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Portia      February 13, 2016

Beloved Portia

David Christopher Lewis

February 13, 2016   6:41–6:49 pm PST

Mother Mary Comes in Support of Families, Communities and Nations

2016 Valentine Prayer Vigil

San Diego, California


Portia Approves Group Visioning Session
for Co-creating Planetary Justice and Wholeness


Dearest Hearts,


The entire Karmic Board, assembled as one voice, applauds the alchemy of this work, which is a holy work of assessing life upon Earth as you see it, as you observe it manifesting in these domains and then, through your own Christic awareness and the vision of your Higher Self, applying the science of light and of the word into this equation to bring forth a new way, a higher way, a more sublime reality.1


We have listened and taken the energies behind your words into our chambers and our collective awareness, and we are now adding the momentum of godly light that we bear as the adjudicators of divine justice and mercy upon and across the Earth. And we are offering all that you have shared to higher councils of light, even the Four and Twenty Elders and Alpha and Omega. And in this hour, we ray forth light to activate these words as living realities—your vision both as possibility and as accomplished fact. For, dearest ones, as co-creators you are transforming the Earth through that justice that you accept, in the I AM name of God, as the new-world experience; that you co-create with God lovingly, in harmony and with inner peace manifesting within your soul.


This experiment is one that we sometimes bring to initiates to engage in in a group activity, both in order to hear how you are assessing life upon Earth, to give us feedback, and also so that we may utilize you as a resource of light, as a talisman, an electrode of fire to thereby pour forth our love, our light into your domain for the healing of all and the restoration of true divine justice and wholeness. You see, it is almost like a feedback loop—what you offer to us, we process and then we return the purest stream that we can to assist you to raise all life through your hearts, your minds, your souls. This type of alchemical experiment and exercise you may do privately or with others of like mind and heart in your Hearts Centers and Heartfriends Groups, your meetup groups or with lightbearers of other movements in order to give all hope.


For where hope is, there justice moves to manifest that hope as a reality through the conscious ones, by the power of love. Keep hope clear and present before you, for if you lose that sense of hope, how can justice endure through your awareness to become real and realized? Part and parcel to justice is liberty and freedom. Yet these, dearest ones, require the avenue of hope and cosmic expectancy in order to manifest in your world. Often I work with the Lady Hope, the archeia, in order to bring mankind out of a sense of despair and lack, whereby they feel diminished, depraved, less than, and into the light of true, heroic divine equality, because this is where justice prevails. This is where the rubber meets the road, where spirituality becomes physical in the material universe.


We applaud your efforts, and we will continue to work with your Higher Selves as you envision a sublime future, an age of divine reason manifesting upon Earth. Utilize all of your skill sets to make the Aquarian Age real in your active lives. For in this, as alchemists of the Spirit, Saint Germain and I will, I daresay, bless you, empower you and, in this empowerment, work God's work through your hearts of fire.


I AM your Lady Portia. I approve of your message this night. Now prove it as the new reality that you live within so that all may live within it, by the power of your will fulfilled, by God's grace, in active alchemical work. Thank you.

1. Before Portia's message, devotees attending the prayer vigil in San Diego, California engaged in a group alchemy and visioning session during which they segregated themselves into seven groups to discuss ideas on co-creating planetary justice and wholeness. A spokesperson for each group shared their unique vision from the perspective of the ray that each group represented.

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