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David Lewis      April 27, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
April 27, 2016   8:52 ̶ 9:27 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Know Yourself

Know yourself. This is a command, an admonishment and a goal for each of us to realize as part of the process of self-realizing who we are as God beings. To know our self means to know every part of who we are. It involves mastering our psychology, for when we delve into the deepest and the highest regions of our selfhood, we contact the unconscious, the subconscious, the conscious and ultimately the superconscious. And resolving all issues from within ourselves, we mindfully move into a higher stream of awareness whereby through knowing our self, we become one with our true Self.

There are many qualifications for the ascension, which we've heard in the past. And it's become almost like a formula that we spout, or say, again and again: “I have to balance my karma, balance my threefold flame, align my four lower bodies, fulfill my divine plan, master my psychology.” Knowing who we are is really the first key, because if we dwell in a state of consciousness in which we do not truly know ourselves, ignorance clouds our identity, a miasma of unawareness besets us. When we do not know the elements that lurk within our unconscious and subconscious that yet play upon our being, cause us harm and cause us to repeat behaviors that do not serve us and actually continue the round and the cyclic nature of karma, we do not fathom all the aspects of our true Self, which, when virtuously manifested in our lives, provide the impetus for our full God Self-realization.

We all know our shortcomings, our propensities, our idiosyncrasies, our peccadillos, those things that trip us up. We often attempt to hide some of them from others and even from God, yet this cannot be done. What are we hiding from or hiding from ourselves? We're attempting in some way to not face directly who we are through admission of that which is less-than within us instead of moving into the field of acceptance of our true Self, our true nature, which provides for us the impetus to resolve all the less-than issues of our not-self that keep cropping up.

When you find repetitive patterns in your world that stifle your creativity and your sense of self-worth again and again; that manifest through habit patterns related to diet, watching TV or doing things that you know are not in your best interest, it's time to stop and reassess. What is this path that you are walking? Why are you desirous of doing what you're doing? It's a matter of realizing that at a certain point, in order to have the perfection of God's grace flowing through you in its highest manifestation, you have to create that clear channel for purity to flow, which involves doing away with those concepts, habit patterns and things that you know are not in your best interest.

The way to outfox the fox of our lesser self is to replace a habit pattern that is not in our best interest with a better one that serves us. That's why we meditate and pray. That's why we engage in service and why we have employment, so that we're engaged and we're doing rather than just lazing about and not being in a state of activity on behalf of the Lord.

Knowing our self is work. It's not just an intellectual exercise of studying psychology as it is promoted today in the field of psychology or in the school systems, and then spouting this or that that Freud or Jung or others have said. We have to meditate, go within and find our core. We have to constantly be in a state of divine self-assessment, where we are beholding our true Self immaculately and are simultaneously aware of that which is still in the shadow world of unreality manifesting in our world, in this plane of being. And we have to choose to have the light of God shine into those shadow places of our self to illumine them so that we can make our conscious choices to be who we truly are; to resolve these issues; to finalize within our being and realm, by the grace of God, the sacred work of becoming, the sacred act of full God Self-realization. If we are just doing, doing, doing all day long without thinking on, contemplating and feeling our true Self and our oneness with God—through love of God within our heart, mind, will and soul—we're not fully engaged in the work of highest co-creation.

Discipleship is a path of initiation, and those who desire oneness with God have to be tested, tried in the fires of divine light. And this testing is ongoing until the permanency of God's light is shining through us—through our chakras, through our aura—to the point where we are entrusted with the mantle of perfectionment as immortal beings. We have given our all. We have not suppressed anything to the point that it remains lurking; we've allowed it to emerge, to be resolved. And ultimately our love for God moves us so deeply into this state of beingness and oneness that we feel no more separation. Our state of oneness is so beautiful, and the harmony and the radiant light that enfolds us and then emanates from us is demonstrative of the state of being of our perfectionment.

You know the initiates because the light shines through their faces, through their auras, and you have the sense of peace in their presence. You feel the uplift and the grace when you are in their auras. You know the integrity of their soul because it oozes from them through the words they speak, the harmony of their voice, the gentleness of their spirit, the sweetness of their heart's fire. And we choose, as initiates, to live saintly lives because we know this facilitates our state of oneness. This allows us to be in that state of constant merging with the allness of God.

If we find that in moments of disconnectedness or unconsciousness we don't have the sense that we are one with God, don't have the feeling of peace within our being and that all is well within us, then we have to assess why we have allowed certain energies or frequencies to play upon us, to enter our awareness and mind-set to the point that we lapsed into that unfeeling state. In other words, we don't feel our oneness through the burning within our heart, the sense of pure love of God.

All the devotions and prayers that we give are for a number of purposes: to invoke light on behalf of all sentient beings, to grace the planet with radiance, to counteract the darkness that is here. Yet, more importantly and primarily, they bring us into a state of oneness with God, ever and always. So if within the prayers, the decrees, the songs, the mantras, the chanting that we do we do not enter into this greater feeling of God's Presence all around us and within us, we have to stop even then and assess why we're doing what we're doing.

Ultimately, we do everything to glorify God and magnify the Lord within ourselves and within the world. If we can truly stay centered, heart-centered, and know that what we do we do because we love God, then our motive is pure, our conscience is clear, our mind becomes tethered to the universal mind and we live in the state of brother/sisterhood with the Divine One. We can truly be called friend, brother/sister and then, ultimately, master.

There are many who have the title of “Master this” and “Master that,” “Master so and so” at these New Age expos. How many of these are self-proclaimed and how many were conveyed upon them by an initiate or a true master? It's probably not for us to judge. I just find it interesting that people self-promote all the time by calling themselves “Master this” or “Master that.” And they allow that. The true masters, the ascended masters, do not, of course, speak of themselves in this way. They are who they are based on their attainment, their oneness with God, the universality of their consciousness, the perfectionment of their hearts and minds.

So just be aware and careful when people spout titles and that they have this or that level of mastery, because often it may be self-serving. I've even shared that I don't really like the title of messenger because it sets me apart from you and others, and we're all messengers. So what title should I use? I just prefer to be called David. Even “spiritual teacher” doesn't really serve me that well, because we all teach by our example. We all have something to spiritually offer the planet and one another.

Knowing ourselves, as our sacred work, can be the focus of our lives without us being self-obsessed with this process. We are not possessed in this drive to dig things out of our subconscious just because someone says we should do this. We are happily involved in the sacred process of becoming because we love God, because our love for God is first and foremost in our lives. We know that we can do better in loving God with our entire heart, mind, strength and soul, as the Bible says.1 We all know that we can do better in this regard. How? By being mindful throughout the day of our state of oneness with God, by feeling the light, by nurturing that light, by giving ourselves to that light and offering that light to others through our beings.

I'm not so caught up in the sense of desiring my ascension and trying to humanly fulfill the requirements to get off this planet so that I don't have to come back again as I am in simply expressing lovemy love for God, my love for humanity and nature and God within everythingand doing that work of loving daily to the best of my ability. For I know that when my motive is pure and based on love, that whatever I do will be charged with God's fire, God's energy, God's love.

Of my own self I can't do anything.2 We know this truth, and yet with God all things are possible.3 We have so many assignments that we've been given by the masters and they really challenge us sometimes, and sometimes it seems like the impossible is asked of us. Sometimes it costs money, even from our own personal finances, and we give and give again when we don't know if there's going to be anything left for us to take care of ourselves. Or it seems like all of our time is caught up in doing work on behalf of the ascended masters. Well, what else is there except God to be engaged in and be working for, to be loving toward and to be fulfilled within?

How much of our human self do we desire to hold back in order to feel safe rather than give the allness of our self and let go and surrender everything? The true saints of heaven and earth are the ones who have let go of everything, have surrendered everything and have given totally of themselves. They didn't hold back and say: “Well, this part of my life is mine. It's not yours, God. I reserve this for my private life because I deserve it, because I am who I am—I'm George, or Paul or Dion.”

Ultimately, those who desire oneness with God to the extent that they have realized this dream of knowing themselves know that there is nothing outside of God within the self. We've always been a part of God, and God has always been a part of us. And so it's finally time to realize that and let go of the sense of separateness and accept the pure state of oneness.

When we find people acting out from their ego, they haven't learned the lesson of knowing themselves, because they've tried to reserve, in privacy, some aspect of who they feel their identity is—their human personality and what they've accumulated of stuff, of their self that is separate from the Divine. It's unique, it's interesting, it's colorful and may even be somewhat creative, yet if it isn't consecrated and dedicated to the Divine, what good is it in the ultimate destiny of the soul and the spirit?

So many artists and writers try to be so creative and titillate our senses by writing things that are so interesting in the way that they're said. I don't read this stuff because it doesn't serve me. What I desire to read is all about the path of initiation and how the saints became one with God, because that is my destiny and that's who I am. And all this other stuff may be interesting from a human vantage point, yet it doesn't serve my destiny. And so I don't engage in that stuff, and I think many of you agree with me.

So I won't be invited to the Elk River Bookstore to give a talk on my books, because all the authors that write the books here are invested in something that ultimately is based on the human personality and its path and life. It's interesting; there is a lot of psychological frustration, and maybe even overcoming. There are all kinds of experiences that people have that they can talk about and get laughter from the audience when speaking of them. Yet, have they consecrated their lives to the singular purpose of oneness with God? Those are the authors, those are the teachers, those are the initiates that I desire to both learn from, grow from and then emulate by being who I am in that singular point of beingness in God's Presence.

And those that I've found are the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, Peter Deunov, Jesus the Christ, Mother Mary, the teachings that we've found of Anastasia (a true initiate in Russia) and many others that we've shared through our movement who are not just a composite of all kinds of stuff and teachings. We resonate with the teachings throughout the planet that are based on the higher walk with God—Paramahansa Yogananda and the lineage of his gurus, including even the teachings coming through Swami Kriyananda and Ananda; Ramana Maharshi and others who reached the state of enlightenment, of pure oneness and liberation; the Buddhas, including Milarepa, Maitreya and others; the mystical teachings of Rumi, who spoke on love; Kahlil Gibran and others. We resonate with that which is born of love, born of oneness, born of that soul's uniqueness in their path of Self-realization. And where that one, that teacher has come forth and promulgated truth in a clear pathway for disciples, we can find nuggets and pearls of wisdom to utilize on our path.

Within our movement we have our mission and vision, and this we've carefully thought about. And we acclaim that mission and vision and we try to model our lives within it when we serve The Hearts Center community. And within that mission and vision is also our own Self-realized state, first and foremost. If our mission didn't include our individual Self-realization, it wouldn't really be a mission that we could all resonate with. Yet because we put within that mission of the greater community and organization our own Self-realization, enlightenment and becoming one with God, then we know that everything follows and surrounds that. And therefore it is a true mission, a viable mission for our movementthat we are composed of those who know that their primary purpose in life is oneness with God, love of God, Self-realization, liberation from the rounds of rebirth, service to humanity, sharing the teachings of the Universal Brotherhood and the true teachings of East and West.

            I think that as youth, we had our ideal of what we hoped our life would look like in terms of how we would grow, how we would be creative, the people we would collaborate with, the partner we would have in our personal life that we could be in harmony with, and those with whom we would work. And many of us have had to struggle to find those with whom we did resonate. Fortunately, I think that within our movement most of us have found brothers and sisters whom we have loved, worked with, collaborated with in past lifetimes, and we have come together to be with them again in a community of light—to worship, pray, decree, meditate, sing, dance, speak, share, grow and work side by side with one another. And that's the sacredness of this community and the wonder and splendor of what we've co-created together in these twelve years.

We do a lot online because we're a virtual world and a virtual community. And yet that virtuality is becoming more of a reality in the physical during our events that we have around the world and as our properties become places where a more permanent facility can be created for the ongoing sharing of teachings, sessions, oneness, darshans, kirtans—you name it.

I've been to so many places and collaborated with many of you. I've been in your homes. You've allowed me to be in your homes free of charge. I'm so grateful for this, Carol and Dennis and a number of others. And people have stayed in Boyd and Nancy's home during our events here, in Maydell's home, in Jackie's home. We have all of these wonderful homes of lightbearers and they welcome others to their homes. And we're graced with the opportunity to be in that presence of sanctity because you've made your home sacred by your devotions to God. It's wonderful to experience the sanctity of your homes and your Hearts Centers, when you do have centers that we can come to, because they are truly wonderful.

Lest I forget, Rune and Marita Hagen have allowed me to be in their home a number of times in Bergvik, Sweden, and forgive me for not remembering all the others of you. There's Joe and Lisa in Chicago. Many of us have been in Joe's home on the north side of Chicago. And there are others—Patricia, of course, in Stelle. Thank you again for allowing me to be in your home.

When we know our self, we also know others because we are one. We know our brothers and sisters in the pure state of pure love when we love our self and when we know our self. If we find ourselves judging, analyzing, criticizing and critiquing what others do—how they do it, how they dress, how they act, how they talk, how they trip up, or whatever it is—maybe we should hold off on that because really we're also critiquing, judging and analyzing ourselves in the process. What we do to others, we do to ourselves, and we are all one at a higher energetic level of beingness.

The more we love ourselves, the more we are capable of loving others. The more we love others, the more we're capable of loving ourselves. It's a cosmic collaborative law of correspondence. If we truly love ourselves as God loves us, we will follow the golden rule and love others as we desire to be loved. And before we speak in meetings, in personal interactions, we will assess what we say through the lens of love so that what we do say has the fruit of true wisdom, understanding and graciousness within it. Because what we co-create through our speech ultimately impacts us and returns to us by the law of the circle.

Let us, then, not be so obsessed with winning our ascension. The ascension will happen almost magically, mystically and automatically when we are in a total state of love of God; when we have abided in that state day after day, hour after hour by facilitating this oneness and unity field of beingness; and when we have stayed true to who we are through knowing our self, fulfilling our purpose, resolving our psychology and, in the process, balancing and harmonizing everything. And the ascension will be just another day, another opportunity when God deems it appropriate for us because we have put God first, we have loved with the fullness of our being, we have given our all, we have surrendered every sense of separateness and we have finally come to that conclusive state of pure beingness, hallowedness, saintliness, oneness.

Thank you for listening and participating and being. I love you.

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