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Lady Clarity      February 14, 2016

Beloved Lady Clarity
David Christopher Lewis
February 14, 2016   11:03 ̶ 11:20 am PST
Mother Mary Comes in Support of Families, Communities and Nations

2016 Valentine Prayer Vigil

San Diego, California

My Valentine's Day Message to Heartfriends

A most happy Valentine's Day to you, O beloved heart. I come with a blessing from heaven, with grace from many ascended masters who would perfume throughout the Earth through you a new radiance of the heart born of Spirit—fully composed of love, rich in the aroma of heaven's gardens, transcendent in its divine appeal to the soul to rise, to behold God face to face.

I see in your eyes a reflection of your Higher Self, the solar orbs of the one who you are in eternity, the essence of your Selfhood, which, when employed consciously and graciously, brings love into every situation with presence, with harmony, with beauty and restores the ambiance of angels through the gifts of God that are within the sacred space of eternal love.

Truly, dearest ones, if you know yourself as we know you, within the infinitude of your true higher being, you will begin to let go of those things, those issues that have burdened your soul for eons and embrace heaven in all of its glory, its possibilities, its opportunities. For when you do, you will find that your new life will be even richer than you can imagine now, and that spiritual blessings will be yours simply for the asking.

When you feel the eternality of God's heart within you, around you, pursuing you in every moment of timeless spacelessness, you understand the cosmic cycles of love in its givingness to every form of life, and you enter into that experience and embrace that godliness, that divine luster, that new sense of everlasting peace, of goodness, of holiness that is within your True Self.

The saints have known this experience through the intimacy of their communion with God, deep within the secret chamber of their hearts. And when they enter into that state of union, through pure communion with light, with love, God brings to them the essentials on the path and restores again and again within them that inner sense of perfection, of sacredness, of the timeless Now that beats their hearts for eternity. And in that knowing and in that being, there is only light; there is only God; there is only the refreshment of the Spirit's oneness within.

O, how my desire is that you will know this again and again and gradually enter into a more refined state of beingness, especially during your times of silence and stillness with God. For when you truly love God with the totality of your Selfhood, God enters you, not as something foreign to who you are—truly as a cosmic fairy dust-like essence of being that ennobles you and is the most natural state of being that you can know and live within.

If you can simply harmonize your lives so that each breath is a bestowal of the holy breath of God unto and within you; so that each thought is a new type of empowerment of consciousness that you may utilize to co-create your world with glory and beauty; so that each feeling that comes when you are in league with the angels and those beings who embody the feeling nature of God can truly move you beyond the limitations of your lesser self and all of its emotive aspects that are less than the pure stream of the Divine Mother's feeling world of joy. When you enter into this state of being and feel the eternal love fires of God flowing through you, working through you, emanating from you, every day becomes that Valentine's Day because it is your right to give love effortlessly to others, naturally, and just the way you are—through your heart beating in unison with the Eternal heart.

The delicacy of love is something that you can assimilate during your communion with angels and divine beings through the various rituals that the Universal White Brotherhood has offered you in this movement and in other true dispensations of light. Utilize these as a wealth of opportunity for deeper beingness in God's Presence, richer understanding of the divine life, a more noble mien that you carry with you, with your head raised as you behold the sun-fire light of your Presence shining all around you, glistening within your aura, blazing forth through your awareness when you co-create anything of beauty and harmony.

Yes, dearest ones, the scintillating rays of love are dynamic, transformative and enriching to the soul of every sentient being. And when love is felt, understood and given naturally, then you understand the purpose of life itself, why you were created, who you are, what is your destiny, what is your natural state of being.

Entering love, you discover so many new opportunities to experience God. Entering love, every relationship becomes whole and blessed by the Holy Spirit. Entering love, your highest creative Self endows you with the magical, the miraculous, the mystical elements so that you can give your highest offering to life, to your brothers and sisters upon Earth, your many beloveds—east and west, north and south. Truly love, as a cosmic endowment of grace, moves all into a spiritual experience of that oneness state whereby God is truly known—as the initiates, as the arhats and the saints have known.

O gracious ones, how great is love. How great is God, who is pure love within you and within all. My Valentine's gift unto you, each one, is the experience of love within the Allness of God in this moment of timelessness, spacelessness, beingness. [Lady Clarity chants in an angelic tongue for nearly a minute of time.]

An angel who holds a cosmic Valentine for you unveils the restorative image of you in pure love, Self-realized, for you to gaze upon, reflect upon, get to know and become. Be your true you, and you will always be mine, be God's, beloved. Thank you.

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