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Gautama Buddha      February 06, 2016

Beloved Gautama Buddha
David Christopher Lewis
February 6, 2016   8:52 ̶ 9:18 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Gautama Buddha Speaks to the Devotees of South Africa on Their Role in His Vision for Africa

Ralph Raaths:  Maybe Gautama can tell us something about the expectations or possibilities, from a world perspective, for Africa and the awakening of Africa and the role, perhaps, of Master Afra's book as we now attempt to publish it. Would that help?


David:  Sure. We'll just have silence for a moment.

Precious Bodhisattvas of the Spirit upon Earth, Devotees of The Hearts Center, Children of the Sun,

I come before you with my Buddhic Presence, enfolding you in the joy flame of perfect beingness. And within the singularity of the eternal Presence of the One, I emanate wisdom, love and the power of infinite grace around you, within you and within all spheres of beingness.

You have asked for guidance and a vision of what can be upon Africa and within all nations when consciousness is raised, when soulfulness is front and center, when all may be raised in the light of this Buddhic awareness. What can be, already is, dearest ones, within the All-Mind, the All-Heart of the Buddha. And its realization upon Earth within any people, within any continent or nation depends upon the Self-realization of each devotee and sentient beings who have been quickened by the light and are awakening to their own Buddha nature. I hold within the field of my awareness the perfectionment of every soul, every spirit, and I sustain this through the cosmic pressure of the light, of my concentrated meditation upon beingness and perfect presence.

What you may engender to be realized upon Earth within your nation depends upon your focus, your determination, your surrender and, ultimately, the merging of your being with the All-Buddha. Since there is no time and space, as you know it, within our realm, all that is essential is already realized upon Earth through our vision. And yet it remains for you to bring it about within the dynamics of your lives, your experience in the matter planes, if the Pure Land is to be realized, fulfilled. I see every people, every culture, every nation within the context of the Pure Land, the heaven world, where peace reigns supreme, where compassion is the order of the day, where mindfulness is the means whereby all that is beautiful and harmonious, kind and loving is expressed.

What I can tell you, to give you something to focus upon, is that the light of kindness, the light of compassion and understanding through the wisdom teaching of the Buddhas is the means for peace to reign upon Earth; for the true education of the heart, the mind and the soul to ensue and to be realized among all peoples. When the wisdom teaching is present through conscious ones who present it with the authority of their own souls' Self-realization first, then it becomes a living and vital reality in the lives of the students and disciples as something that they too can proceed unto, can determine to realize and fulfill.

Therefore, being an example of a true Buddhic being is the requirement for what you hope and dream to be realized, to be so. If there is a lack of understanding among you, how can you expect that all peoples will have the equanimity of true brother/sisterhood manifesting in their worlds? You have the teaching of Ho'oponopono; you have the understanding of the nondual state; you know so much intellectually about what comprises the way, the Middle Way, that I and others have presented. And yet if in your daily lives there is something amiss preventing your harmonious communication, your industrious use of your time and resources to provide the essentials of the spiritual path to spiritual aspirants who come unto you or whom you would shine the light of truth upon and with, then there is this gap, as it were, between the dream and the actuality manifesting in your realm.

To close this gap, spend the resources that you have—the light, the time—to employ this state of Buddhic realization within your life in its highest outpicturing each day. And by doing this, dearest ones, the dream, the goal, the desireborn of desirelessness within Godbegins to coalesce the light, through your vision, into realization. Many dream very large dreams of planetary peace, and yet there remains lurking within self something that is less than that perfect equipoise of presence. Attend to the physical realities of your lives with great intent, great compassion and understanding toward all. And within this context, the way, the truth and the life of both the Buddha and the Christ, East and West, will be fulfilled.

I would say dream big, and yet act through tiny steps on your path by setting practical goals—day by day, week by week and month by month—that can be realized through the application of your conscious efforts. More will come into focus as you self-realize the lesser steps and stages upon the path. If you attempt too much too soon, your efforts may be fraught with the decay that comes as a result of not realizing the larger dream all at once. Therefore utilize the principles that we have professed within the West of the practical life of the initiate. And when you have fulfilled the little things gloriously, consciously, then the greater opportunities will present themselves naturally before you because you have set the field by your raised awareness focused fully upon the All-Buddha and perfect beingness.

Gracious ones, one precept of my teaching realized becomes a doorway through which you may walk through all manner of new fields of awareness, of presence and the possibilities of greater attainment and knowingness. Yet how many can name the precepts? How many can name and cognize fully each element of the Eightfold Path, having meditated upon it, ingested its essence and realized what it represents of the plethora of the light-energy fields that the Buddhas emanate through their auras and that the great cosmic beings also employ in their sacred work to save sentient beings. Study and study well. Present your best Selfhood to God daily by employing your time well and by exercising great grace and accuracy in the trajectory of your vision as it manifests through your conscious efforts and the scientific application of the Buddhic path.

Do I speak in circles and in spheres of awareness? Yes, for in this hour I circumambulate you to infuse within you more of your own Buddhic beingness so that you may know and accept that reality as a part of your awareness now rather than in some future time and space. As we have shared in prior messages, why wait for Maitreya to come in 500 years, after the onset of a Golden-Crystal Age, when, through direct connection with his heart and mind, you may draw his being into your world through your Presence, one with his, and thereby have the infusion of loving-kindness everywhere, throughout all spheres, through every conscious breath, through every loving manifestation of mindfulness.

This is so for you and Maitreya, and it is so for you and me, blessed ones. Bring Gautama to the table each day. Bring my message of peace, brother/sisterhood and of the sangha, sacred, to every sentient one who desires awakening and Self-realization. Bring my reality into play through the dynamics of a conscious, kind and loving life compassionately lived and oriented toward the divine world of perfection and joy.

Having shared this, I focus now your attention upon a vision that I have held for Africa for thousands of years—of people liberated from suffering, from dependency upon cultural norms that set them apart from their true God Presence. I show you joy as it may be realized when all are free to be who they are, unshackled from intolerance, religious bigotry and the denial of the feminine potential, especially within women and all children, and of their innate Godhood. I show you creativity unleashed and boundless, magnetic Godhood as it is expressed in thousands and millions of lives, in those who are reaching up into infinity to coalesce within physicality spirituality divine. I show you the vision of you as a Buddha being working in consonance with many Buddha beings toward planetary peace and the upliftment of all peoples.

Catch this vision that I present and work assiduously in tiny steps daily to bring joy into the equation of your lives, happiness to every soul, upliftment and support to the downtrodden and the less fortunate. When you do this, blessed hearts, you live the reality of my Presence where you are and endow the Earth with my grace and mindfulness and joy.

Now I provide your Higher Self, each one, with a lotus of light that represents your Buddhic attainment and ultimate destiny as an awakened one. This lotus is a gift of Self-realization and symbolizes that true you that I have always beheld in my heart and mind as the soul of your essence, one with God. Breathe in the fragrance of the lotus; witness its colorations and emanations, its consciousness, its inner harmony and outer beauty. Draw this lotus to your heart, and when you give the Om Mani Padme Hum, allow the diamond within the lotus to be expressed with loving-kindness, with joy and harmony. As you do this, I will breathe new understanding unto you as you require it, guidance unto you as your life necessitates its delivery and acceptance. This is my gift to each of you, blessed ones, as a cosmic bestowal from the All-Buddha Land of grace. I thank you and bid you adieu. 

David's Comments:

            I would like to apologize to everyone listening today because of the technical issues. I keep hearing a tone, like a bell sound, every half a minute. Unfortunately, the technical issues with broadcasts with South Africa have been problematic. I remember the last one with Archangel Michael. And it's the Master's desire that we really solve this problem, because, by God's grace, I was able to hold it together for this HeartStream, and yet it is not really optimal for either the Master or for me to experience this dynamic. And part of it can just be the difference in connectivity in different nations, especially South Africa. So if we can solve this issue through testing, then I am most happy to continue delivering HeartStreams. Otherwise, we're going to have to work out something else because of the interference that comes.


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