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David Lewis      March 09, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
March 9, 2016   7:47 ̶ 8:12 am MST
Livingston, Montana 

The Importance of Going Within to Contact God

We find the essence of our Selfhood, our true Divine Selfhood, within ourselves, within our hearts as we go within and fulfill Jesus' words to seek the kingdom of God within.1 If we truly understand these words and are invested in this work—because it is work—this request of him, or even demand, if we could call it that, becomes something that we consider every day. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”2

Do we truly seek God within ourselves on a daily basis? If we do, then we put first things first, and we put God first no matter what is spiraling around in our life—the dramas that we entertain or engage in, the problems that we may have, the issues with other people, our work, our relationships. If we truly hold to these words and see them as representative of something that is very important for our spiritual journey, then we bring any question we have about any situation in our life to the table of our Higher Self within us. We ask the question internally: “God, what would you like me to do? My beloved I AM Presence, I seek guidance. I desire to know your highest will, to outpicture your highest will in my life. Therefore I am residing here within myself, right here right now, to find, to self-discover the answer.”

You have to work with yourself, within yourself until you have clarified things to the point where internally you simply know when you receive the response that is the most optimal at that moment for your question, your query, whatever it is that you desire guidance about. If we begin to do this on a regular basis and actually stop before we react or conclude something from the human mind, I believe that we will receive insights and inner guidance. And this guidance will fortify us, strengthen us, allow us to live in integrity to the point where we are really accessing our inner Godhood; we are fulfilling Jesus' words; we are not looking outside so much, even to other people, spiritual teachers, books, et cetera, for this inner wisdom and truth that we require. We have found the means to access this by stillness, deep introspection, contemplation and silence, and thereby the inner voice becomes more resonant and obvious to us. If we can begin to sense, feel or hear that inner voice, then we simply have to keep working to develop the sensitivity to be able to feel, know, intuit and know when we have the right answer and realize that this is our highest form of self-knowledge and gnosis.

I think that even within our movement, we have to be careful that we don't rely so much upon the outer words that the masters bring, even though they are profound and always beneficial. We must also take them inside of ourselves and ingest them, assimilate them and utilize them for the greater good, both in our spiritual work and for the work of the ascended hosts, the Universal Brotherhood, the ascended masters East and West. If we are only relying upon the words of the masters for our guidance without internalizing them and making them profoundly real within ourselves by assessing them, really chewing on them and finding the keys that are even more meaningful to us than they were when we first heard them, then those words become so alive and rich within us that they help us to realize that Word, who we are, that Godhood that we have always been meant to outpicture of our true Self.

Now, we know all this. You've heard this in different contexts and words from other spiritual teachers. You've read it in books and heard it from the masters. Yet just as a reminder for all of us, the more we do go within and feel the sacred space of that within-ness, that Presence, that oneness, that unity field of beingness, and the more that we develop a sensitivity through this process, the more we will become dependent upon the God within and independent of all the outer things. And the more powerful will be the Word of God, the love, wisdom and power of God to direct our course and everything in our lives.

We become self-directed by this inner knowingness, and this self-direction flows. And because we are one with that self-direction, it becomes so natural that at a certain point on the path we simply know when we arise in the morning what we should be doing, who we should be interacting with and what our next steps will be, even if it means doing something outlandishly out of the norm because we require it on that particular day. Routine, at times, may become a mold that we have to break out of in order to gain greater aspects of the Holy Spirit so that God can impress deeper within us his/her essence and so that we can move into a higher stream of consciousness and awareness.

So if you are truly seeking first the kingdom within, going within to find God within you, and making this a ritual, a habit and an ongoing stream of activity, I know that you will be victorious, because this is what all true masters tell us to do. At a certain point they push us out of the nest and we have to fly. How can we fly? We develop those wings by using them, and we use them by internalizing everything about them.

I love the ascended masters. I love receiving their messages, their direction, their guidance, the energy that they provide. Yet we do have to be careful that they don't become a crutch for us and that hearing dictations, HeartStreams, discourses and darshans do not distract us from our personal time, either before or after, in which we are deeply invested in the inner sanctum of our being and doing the inner work.

If at times you feel a disconnection or you feel something is lacking or missing, I even adjure you to not listen to a HeartStream on that particular day, or at least in the morning. Instead, go within and do that work until you feel the light flowing, you feel the energy growing, you feel your oneness. And when you feel that, then you can return to a certain routine that works best for you, where you augment that inner experience with the outer words of the Brotherhood.

If you are developing your own Christic being by allowing God to live, move and work through you, then it's important that you become that Word, you become that Christ, that master. And if you are only calling upon the masters to help you, help you, help you, without calling upon your Self, your inner Divine Presence, to help you, help you, help you, then where will you find the strength, the inner virya to muster the acceleration to ascend?

We just went through a total solar eclipse last night at two minutes to seven Mountain Time, and some of you may have been feeling yesterday, and even the day before, some pretty intense energies. Did anybody not feel that? [laughter]

Participant:  I didn't feel it.

David:  Okay, well that's good if you didn't feel it. If you were above it, that's awesome. The total eclipse of the sun represents the eclipsing of our I AM Presence through astrology. If we have worked on ourselves enough and developed ourselves to the point that even when there is the dark night of the soul, the dark night of the spirit or the eclipsing of our Presence, we have the strength, the inner resolve, the inner virya to withstand this eclipsing experience. That is what I am talking about. When the pressures of life mount and all hell breaks loose, we can retain equanimity and remain centered. We don't lose it. We don't start criticizing others or ourselves, or doubting this and doubting that and having fear about this or that thing, especially in the cycle of Pisces. We have total faith in who we are in God and God within us.

That faith aligns us and allows us to retain that alignment, that state of connectedness, of oneness, of integration. When you reach the state of integration, you will know it because everything clicks inside of you and you feel this new energy field that has been given birth to over time, over eons of time, by your spiritual work. That integration has resulted in a profound essence of your Selfhood, which you can sustain and maintain throughout your day, throughout your week, throughout your life.

Yes, we all go through the ups and downs, the biorhythms of life. Yet when you are integrated, when you have integrated enough of your true Selfhood in your conscious daily activity and work, you feel this integration. You feel the alignment and you know that God is present in your life; you know who you are. This sense of Selfhood is the precursor to becoming a true master. And the final initiation is complete surrender of the lesser self so that there is nothing left but God where you are.

Yogananda spoke of this. He said some things that people maybe didn't understand: “There is nothing left of Yogananda. I killed that a long time ago. All that's left is God.” He wasn't proclaiming that he was Almighty God, yet he was proclaiming that he had completely surrendered to the will of God. And everything that came through him from that point on was sublime, beautiful and divinely inspired because he put first things first; he put God first.

It's like when Godfre turned on his unreal self. Remember that story? He just turned on it and said: “This is it. I will no longer be living as Guy Ballard, the human personality. I am now engaged in living as my divine individuality as Godfre.”

If you can say to yourself that you have made this commitment to live only in a godly way as your true Self and you have turned upon your lesser self and said, “You have no power over me, over the true me—I live, move and have my being in God”—and you go within each day to reempower your true Self to live through you, you have really gotten a key to your victory in this life. And if you ever find yourself getting out of alignment through choices that you are making, whereby you are allowing yourself to lapse into ways that are not mindful or of the highest benefit to you, you almost have to shock yourself back into that state by allowing God to slap you about a little bit or spank you so that, in a powerful yet loving way, you are brought back to that inner state of true beingness. However, I do believe that once you make the commitment and once you give the authority to God to work and live through you, that locks you into this beautiful matrix and you have a certain protection from the Brotherhood. You have the keys, the resources, the wherewithal to maintain that state of being.

The disciplines on the path that we have engaged in through daily prayers, meditation, singing, praise, listening to the masters' messages all have coalesced in giving birth to this dynamic. And this is what I desire for every heartfriend, every servitor in our movement. My prayer is that when I leave embodiment, every one of you will have this state of integration. And no matter what your attainment is or how much you have mastered of every virtue physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in this life, if you have reached that integrated state of beingness, I know that you will be safe in God and that nothing can ultimately touch you to take you off the path.

If you have doubts and fears about this or that and have questions that keep pouring through your mind, and you are questioning this and questioning that, that sets up a matrix that is very unhealthy for your soul and prevents you from retaining this undivided state of integration. So let go of doubt, fear and human questioning and allow Faith to be with you, to work through you and to allow you to integrate fully who you are within so that no matter what I say, no matter what another says, you will stay in that centered state of being. No matter what little thing or imperfection in another crops up here or there that you don't humanly like and that you may react to, remember that it's just very, very temporal. It's really part of illusion, of maya, and it really has no power. And it's so temporary and miniscule compared to the divine blazing light of your Presence, my Presence, our Presence that we simply have to let it go and not focus upon it, because it's miniscule. It really is so petty.

If we look at the great work of the ascended masters and the initiates and see how wonderful their work has been in enlightening mankind, we realize that for us to focus on the little things, the imperfections draws us down into a different reality. I'm sorry, but it does. We have to remain in that state of being where we retain the focus upon the highest, the brightest, the best, the greatest trajectory of Spirit. And when we do this and are focused with laser-light conscious awareness on our Presence, on the goal and on the best, we draw forth the energy to bring it about.

And to anyone who has proffered their vision of perfection to me, if I have ever in any  way diffused that vision or allowed there to be a temporary clouding of your highest vision of who you are, of our mission and of perfection within the Earth, I'm sorry. I ask for forgiveness. My goal is to allow you to see, experience and manifest the highest of who you are, the best and the brightest of your Divine Selfhood.

So go for it in every possible way. Believe and have 100 percent faith in the absolute victory of who you are, your mission, your highest vision of who you are and what you can objectify in this life. And don't let any person, anyone, take you from that highest trajectory of Spirit. It doesn't matter who it is. And don't let your lesser self get the best of you. Once you set in motion plans, ideations, goals and dreams as alchemies, you have to keep holding them as accomplished, fulfilled, done. It is done, it is finished, it is sealed. Remember those words. And when anything depresses you or gets your goat after you have set your goals and intentions, you may have to just dismiss them—the little irritations, interruptions or whatever—by saying: “You are done, you are finished, you are sealed in light. And my vision, my mission is sealed in light, and, by God, this is going to be done. And it is done, it is finished, it is sealed.”

Just those three phrases, “It is done, it is finished, it is sealed,” which we had in that wonderful prayer that we gave at the end of the long rosary, are really important to use when you feel any sense of less-ness, what we have called opposition or weight or burden. It is done, it is finished, it is sealed. You are done, you are finished, you are sealed—I love you darkness; however, you are sealed, and the light is now where you were, and I have no part with you.

This is the message for today, which we can all take to heart, chew on and manifest as we choose to. This comes directly from my own Higher Self, maybe inspired by a master. Yet it's a teaching from my Higher Self to you and your Higher Self and who you are within yourself. So thank you for listening.

1. Luke 17:20–21.
2. Matthew 6:33.

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