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David Lewis      March 20, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
March 20, 2016   10:18 ̶ 10:41 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

 Archangel Michael's Directives for Our Physical Well-being

Michael would like to address us briefly regarding our health and well-being through exercise. He says that initiates who love themselves take care of their body temples and defer to their Higher Self in all decisions regarding diet, exercise and compliance with the laws of God. If we truly desire to be initiates of the highest order, we attend to the details of life, which include reverence for our bodies and acceptance of the initiations that come through our bodies. And that means that we are ready for these initiations by being strong and full of virya, vim, vigor and virtue.

This requires that initiates care about themselves enough to exercise, move their bodies, strengthen their bodies. This is all about self-love, the highest aspect of self-love. If we let ourselves go and we are not invested in the total path, we can justify overeating, lack of sleep, not drinking enough liquids—especially pure, clean, unadulterated water. We can justify eating all manner of things that we know in our hearts, as initiates, we shouldn't be eating, including things with sugar, refined sugar, lots of gluten, things that are fattening to our body (although there are good fats) and those things that take us a little bit off of the pure trajectory of our ascension.

Now, you can either choose to ascend with as much karma balanced as possible—hopefully 100 percent—or you can choose not to. The choice is yours, Michael says. Yet if he were incarnate today as we are, he would choose to strengthen his body temple to be able to withstand all that is transpiring on the Earth. He would choose to exercise twenty minutes or more each day, and preferably two or three times a day for ten minutes. In this choice and in this freewill experience, there will be an infusion of light into and through the body temple to allow it to pass its tests and initiations, to be joyous and full of this vim, vigor, virya and virtue so that it can then move forward, ever forward, ever forward on the path.

What happens in the lives of some initiates? They decide that one part of the path is more important than the total path. Yet the total path is what we are walking at this time on Earth. And the total path includes doing those exercises, being mindful, rising early in the morning to greet the sun, if possible, and going to bed early. Remember the ancient adage? “Early to bed and early to rise makes a woman healthy, wealthy and wise—and men too, occasionally—although the wisdom part is really about the mother.

How many people are determined to exercise, not just to get in shape? It's not about getting in shape; it's about having the energy in your body temple to be an initiate. Are you determined to do that? Do you love yourself enough to discipline your body temple by being the master of yourself when temptation comes to engage in this or that activity, or whatever, that takes you off the straight and narrow of your ascension at the highest level of initiation? [Audience responds: “Yes.”]

This one shift in awareness will be for many of you a victorious key in terms of whether you will end your life in pain, in misery and suffering or whether you will end your life on this Earth in complete joy and be able to actually go into maha samadhi and leave your body consciously without any semblance of fear, despair or that which comes into your temple because you haven't taken care of yourself.

I know exactly what he's talking about because he's speaking to me too. And every time I lack the discipline to command my body to obey the higher dictates of my Higher Self, I know that I am leaving off of that straight and narrow path. Now, we don't judge anyone. And if someone's too skinny, too chubby or somewhere in between, or whatever, that's not the point. The point is that we can all do our best, right? [Audience responds: “Yes.”] And we all know what our best is. We know when we are clear in our thinking. We know when we are sure that the words that we hear from within ourselves are God's rather than something that may not be completely true because we are off in our brain or our mind because we don't have clear thinking because we have eaten a lot of sugar or taken drugs or whatever it is.

Therefore be mindful, mindful, mindful of your sacred body temple. Be mindful, mindful, mindful of your sacred body temple. Now we are going to say: “I AM mindful, mindful, mindful of my sacred body temple. I AM mindful, mindful, mindful of my sacred body temple. I AM mindful, mindful, mindful of my sacred body temple. I AM mindful, mindful, mindful of my sacred body temple.”

Self-love, in this regard, is something that is a high virtue, Michael says. It's not love of the flesh form, how you look to others or anything like that. It is the self-love of you as a God being, as a son or daughter of God incarnate upon this Earth, fully in control of your faculties, which includes everything that flows through your consciousness, your mind, your emotions and your body and utilizing the gift of this body temple to do God's will, to fulfill God's law, God's love, God's light, God's joy, God's wisdom upon this Earth.

There are many diets and many theories about the correct diet. And yet we know that there is not one diet for everybody. However, we know that refined sugar, especially white sugar, is the biggest problem of today. It is the biggest problem for initiates in terms of maintaining harmony and mindfulness, the ability to meditate for long periods of time and maintain a connection with God, and being joyful without mood swings. If you take in sugar, then don't blame anyone else for mood swings, Michael says. Only you can give yourself the self-love you need so that you take care of yourself and don't engage in mood swings. How many people have experienced mood swings? If you're not raising your hand, you're not being truthful. [laughter] Have you noticed when you looked back that maybe it was something that you ate. Right?

You know that you have the keys to perfect health and well-being. Use them; don't abuse your body. Our bodies are sacred. Our bodies are the vehicle of the Holy Spirit; our bodies are God's bodies incarnate. God experiences him/herself through us, through our temples. It's a wonderful experience for God to have you to experience the universe through. I like that statement. It's a wonderful experience for God to have a body temple, through you, to experience the universe—through your eyes, your consciousness, your beautiful awareness, your crystal being.

So if you have found that you have not loved yourself enough, don't despair. You can change. You can accept a new love of Aquarius for just who you are, the way you are and then gradually improve by disciplining yourself to understand what Archangel Michael is saying today, because he desires all of us to be at our peak when we leave this incarnation. He would rather go save somebody else who's not as aware of what's going on as you are than have to take you out of your body because you're suffering so much.

We should all be able to have maha samadhis at the end of our incarnation if we master meditation, if we master our body temples through taking care of and loving ourselves. We should not be dying in these decrepit places that they stick old people in nowadays, which are antithetical to the path, to families, to communities and to who we are as sons and daughters of God. We should be able to live with our families, our loved ones right up until the end. Save a lot of money and be joyous, right?

If you desire that, then make the choice daily to be an initiate and say to yourself, “I will not burden my children or grandchildren by ending up in a home where I am so out of it that I don't know who I am—I've lost my mind, my faculties, the control of my body—and therefore others have to take care of me.”

I think it's a conscious choice, and that choice comes back to the daily choices we make in how we treat ourselves, how we love ourselves. And Michael is showing me the beautiful image of each of you as your true Self, what and who you are as a God-realized one, which he's lowering now into manifestation right into your temple. When you can feel this energy shifting within your aura and being and all of the components that it will take to live a virtuous life right up until the end of your time on this Earth in pure joy, pure love, pure happiness, pure reverence for life, then you can say, “Thank you, Lord. Yea, Lord, I am being obedient to your words. I am choosing the highest course for my soul. I am choosing to love myself as you love me, as you see me and behold me as perfect, and I am moving into and accepting that perfection of who I am.”

For some of you it may take a gradual shift, a little bit more exercise. Don't overdo it immediately. Don't make proclamations to yourself, “I'm gonna run around the track four times” and then have a heart attack. Gradually increase activity. Eliminate white flour and white sugar from your home. Does anybody here have white sugar and white flour in their kitchen cabinet? [Audience responds: “Yes.”] Yes? Okay, get rid of it! [laughter]

Does anybody have alcohol in their cabinet? Well, a little alcohol…. You don't even have to have alcohol when you are bakingyou can use the good stuff. This isn't a judgment of you as a person. This isn't a judgment of who you've been or anything. It's simply a statement of what the initiatic path is and of the opportunity to live a happy, glorious, joyful life, because I'm seeing some heartfriends going through the last days of their lives in travail, in misery. And you know what? That really hurts me to observe people in a state that they don't have to be in. They really don't have to be in that state. We create our own life by every choice we make. Choose life within every given choice that is a part of life.

Finally, Michael advises us to master pranic breathing by doing deep breathing, slow breathing, whether it's Djwal Kul's exercises, those in the SRF lessons, Ananda or other systems that you've read about and tried. He says that if you are disciplined and master pranic breathing and the various subsequent graded steps of conscious breathing, including divine fire breathing and then the light breath of the sun and solar breathing, he will be there for you through your experience of consciously breathing to augment with his spiritual essence what you are doing physically. This is a great dispensation from Archangel Michael. Why? Because he knows that the breath is key to health. Pure breath and right breathing are among the highest keys to optimal and vibrant health.

If you haven't learned to do deep breathing, conscious breathing, solar breathing, et cetera, you are really not on the initiatic path at the highest level. So engage if you choose that level of awareness. If you desire to have cosmic consciousness, you have to have developed a practice of pranic breathing, Michael says. If you desire cosmic consciousness, you have to have a daily practice of conscious pranic breathing. Those are his words.

So you can choose human consciousness or cosmic consciousness, divine consciousness. The choice is yours. It's just a matter of focus, determination, discipline and using the opportunities you have in your daily life. And no one here can say that you don't have time to do this. Okay? It's not about time; it's about choice, because you all have twenty-four hours in a day and you can choose to engage in conscious pranic breathing any time. It blends itself with virtually any activity or nonactivity.

So now the lowering of this divine blueprint of your pure being and the grace from Archangel Michael is complete. And if you make the choice from this day forward to be true to these words, as best you understand them and as you integrate them, you will see a shift. You will experience greater light, greater energy, greater consciousness and especially greater joy, especially joy. Why? When you have a supple body that's relatively in shape and you know who you are, you are connected to God and you have greater joy. Right?

It's easy to experience divine bliss and ecstasy when the Holy Spirit is pouring through you because you are a clear channel for that light. I happen to love to swim, and every day I've been here I've been swimming. I tell you, I feel fantastic. Your thing may be walking, jogging, surfing, snorkeling, climbing, hiking or biking. Whatever it is, just do it and be joyful in doing it. Don't overdo it; don't underdo it. Just do it, with Nike. [laughter]

I will not rescue you, just as Michael will not rescue you, now that you have these words. If you choose a life, from this day forward, in which you fill yourselves with all kinds of stuff that you shouldn't and then your body starts deteriorating and you are calling for prayers night and day as you are going through the travails of the deterioration of your body temple, I'm sorry—I would rather be out there saving sentient beings who are ready for the path and are ready for the disciplines of the path. I am not going to attend to you when someone else who is a real lightbearer is suffocating from the denizens of darkness because he or she is being attacked and really requires my help or Michael's help. That's what I am going to focus on. You have the teachings; you have known this.

So this is not directed to any one person in our movement. If you take it personally, take it personally. I'm taking it personally. I have ways to improve just as you do. And it is because of Michael's love for us that he's doing this. So thank you, Archangel Michael.

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