Elements: How to Communicate with Fire, Air, Water and Earth

Welcome to the Brass Unicorn, the place of small encounters—and long counters. [laughter] We're gathered together to see what God has in store in this store for the storied approach to life.

So rub your hands, feel the heat and place them on your heart. Feel the heat? One more time. Then your eyes. Breathe in the light and heat. And after you rub next time, you can just hold it for a second and visualize a violet-flame sphere and fire. And then how about on our ears for warmth? One more time, for perfect digestion. You know, a Starbuck's cappuccino without soy milk tastes pretty good—it's digesting well. And now on your head. And one final time, let's do our hearts again. This time the fire is telling you how much it loves you. Great.

So this is about the four elements. We've talked about the waves. We have earth, air, fire and water, and we seek to utilize these cosmic forces, these principles, these elements for alchemy. What you may not know is that each of these is intelligent in and of itself and can speak to you. So the fire can speak to you, the air can speak to you, the water can speak to you and the earth can speak to you.

We think of ourselves as being the doers, the ones who utilize these elements. Yet how often do we actually consider that they are conscious entities or beings or divine principles that can actually communicate and convey to us their wisdom, their understanding, their love and their divine knowledge and why God created them for our use?

So take a moment to meditate on fire now and see before you a living flame. Flames dance and they prance and they are alive. And the reason fire has a higher vibration than the others is because it is a little bit more active; it's always dancing and prancing. The fire is right before you. Allow the fire—in this case the violet light or fire—to communicate to you its essence, its radiance, its aliveness, its intelligence, its purpose. You are allowing, by your understanding of this dynamic, the fire itself to enfold you now, to work its perfect work on you, within you, around you and to go to the core of your being for your nourishment.

Fire nourishes. You may think fire burns and consumes, yet it also nourishes. How does it nourish? Well, it enlivens the fire within us that already exists as our threefold flame. It contacts the fire—the Sun Presence within every cell of our being—and nurtures that sun-fire light, because they are composed of the same starry substance in their origin. And the fire, as ethereal, or representing the etheric octave or the fire body, is tied to our blueprint. We know we have an etheric blueprint of our being. So if we are to fulfill our reason for being and our divine plan, our blueprint, the fire has something to say about that. The fire itself—as intelligent, as divine, as representative of the Source, Spirit—can communicate something about our origins and about our destiny. In fact, the fire has moved through us from the beginning, from the onset of our existence as spirit, through all of our incarnations in the matter planes. And the fire will help return us to spirit.

We use fire to consume. Most of us have probably chosen to be cremated, and the fire will even do its perfect work then. Most of us use fire for warmth in our homes, at some level, and for heating our food, our beverages. And fire is an amazing alchemical tool. Because fire is intelligent and because it is something that the alchemists utilize, we can begin to utilize it within the higher divine order of things and allow it to pervade our being, the atmosphere, everything, and fan the little fires that are part of the larger fire of the cosmos.

We use the violet fire a lot. We use, we visualize and we feel the action of the fire in invocation, in dance. We use fire as a ritualistic symbol when we light candles, and we see that candle as symbolic of the light that we are attempting to always maintain within ourselves, around ourselves and to focus upon as we do our spiritual work.

Yet the fire is so much more than we can imagine, if we will begin to allow it to speak its secrets to us, to offer its mysteries to us. The alchemists have all used fire for transmutation because they knew that as one of the four primary elements, with the highest vibratory rate of the four elements, it is that which is most active in the art and the science of transmutation.

So if you consider from this day forward that fire itself is intelligent, that fire is able to communicate to you, is able to utilize you as a resource for the earth, for the air, for the wind, the water, and ultimately for the higher type of fire, then fire will work for you in your spiritual work on levels that you cannot even imagine right now. And it will help to bring into manifestation the most glorious alchemical gifts for the Earth and for those whom you were sent to Earth to provide with resources, enlightenment and nurturing.

We think of water as nurturing, earth as nurturing, air as nurturing, and yet fire is really an amazing nurturing element. So Saint Germain invites us to really communicate with fire; yet, most importantly, to allow fire to communicate with us. The violet flame itself will tell you how to utilize it, when to utilize it, where to utilize it and on whose behalf if you allow it to always be front and center and present in your life as an intelligent energy field, as a being, as a giant salamander that you communicate with on a regular basis.

Salamanders are amazing beings who have so many spiritual gifts to give us. Yet, have we shied away from them because we fear fire, we don't like to touch fire? Well, there is a fire that doesn't burn, that doesn't consume, in the physical sense. It's the most soothing, enlivening, enriching, harmonious and beautiful essence that God has created to afford us this calming, energetic, balancing and beatifying grace.

Air. We all know the air element because we would not be alive unless we breathed in the air. How many breaths per minute, average? Twelve or thirteen maybe? Seven if you are a yogi and you are breathing less, or maybe even less if you are a super yogi—Yogi Berra. The immortal beings have learned to breathe fire and light rather than just air, and so they live for millions, billions, trillions of years and beyond. Yet we are still breathing air; we are in a lesser evolutionary state. When you start doing pranic breathing, you draw forth that essence, that ether from the air. And yet ether and chi themselves are beyond the air element in their vibrancy, in the cosmic energy that they provide. So the great yogis and those who have done pranic breathing have been able to sustain life within their temple even without eating for long periods of time because they understood this dynamic. Most of us still enjoy our foods. In the West, we like our calories, our caloric intake; we like all this stuff.

If you start communicating with the air and allowing the air element to communicate with you, it will reveal itself. It will tell you how movement itself, flow within the atmosphere, affords the opportunity, through its dancing, its prancing, its rushes, its zephyrs—even its hurricanes, tornadoes, storms and everything that we fear about air and wind—to provide an impetus for our self-elevation, for our Self-realization.

We know that fire cannot exist without air, oxygen, and yet the atmosphere is more nitrogen than oxygen. Well, have you studied nitrogen? What is the chemical composition of nitrogen? It is an element, yet what I mean by that is how many protons, neutrons and electrons does nitrogen have? Anybody? Oxygen is eight on the periodic table. So let's look at nitrogen. Study what air is composed of, and air may be able to reveal some more secrets from that.

Of course, we have all these particulates in the air now. We have all the stuff that man is making and then spewing out into the atmosphere. So air is not the same now as it used to be. And the air is trying to communicate to us.

Nitrogen is seven, so it's actually lighter than oxygen, because the closer you get to one, the lighter it is. Hydrogen is the lightest element, helium number two. What is three? Can you tell us the first eight elements? Hydrogen, helium, lithium, beryllium, boron, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen.

So let's study oxygen. Let's study the atmosphere and see what allows life to be maintained on the Earth in our atmosphere, because this is the atmosphere we live, move and have our being in. We're breathing this stuff all the time, but we don't even know right now, as alchemists, what the air is composed of, and we should. We should be allowing it to communicate its secrets. Saint Germain is saying, “If you are really an alchemist, you should know what's in the air.” And I'm speaking to myself too.

So how else is the air going to communicate to us? Well, every morning, in addition to the sun giving us new fire, the air is giving us new air. It's been refreshed by the sun—first by the stars overnight, which are suns and are purifying our atmosphere constantly. We don't think about that and yet they are. They're regenerating it through their cosmic rays. We have all these rays that we've heard about bombarding the Earth from cosmic space that they think are so dangerous, yet scientists think all this stuff is dangerous. Not all is as dangerous as they think, and yet there are things that can burn us if we're not careful, which is part of the reason we have the atmosphere.

Let the air communicate to you as you walk the streets. Being on the Harris's farm, the air is different here than in Montana, I can assure you. I smell things here that I don't smell other places. And I'm being challenged in my lungs because of what's here. It doesn't vibe right with me because I'm not used to this. I know there are particulates from all the stuff that goes on in this valley, with spraying and everything else, that's not healthy for me.

So the air itself is something that we can study and allow to communicate with us, because we're breathing in air all the time. And as alchemists, as those who would like to use the higher frequencies from the Divine Source, if we understand fire, water, earth and air, we can understand ourselves. Everything applies to our self, because we're taking in all these elements and they're becoming part of us. Then as they become part of us, they're activating things within us; they're working on our cells and on different levels of being. And then we can utilize these elements for alchemy with Saint Germain and the ascended masters, with our personal guides, our guardians, the angels, divine beings, spirits and elemental forces.

So after air, of course we have water. And again, we can't really have life without water; we have to drink pure water to live. We're 75 or 80 percent water, or maybe even more. Water is who we are. Water is a crystal, a liquid-crystal, and we are liquid-crystal beings. And being liquid-crystal beings, there's something magical in that that allows for this amorphous energy of what water represents to play upon us and work within us for the purposes of the Divine Mother, because water is representative of Mother.

Water is a beautiful molecule—hydrogen and oxygen in this amazing alchemical balance that is sustained by two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen. There are two atoms of the lightest element, hydrogen, and one of the eighth element. So we have this dipolar matrix that the universe created, which results, as these three elements come together—two of one and one of the other—in this beautiful liquid substance. What an amazing God we have, divine being, creator, who has conceptualized the alchemy of this stuff coming together so that we can drink it in, it can purify us and we can do all kinds of things with it. Water is just amazing.

So what is water communicating to you on a daily basis? When you drink in liquids— coffee or chai tea or whatever you take in—what is coming within you that you can then utilize for alchemy and for the benefit of sentient beings? What is the water within the atmosphere communicating to you? We have different densities, levels of concentration of water in the atmosphere. For instance, we say, “It's humid today,” which means there's more water in the air. And it's good for our skin, yet it's kind of intense for our clothes. It's still a miracle. You go to the desert and it's one thing; you go to a humid place and it's something else.

As yogis, as yogic beings, we can actually regulate a lot more than we think we can, and the changeability of our beings allows us to acclimate to whatever environment we're in. The greatest yogis can do this. They can be in the Himalayas with almost no clothes on, and the heat of their inner beings can keep them warm even if it's freezing outside. And likewise, if we believe, if we accept and if we know, we can internally regulate things, as alchemists, to provide what we require and what others require—with magic and with amazing acceptance, because magic is about acceptance. You can write that down if you ever desire: magic is about the mastery of acceptance. And when you learn how to accept properly, how to believe and have faith—and how to have total acceptance, which is even beyond those—then anything is possible. With God, all things are possible. How? Through total acceptance. Acceptance is knowing: it is knowing the sciences behind alchemy and then drawing forth, through that knowledge, into your being the understanding that comes through those alchemical formulas. You become aware of them and then accept them into manifestation, into incarnation right within you through this amazing gift of spiritual fire, spiritual intelligence, spiritual light and holy essences.

How else can water communicate with you? Well, when you are in water in a bath, on a river, in a hot tub, Chico Hot Springs, wherever you like to go, water is communicating to you in your cells. What is it communicating? That's for you to discern. If you can navigate through water easily and quickly like the fish and the eels and the whales and the magical beings who live in water, you can probably learn a lot more than you know right now, and they will reveal even more secrets.

Do we allow water to communicate with us? Do we allow it to reveal its secrets? No, we think it's unintelligent. We think it's just an element, which is a lie. Water has mastery. You may not think that it has enough divine intelligence to actually provide mastery, and yet it does. And it can teach us many, many things; it carved away the Grand Canyon.

So earth, of course, is the densest of the four elements. And Robert is going to speak about the gnomes' love, and that which we're also composed of. When we truly understand earth, earth will reveal its secrets to us—all the elements on the periodic table, what they represent of God-consciousness and the elements themselves within the earth, in our gardens, and in the garden with Anastasia. They will tell us the secrets so we can have vibrant, abundant herbs, living organisms and plants that we can eat, that we can utilize to give us the highest form of vibration and light. When we have plants that we have seeded and nurtured with our love, that we have allowed to live in the environment that they desire, with the chemical formulas within the earth that they desire, with lots of worms and organic material, and  not chemical pesticides and all that other garbage, the plants are perfect.

If we have the right balance of all the elements, the way God created them in the beginning, every plant that grows will be absolutely perfect and it will nurture us with perfection. Since we've tampered with them, toyed with them, not all plants provide us with all the resources and nourishing elements that they did in the beginning and that they could again if we re-nurtured them through understanding who they are, what they are and what they require so that they can work with us. They can work with us if we work with them. If there is no collaboration, then it's not a two-way street, and they will provide only what they're able to, based on what they have available to them.

The whole organic movement, the natural foods movement, the return to nature is really about understanding that nature is alive, that the four elements are alive, that they are virtuous, that they are beings who are trying to get through our thick skulls that they would like us to work with them and listen to them. It's about time we did this, because when we do, they do reveal amazing things, as they have done with the George Washington Carvers, the Luther Burbanks and all the other unheralded scientists of the Spirit who listened and heard and communicated and allowed that communication to be two-way rather than only one-way. And then miracles ensued.

There's so much of alchemy that's practical, but we don't think about it because we think that everything has to be a certain way spiritually. And yet everything we do is alchemy because we're always using the four elements. And the four elements are the alchemical formulas that God provided in our world for us to use for our enlightenment, our joy, our harmonious living, making love. We don't really make love; we share love. God made love. We call it making love? It's sharing energy and sharing our affection physically and in many other ways—emotionally, mentally. And yet even what we call making love has become so branded with suspicion and all kinds of guilt. It's clouded with this whole miasma of something that shouldn't be there, when it's really about sharing energy. And sharing energy can always be possible if it's done in the right way, with total respect, affection, understanding and cooperation.

We heard at the booth of this androgynous planet. Interesting. All the beings are androgynous. Why? Maybe because they've totally integrated Alpha and Omega within themselves and they're in a constancy of cosmic collaboration internally where they don't require going to somebody else for their completeness. They are complete; they never dis-integrated; they were always integrated. So the two halves are one and whole within each person, as we will be when we ascend, in a sense, and we unite with our twin flame. Maybe you still have a separateness and yet you're both complete. I don't know. It's going to be interesting to see what it's like when we ascend, right? I don't think we even totally know what it will be like. We have this mental construct of what we think. James and I are going to be like Saint Germain, you ladies are going to be like Portia and we'll collaborate. But what is it really like? I think it's going to be infinitely more expanded than we can conceive of, because we'll be starry beings; we'll be beyond the constraints and limitations of mental constructs that we've accepted here.

I think Saint Germain desired for us to have this understanding today, this teaching, because we're going to be working with the elementals. And this is like the precursor to part of this weekend, because it's so important for us to get the fact that the four elements are alive—they're beings; they're energies; they're intelligent; they can communicate. And when we get that, it opens up a whole new world. It opens up all kinds of windows and doors and portals to higher consciousness.

The mystics have known these truths and part of us has known them, yet we've forgotten. And so it may take the Druids and the Wiccans and others to touch on elements of this, even if they don't have the total understanding of all the dynamics, to at least awaken and quicken within people that these energies exist, that these vibrations are real and that energy can be utilized and played with. And when you play with energy, Saint Germain says, just ensure that your intention is pure, your motive is holy. And when you experiment, so long as you are trying to give glory to the Divine and you're not becoming the sorcerer's apprentice, it will be okay.

If you are just experimenting only to experiment, to manipulate energy to see what will happen, do you think that's right motive? That's what scientists are doing now. They are doing all these crazy things and our government is funding all these stupid things with all of our tax money. And then we hear about it after it's done and wonder who in the world wrote that legislation that allowed for our hard-earned money—millions and millions of dollars—to be used for these stupid experiments, like studying the mating habits of the katydid. I mean, it's ridiculous. Katydid? Of course Katy did; that's why they're mating. So, come on people.

So let's try our alchemical experiments. Work with the nature spirits, the precious elementals. Work with the waves, which we learned a lot more about during the talk that I gave at the Expo. Allow alchemy to be a science that's front and center for you now, and consider allowing alchemy itself, as an intelligent being almost, to reveal its secrets to you, because it will.

Okay, so I've been haranguing you for about forty minutes. Now it's your time for questions. Yes, Patricia.

Participant:  Could you speak more of the chrysalis of violet that we would create as a sphere?

David:  Patricia is asking to know more about the violet chrysalis, which is an alchemical chamber. Well, just as you have the magic circle, which you always start alchemy or white magic with, the chrysalis is a chamber that safeguards your experiment, like the magic circle or a sphere of fire that allows, through that safety net, the intimacy and yet the vibrancy of it to occur. So in the chrysalis, you're kind of in this cocoon and everything is compressed. There's a reason for that. God uses space wisely. What do you do at night? You kind of compress a little bit on your bed when you're sleeping and you draw your energies in, in a sense. Your breathing becomes a little bit slower than normal and you're not eating and active. You're in more of a compressed within mode, like in a chrysalis, and you're experiencing something different. You're unconscious, humanly, even though your higher consciousness is now more conscious in that state and you can enter into superconsciousness if you know how to do that. The yogis know how to do that, and we can learn how to do that.

The chrysalis affords us this compressed space in which we can be in this within mode. We're almost forced into this little chamber, like babies in the womb, and there's a lot of growing that happens. We grow more in the womb in nine months than at any time during the rest of our lives, in terms of how much we grow from two cells to a viable living being. So even though we grow a lot more later, to six feet, or whatever, the growth that happens until we are viable in those first nine months is amazing. Our head grows phenomenally; it's really big.

So there's something about being in this compressed state that allows there to be a certain magic. I think that's part of what this chamber is for; we go within.

Participant:  Is it like the cocoon is a weaving?

David:  Well, yeah. The caterpillar weaves the cocoon, but I'm saying that the cocoon is already made. It's a chamber that the gal who got the blessing, the cocoon was full-blown right there.

Participant:  So she didn't have to weave it?

David:  No, she didn't have to weave it. The masters showed her right within it. It's an alchemical chamber. So what is a chamber? We have cryonic chambers in science fiction movies, where people can be sustained over long periods of time during flight, although you don't need that crud. The ascended masters don't require that for travel; that's just a human thing. Yet there are other chambers. We have burial chambers, all kinds of different chambers—the king's chamber in the great pyramid, the queen's chamber. What is a chamber? I think it's an alchemical room for experimentation.

So the experimentation is going on internally. What this represents to me and what I'm seeing from Saint Germain is that it's a time to go within and compress yourself internally and then allow the Source to work on you in this chamber for the new elements that are now reforming you into a different being, like the caterpillar becoming a butterfly or a moth. We're there for transformation, ultimately.

So when you desire to be transformed and you give God the authorization to transform you, and you desire it enough to allow it, go within into your secret chamber of the heart—within the other chamber—and allow there to be what God would like to alchemically transform you into. Every day can be that. When you awaken, you can be a totally different person, enlivened and enriched by spiritual fire.

There's a reason it's called the secret chamber of the heart. Is that the only chamber of the heart? No, we have the four chambers—the ventricles, the auricles—and the blood is pumped in and the blood is pumped out to the lungs. Then it goes from the lungs back; through pressure it's sucked back in to the heart and then it's pumped back out to the body. The heart itself is an amazing alchemical organ of light and consciousness, working very closely with the lungs. So, my gosh, those two collaborate a lot.

You see the two lungs and the four chambers of the heart. Didn't the masters say something through me a long time ago about there actually being four chambers in the lungs? I haven't pursued figuring that out, yet I think if you scientifically studied them, you'd find out more about the lungs than we know now. We know all the brachial tubes and the brachia. There is so much going on right in here through the exchange that happens in our lungs, and those are like chambers too. This is a whole big chamber in here, and we probably don't really give it its due appreciation the way we should.

The alchemical chamber is also our aura. Our aura can be expanded or contracted by our choice, by visualization, by feeling, by acceptance. At times we constrict it. When you're in a subway or you're walking in the great cities, you may want to constrict it so you're not taking in all that stuff out there. Part of the reason for a chamber is to secure yourself in an energy field of beingness to protect you.

Do you require that if you're in your garden? Let loose and just take in the elements— the sun and the wind—and enjoy all the radiance, the beauty and the harmony. Same thing when you go on walks up in the mountains, in nature. That's when you should expand the bounds of your aura to just drink everything in, because you know pretty much that it's safe and it's going to be pure.

I think part of the reason for this chamber—if you look at the caterpillar and either the moth or the butterfly—is to protect them during that whole transformation process. We require protection and we get that at night. We had that protection inside of our mother's womb, and we will go through the same type of metamorphosis in the womb of the Divine Mother before we ascend. And part of the reason we go to Egypt to communicate with Serapis is because maybe there are other chambers there that we will be within when he works with us. We'll see.

The Egyptians were pretty mystical and there's a lot more to what they did that we can eventually learn, because they were very far advanced compared to where we are in some respects. I mean, can we build a pyramid today? No, not like they did. We just don't. We could if people used the right science. So the king's chamber and the queen's chamber were alchemical chambers. We learned that when we went into the king's chamber and chanted. Then Mother Mary gave her blessing in the queen's chamber when we were there.

Participant:  I wonder if under the Sphynx there's also a chamber.

David: Under the sink? Oh yeah, yeah, under the sink. Under my sink there are lots of chambers. [laughter]

Participant:  When you were talking about going into a chamber to change, the image that I got was of Superman. He always goes into that little phone booth and then he comes out changed.

David:  What does Supergirl do though? She probably looks a little different when she comes out. Her makeup is—she takes off her glasses. Yeah.

Participant:  What a great arcing from the aura to alchemy, saying that our aura is our alchemical chamber.

David:  Yeah, and people don't even think about their aura as an alchemical chamber. Now you know it is.

Participant:  And how we can expand and contract it on purpose and call for the—

David:  Boyd has been talking of this for a long time. When you meditate, you can feel the edges of it; you can touch that wall by your consciousness, by your feeling body. For me, I wasn't trying to touch walls. What I was trying to do twenty, thirty years ago was to expand my aura to feel the whole planet and beyond and just to be love. And that was my practice, just to be the sun, be Mother Mary. And I got to the point when I was doing the rosary that I felt I was Mother Mary. I was her aura; I was her light; I was the Sun Presence of Mother Mary. And where she was, I was, because we were one. And she told me that we would always be one. So when I prayed to her, she would answer, and instantaneously the light would go forth and be a blessing to anywhere on the planet that required that blessing that day.

It wasn't so much of an intellectual doing of this, like Boyd does, which is okay. To me it was all about love and just beingness—love and allowing the light to expand and flow. To me, that's very safe, because I think if we get too much in our heads, it can take us away from the beingness part. Although you can totally get there through the way Boyd does it; it's just a different pathway, that's all. And they're both valid. I'm a very feeling person, and for me it's all about the heart. So I'd rather stay totally centered in my heart and just feel love, love, love. And I know that love is intelligent and does its perfect work, and then I don't really have to worry about how love is transforming. I know it's intelligent; I know it's perfect.

That's why we do all of our rosaries. I pray that people really feel it all rather than just say the words, because sometimes I hear people saying it so fast and I know they're just in their head and it's hardly doing anything. I can see it. If you're totally in your heart and you're pouring out your devotion, then it is powerful. You just have to have that.

Okay, the chamber—that got answered right? Pretty much.

Participant:  I'm thinking of our title, Alchemy, Aura and Soulfulness. I'm thinking, as we just read, that everything has soul. The alchemical chamber has soul, a business has soul, we have soul, our organs have soul, our DNA has soul and the alchemy has soul.

David:  Maybe in the second Afra book we can excerpt from other things. In addition to Afra's teaching only, we can excerpt from this and other things about the soul, because it is powerful.

Participant:  That kind of threw me a little bit, the soul part. And Patricia was saying you could also use the word essence. I'm wondering if that's a correct interpretation.

David:  I think our soul is our essence—I would say divine essence. Everything has a divine essence. It's the aliveness of everything. As Richard Bach says, it's the isness. It's really the I AM within it.

Participant:  I have a question. I'm someone who operates more from my mind than my heart, but sometimes I do feel like I'm more connected with my heart. So would strengthening the heart-mind connection be helpful in experiencing more of the heart? 

David:  Absolutely. Remember that the energy field of the heart is bigger than the energy field of the brain. However, the mind that is crystal clear—that energy field of the cosmic mind or the Christic or Buddhic mind—is a huge energy field too. So we can't downplay the mind. The Buddhists say everything is mind, and some understand what that really means, which is everything is God; everything is consciousness. It's really more that everything is consciousness. El Morya has a chapter on consciousness in the aura book, which I think, as I said recently, is one of the most cosmic chapters in the whole book. I had to read it five times to really get it. And when you understand it, it's like the cosmic consciousness that Alan Watts, Mark Prophet (Lanello) talk about. And when you get that, it is all about divine love too.

When you make the sign of the cross, do you know what you're doing? You're integrating mind and heart, and then you're bringing it to your arms, your shoulders, your arms in the Mother plane. So just make the sign of the cross, and then wow! Do you feel that? If you know what you're doing when you're doing that, and not just doing it like we did as kids, it's a sacred gesture. And I'm feeling the energies pouring through my arms, literally. So you're making the divine heart-mind connection, and that's the Alpha-Omega. And then you're taking the Christ and the Holy Spirit and anchoring it in this plane.

So if we say the heart-mind connection, that's great. That's the polarity; that's the vertical. Then I would say the hand-to-hand love, not combat. It's like a collaboration, the collaboration of heaven and earth and the feminine. And you can use the sign of the cross. When the Pope and priests (and others who are conscious) use the sign of the cross a powerful energy goes forth, and it protects, it can cast out demons as we know through exorcism and it can reconnect you to your Higher Self.

The sign of the cross is meant to reconnect you to God; that's really one of its purposes. It's a preamble: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, or Holy Spirit. It's a preamble that says, in your name I'm going to do all this stuff through this prayer that I'm going to make. However, it's a formula, because we are invoking God's name. And whatever we say after that—the rosary, prayers, whatever—we've consecrated it, in effect. It's a consecration— conse-cross-tion, almost. It's an alchemical symbol. It is spirit meeting matter, and in the center of that, creation occurs. It's so much. The cross is actually a beautiful, beautiful alchemical gift, and it's a blessing.

So bless yourself all day, James, when you think about it. Do you feel that? When you start feeling the sparking right in the center of that cross—your heart—you're bringing your mind into your heart, you're bringing the intelligence of your mind into your heart, and then you're also then bringing the connection of both into this plane. And then when you do it again, you're taking earth and bringing it back to the Father. So you could actually make the sign of the cross three times and then feel the enfiring right in the center of that cross, which is, as we know, where the Christ consciousness is. It's a reconnection too. It's powerful.

I don't know why I gave that. There's also the Maltese Cross, beloved Saint Germain's figure.

Participant:  My mom grew up Catholic but I didn't, so I always see people do that and I've never done it myself. And I always wondered if it is right to left or left to right.

David:  It doesn't matter. Well, left to right. Some people may have done it like this, but I was always taught—

Participant:  Me too. You reach across to your right arm.

David:  But if you are left-handed, you do it like this. It feels right if you are left handed. So I think either one is okay. If you are right-handed, I'd do this. If you are left-handed… Well, when you do it three times, here's what you do. Do it once with your right, once with your left, the opposite, and then both. Okay? Now, has anybody ever taught that before? Okay, this is the first you're ever hearing it.

Participant:  While you were doing that, I was getting this one.

David:  But nobody has ever taught that that I've ever heard. So the first time like this, the second time like this, and that's why I told you to do it three times. That's an alchemical formula: the three-times-three.

Participant:  Because it's heart, head and hand, when you think of it.

David:  Yeah, head, heart and hand. Okay, so it's five o'clock. What would you like to do?

Participant:  I would like to practice the waves.

David:  Why don't you two work with each other. You know how you said you would eventually like to have a workshop where people start waving with each other. Well, we have the blue, we have the violet and we have the emerald. And then we also have the thing with the five, and gold is in there, the crystal. Go in your heart, make a call and ask for the waves. Ask for the blessing to be bestowed, because this is for blessing. It's not just a wave; it's for blessing. And if you give the Consecration Prayer1 in the morning, that's awesome. Everything after that is a blessing to the universe. Everything in the whole two-and-a-half-hour prayer session is consecrated and blessed.

So consecration really means what? To make sacred. Con is with, to make sacred. It's basically to make sacred. And you're as powerful as the Pope. You guys are just as powerful as the Pope or a priest. So go around, “In the name of the Father, I bless you.” “I bless you, my son.” You start doing that and you start feeling all this energy.

Participant:  Like in Ghana when the children asked for a blessing.

David:  I'm feeling it through my whole being, probably because I was one of the Popes. I probably did it a million times in that lifetime. And those of us who were priests or priestesses… I remember in The Summit, 10.10. Remember that one—“In the center of my form”? We did it then. That was an alchemy. Remember that? That was pretty cool. We don't have to stop doing it. You can do it in a few seconds without doing all those prayers, or you can make up your own.

1. See “Prayer of Consecration as You Rise Each Morning,” prayer 0.006, in The Hearts Center Prayers, Decrees & Mantras, (The Hearts Center, 2016).

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