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Casimir Poseidon      March 06, 2016

Beloved Casimir Poseidon

David Christopher Lewis

March 6, 2016   9:16–9:18 am MST

Livingston, Montana

Blessing of Love Offering

I, Casimir Poseidon, stand forth now within this movement to bless and charge this offering with the full cosmic weight of my causal body and the divine impetus of Spirit for the alchemicalization of light within these gifts from the heart of these devotees.


Blaze forth the golden-liquid light from the sun into the lives of these devotees, O Lord. Charge them with your cosmic radiance. Blaze forth that golden light into their minds, into their bloodstream, into their soul and spirit. Illumine them night and day, day and night by the power of this radiance. And every offering that shall be so given from this day forward to the pilgrimage fund for the seminal event of this South American pilgrimage shall also be multiplied by this action, by the formula of this Solar radiance that I project, that I utilize in this alchemy of the sacred fire.


Blaze forth this light, O God! Blaze forth this light, O God! Blaze forth this light, O God, now and forevermore! Amen.

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