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Hope      March 18, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Darshan (overshined by beloved Hope)
March 18, 2016   10:45–10:58 am HST

2016 Spring Equinox Event

A Prayer Vigil for Planetary Peace with Peace and Aloha and One Thousand Buddhas

Maui, Hawaii 

The Expectations of Hope: Providence, Purity and Peace

If you'd like, you can just remain standing somewhere in the room and someone can ask a question. I think it's nice to just stand and stretch. We've been sitting a lot in vans and things. This is “The Expectations of Hope: Providence, Purity and Peace.” However, you may ask whatever you would like to ask Hope. Does anybody have a question?

Participant:  This comes up in my mind often. How long, O Lord, how long? It seems like there is so much heaviness in the world and just the little things we do are what keep us anchored here—all the tiny little joys and appreciations that we have that keep us from going crazy in this world. And it just seems like we've been here so long.

David:  Yes, you and I are two of the oldest souls in this room. So that is your question, How long, O Lord?

Participant:  How long, O Lord?

David:  What I'm seeing is a vision from Hope that for those who came eons ago to save sentient beings on Earth and have endured and retained in their soul the memory of their mission and the desire to fulfill it, come what may and at all costs, there is a blessing that accrues to them based on how long they have remained here on Earth as a bodhisattva to serve life. And that blessing is an accrual of light in the exact quotient of what they have endured of darkness. So the longer that they endure and the more they bear of darkness in their soul and being, the greater the accrual of the opposite—of divine glory and light—which is stored in the causal body and serves to help them endure.

Those who are able and willing to weather the storms of living on this planet with the inequities and the problems and all the issues that we're experiencing in our civilization are working to earn their stripes and their Divine Selfhood as ascended beings. Just remember that the saints endured; the ascended masters have endured, and they are ascended masters because they endured. We too, like them, have to endure.

What Hope brings to the equation is a vision of our bright future of oneness with God, of union with God, to always hold in our mind's eye and higher vision center, because we know the pains, the sufferings, the anguish, the travail of living on this Earth. And whenever you feel that weight of planetary karma or are bearing whatever you personally have to bear, invoke Hope. She will always come as a Divine Mother, a friend and a benefactor to, number one, give you a boost immediately; number two, help you to retain or restore the vision of the goal, which is radiant and beautiful and divine; and, number three, actually help bring other resources into your life through friends, benefactors, beloveds, the people in this room.

We're all each other's heartfriends. We're all here to support one another, pray for one another and be there for each other—like when Robert got sick and we just pulled out all the stops to pray and pray and pray. And emails went back and forth from Cathleen as to how he was doing. And there are emails coming from Spain with all these hearts, smiley faces, and people saying, “Go Robert! We're rooting for you. We're praying for you.” We are a community of love; we are a community of oneness

So __________ and __________and any others who ever feel this weight, please ask for prayers because, you know what? Prayer works. And the love and support of your brothers and sisters in this community will be there for you when you make the call and you put out the email. I can say that it's almost a sin—even though I won't use that term—if you keep your travail to yourself and don't ask for help. When I hear of people going through crises and debilitating disease or suffering and they haven't called me or emailed us to ask for prayers from the Knights and Ladies, I say, “Why haven't you asked for prayers?” It's selfishness, people, to not reach out to your brothers and sisters and ask for support and love. We love you. Get that into your thick skull when you're going through the darkness of the dark night. You have to ask for prayer. It's humility to ask for prayer and support. I've asked for it when I am going through stuff, when I'm sick, have a splitting headache. I call or email Joyce and then she gets the word out.

We have to be a model for hope for each other. We have to uphold and support one another, just as we do all these prayers on behalf of all the evolutions of Earth. And the first people that should benefit from our prayers are our brothers and sisters that we love so dearly, all of you in this room and on the broadcast and those who will hear this message later. We love one another. We are practicing Jesus' words to love one another. So please reach out. Don't feel that you are less-than because you require a little help once in a while. We all require it. If you desire not to ever humble yourself and reach out and say that you have a problem, you won't get that support that you deserve and that you really require. Yet if you are humble enough to ask, then the support will be there. And you will be surprised how, almost instantaneously sometimes, you will get through the crisis, the problem, the health issue, the emotional travail, the divorce or the separation, the loss of a job, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a child, the loss of a parent, whatever it is. All of these losses are tough. I mean, we're still human beings.

And I cry when I read some of these emails from people who require help. I just say, “God, please.” And then God shows me that the person has to go through some of this. I can't take it all away, or God can't take all of it away. We have to go through some of it. Why? Because, number one, most of us are bearing planetary karma. And if you bear a little bit more, you know what? You can be there for the saving of so many people. So occasionally, yes, you're given more to bear. Why? __________, you may be there helping to save a thousand souls by what you're going through. And so the “How long, O Lord?” may be until those thousand souls awaken and grow up enough to invoke the light themselves.

Whenever you get down and feel the energy, go watch Schindler's List. The ending of that movie will move you to be there for every human being you can possibly ever be there for. The guy is crying at the end, “Oh, if I had just not had this bad habit pattern and used my money for this or that, I could have saved these additional Jews from slaughter. I could have saved them from going to Auschwitz.” He's crying out, “Oh, I could have sold this or that.”

I internalize that spiritually and think I have to give my all. I have to sacrifice and give my time. I have to be more involved in giving than in just having pleasure in my life. Because, you know what? The divine pleasure that comes later when we have given is so much better than the temporary pleasures. When I see chelas and people investing so much time in pleasure-seeking after they've been on the path for a while, I think that it must be the greatest annoyance to heaven and the angels—who have poured out their hearts in giving us all this teaching and these blessings—to see these people just go off and waste it on spurious things in living. That's a sin, I have to tell you.

Retain your light. Allow your light to grow; allow your light to flow. And cry out if you have to cry out, “How long, O Lord?” And heaven will answer and Hope will answer and say, “Until those people that you were sent to awaken and quicken wake up.” And believe me, __________ I'm working on waking them up, okay?

So I'm glad you asked that because I've thought long and hard about this, in terms of seeing, even in the previous activity, people in whom so much light was invested, so much energy was invested, the staff who worked closely with Mother, or whatever, and then she's gone and what do they do with their lives? Some of them retain the initiatic path in their own personal way, and that's fine. However, others go back to all these terrible habit patterns: drinking, smoking, getting involved in dope, being arrested. One guy who I introduced to the teachings was put in prison for selling dope. I love the guy; however, I have to say to him, where were you in consciousness that you devolved back into smoking dope? Hadn't you considered what you were doing with the light that was invested in you as a chela that you just got back into that?

Never leave off of this path to the point where you give your light away, the beautiful light that you have received from the ascended masters. Please, don't do a disservice to me, the masters or yourself by thinking that you're not good enough to be on this path and to stay with the disciplines of the Spirit. Because you are good enough and you are great enough, and you will do it, right? [applause]

So I'm speaking to the souls of all those so-called chelas out there: Come back to the Mother. We have the Mother in this movement. And do you know who that Mother is? All of us. It's the Mother that we've embodied from the teaching that many of us received in The Summit from a mother's heart, a true Mother. And, yes, she wasn't perfect. And yes, she may have turned some people off with the ways that things were done at various times. However, the core reality of what was done in that movement is still there as a testament for all eternity. And now we are that Mother. And those who became the path, became the teaching know whereof I speak. And many of you in this room are those people.

So we're done with our session this morning. Thank you. And thank you, those on the broadcast, for being with us this morning.

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