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Omega      February 14, 2016

Beloved Omega

David Christopher Lewis

February 14, 2016   12:43–12:50 pm PST

Mother Mary Comes in Support of Families, Communities and Nations

2016 Valentines Prayer Vigil

San Diego, California

Know True Love Now!

Children of the Sun, Children of the One, Children of Love,

I alight here to light you up with the white ray of a Mother's love. And in doing so, I fulfill the purpose of this event over Valentine's weekend with Mary and those who have nurtured you, through their love, to restore wholeness to families, communities and nations. This wholeness is born of love and may only be restored fully in time and space when love is shared, when love is renewed, when love is found again between hearts, when love is spoken with tender voices, when love is articulated within conscious prayers, when love is spoken heart to heart with intention to heal the past and co-create within the future that which God sees as worthy to exist, to be.

We hallow space with our love. We hallow the atmosphere of the Earth with the white light of creation. We hallow the Earth in all spheres of consciousness, to the sun of even pressure within its core, and to the breath of every living soul. And in this hallowing and in this sanctification, love emerges again, and love, as joy, is renewed.

Love brings joy, dearest hearts, unto you. For you know the joy state of being when you are in love with another. Now know greater joy by being fully in love with God. For this joy knows no bounds. This joy is ever present and everlasting. I live in this joy; I love through this joy. I anoint you in this joy-love experience of being.

Now my angels surround you, each one, both as an anointing of your spirit and a sealing of your soul. Expand the love that you have experienced during this event in ways that you will discover through attunement with our hearts, through intuiting how we, again and again, would express love to all life. To be expressive of love is our goal. Make it yours if you choose to know God as love eternally.

We love you. We kiss you. We embrace you now and ever, precious hearts.



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