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Clare de Lis      January 29, 2016

Beloved Clare de Lis
David Christopher Lewis
January 29, 2016   7:00 ̶ 7:49 pm MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Clare de Lis Speaks Passionately with Her Disciples

I, Clare de Lis, come to comfort you, to bring you peace and an understanding of the dynamics of a new spiritual life that you may enter into beyond doctrine and dogma, beyond all that you have perceived, from a limited state of awareness, as being the way, the best way, which some even consider that I espoused in my final lifetime as Guru Ma.1

Dearest ones, there are many paths to the summit, as you know, and each of you is walking upon one of them that is specific and particular to you as a God-being. I have been heartened, with Lanello, by the offerings that those within this movement have made of themselves, of sacrifice and service daily to maintain the disciplined path of beingness and oneness, and to enter into an even greater state of beingness than, at times, most of those who call themselves chelas entered into within The Summit.

Why is this so? And why did Lanello and El Morya, with others, begin a new dispensation? What progress has been made? Where are we in the sacred journey and in the fulfillment of the dharma of this movement, the dharma of the one before you who speaks on our behalf, and your dharma?

Truly it is a perilous time upon Earth, when an even greater commitment could be made by many to enter into a disciplined path, first within their own being and then by coming together with those of like mind and heart to engage in spiritual work and service on behalf of the Universal White Brotherhood.

What you have accomplished together in these eleven years, dearest ones, is great. Let all know that I myself fully back this dispensation, even as I am also involved in many affairs around the world and still, at a certain energetic level, in the lives of my chelas, whose hearts I touch even this night through my voice, through my word, through my vibration.

You know that we engaged in many labors throughout the years, and the greatest labor was always within self. I have seen the requirement for each one to fulfill his or her destiny first within the crucible of being, of self, to resolve all psychological issues. As you know, I spoke to you on a number of occasions about entering into and completing this work, as well as the invocation of the Word, the study of that Word, the becoming of that Word—the Logos, the Word itself.

Well, I am here to tell you, dearest ones, that many have yet to fully deal with the inner issues of their greater psychological complexes and that which still beats upon their souls that works against the fulfillment of their destiny and ultimate ascension in the light. We have offered, along with many masters, great keys for clothing yourself in fire and light while working out your salvation, your self-elevation, through a deeper understanding of your own inner core—what is hidden there, yet lurking in the folds of your garment to be transmuted, to be realigned or resolved.

The Master Kuthumi, with Jesus and others, has admonished you time and again and even given new keys for accessing higher spiritual powers and light to accelerate this process of resolution. How is it and why is it, then, that some yet remain ensconced in the shadow of their lesser self most of the time? How is it that only during times of deep concentration, focus, meditation and spiritual work can they feel their Presence and enter into the divine and sublime state of that God-light, which they know is truly who they are and yet which is still a fleeting state rather than one that they know, drink in and bathe themselves fully within?

I am not here to give you more to do, and yet I say that these services are a means and an opportunity for you to enter into a higher state of grace and presence, where layers and layers and layers of your lesser self may be dissolved, consumed, transmuted and let go of, dearest hearts—and especially during what we used to call the ascension services, which are now your Diamond-Crystal Purity services. There is an opportunity to have a greater level of inner transmutation occur through the fire that we bring into these sessions through the sacred Word for that dissolution of unreality and that realignment of you with your True Self.

Therefore consider this opportunity and suggestion, if you are willing, to hold additional Friday evening services—one or two in the Valley next to your temple at the Healing Light Retreat and then one or two with another Heartfriends Group or Hearts Center from another part of the world.

Why? you ask. Many of you are entering into the final decades of your life upon Earth, and I am absolutely involved in seeing to it that each of you is victorious in this life and will make your ascension. In addition, that white fire of the ascension flame is the most powerful current as an antidote to war on this planet that the ascended masters know of. For, as you know, war is the perversion of the white light of the Mother, originating from anger, hatred, division and all aspects of duality that are unresolved in the affairs of mankind.

We see the handwriting on the wall of what could occur in coming months, dearest ones, and we have taken note of K-17's warning to you late last year, before the striking of midnight of January first. Perceiving all of this and knowing that there is a rumbling within the Earth at many levels and that there are schemes that the dark ones desire to fulfill—step by step each year and each month within a seven-year agenda, which already began last year—we see the requirement for acceleration, for the light to go forth from this sacred space and from a number of other centers of light to counteract this darkness, dearest ones.

As I have said, simultaneously the action is required within you. For if you get too involved in world and planetary situations, political activity, et cetera, without the resolution of your psychology, you will strew upon the Earth and around it all the untoward essences of your unresolved psychology, your own untransmuted inner core darkness that has not been met with love and the empowerment that comes when you overcome that which you often do not even know is lurking there.

We have communicated unto you our desire that you meditate with great loving intent twice during these morning broadcasts. I am relieving you of the requirement for one of these two sessions, with the understanding that you do it on your own, in your own time at home or wherever you choose, and that you add instead the invocation of the sacred fire to beloved Astrea2 even in the morning sessions, as required to counteract the rumblings of war and darkness in the Earth. As we see it from our realms, dearest hearts, there is no other choice except that we come before you to plead for greater oneness, greater concentration and focus of light, greater invocation of the sacred fire through the dynamic decrees and through the power of the light that you wield within your auric fields during those times of holy meditation upon your Divine Presence, of deep devotional silence, when you are clothed with the allness of God's eternal light-essence.

If you truly understand what meditation is, from the Buddhic perspective and from the vantage point of the great arhats of light ascended, you would make greater progress as you put aside errant thoughts, concerns about tomorrow and your lack of this or that in your life. Focus upon the beauty and harmony of your God Presence, who that is for you individually as your individualized God Reality, unlimited in its power to persuade, to present the light, the way and the truth to thousands and millions upon Earth through who you are as a light being, as a God-created one. When you truly focus upon that Presence and allow the radiance of its dynamism to flow through your being, nothing can stop the onward wave of God-beingness coalescing here and there around the world as the most animating, energetic Holy Spirit-enfired energy to transmute, to overcome and to bathe all in God-glory and in true holy love.

We were always about love within The Summit, and yet many lost their way through all manner of divisive engagements, both within themselves and within the world. And I have gone before the Lords of Karma and pled for new dispensations. Yet most of those, which are now new, have come forth through this activity, dearest ones. For you have a vehicle through which we can communicate them to initiates around the world, whereas only a handful of the highest initiates within other movements have the sensitivity to perceive within the heaven world what we are engaged in as your mentors, as your Gurus, as your advocates even now from the ascended state.

Therefore take my word through this dispensation as truth and realize that if we are to have the victory planetary-wide, it does not require the merging of every group as one, which some have attempted to coerce this messenger to engage in. Yet what it does require, dearest ones, is that you live in a nondual state of acceptance, of true brotherly and sisterly love toward all beings and all activities; that you honor and revere the light within every sentient being, including those who do you harm or who consider themselves enemies of who you are. Though it is not the same, from your vantage point, toward them, truly, if you listen to Melchizedek's teachings.

I urge you all to remember Melchizedek's words and live within them and the truths conveyed this past summer and spring, as the fire of his being conveyed to you the energy of pure Spirit in your midst. For when you realize the truth, the veracity and the cosmic dynamism that can be yours when you are obedient to the word of this cosmic being on behalf of planet Earth, you will naturally rise into that state of the resolution of your psychology at all levels of being and you will Self-realize your truest and most noble essence in this incarnation while yet living in the flesh.

I peer into the future with Serapis this night and see much that is destined to occur if there are not those upon Earth who will invoke the light to transmute it before it comes into the physical plane. And I engage you, each one, as my beloveds upon Earth, to consider how you may make even one commitment to counteract and prevent one calamity, one point of darkness—even the snuffing out of one child, one Christian, one young girl in Africa or a devoted mother in Syria. Think of what maintaining a greater state of holiness and beingness throughout your day will mean to hold that balance for the precious souls who are being slaughtered here and there, whose lives have been upturned through war and the machinations of darkness of the evil ones.

You, each one, do make a difference when you live in your Presence. For the light of your Presence is the counterbalancing cosmic energy field that provides the impetus for resolution, for angelic intercession, for the divine mandate to manifest upon Earth. Your daily life lived in integrity is the greatest means by which you make a difference, you help restore true humanity to all peoples, true brother/sisterhood to all cultures. And when you live fully in this light and the ascension fire is burning within you in some way each day, the angels take that light from your auric field and go and touch a heart here and there, save a soul somewhere upon Earth. If you could see this dynamic, you would be moved to ever live in your Presence in totality, moment by moment, and let nothing dissuade you from this high electronic-fire state of being.

Even David had the experience of this state later in his involvement in The Summit when he came to King Arthur's Court for a picture with his family and me. He shook my hand and instantly there was a cosmic electronic charge that went through his being, simply by the touch between guru and disciple in a cosmic collaboration of light. This proved to him the veracity of the dynamism of this relationship of spirituality. And it can be so for you with me now, even as I am in spirit, if you will simply reach up into heaven, consciously, and make that connection, feel the energy transfer and realize that I am not removed from you; that I am here and now working on your behalf; that I am involved in every aspect of your life if you invite me; and that I have never let go of you, even during those years when my body temple was languishing in its final dissolution and yet my spirit was even more powerful and active on behalf of my beloved ones. You see, with Lanello, I can truly acclaim, “I am everywhere in the consciousness of God!” And it is so. And I would be everywhere where you are if you would have me, if you would accept the higher reality of my Buddhic Presence in your midst.

I have desired to share this message for quite some time with my own. And I wish that many more beyond this activity would be willing to receive it and understand this dynamic that is playing out even now upon Earth at this crucial time of Earth's history. You chose to be here at this time; you made your vows, your pledges, your promises to your mentors and to the Karmic Board. I can say that a number of you have worked assiduously and performed with cosmic excellence to fulfill your vows, while others have lived more in the shadows, liking the delicacies of all manner of involvements in the world and your communiqués, shared here and there with others about this or that thing, which in reality have nothing to do with the spiritual path, with the resolution of all in this life for the ultimate victory.

What you can influence most is yourself. Why put so much trust in politicians or others when all that you truly can do is influence, through your own auric field, the atmosphere around you—through your breath, through your light, through your love—and, if you have greater self-mastery, many other lifestreams by that same light and love. Words are often cheap, yet one's vibration speaks wonders. Therefore vibrate with me and, as Maitreya has said, “Live in my ray! Stay in my ray!” Be involved in the cosmic collaborative efforts of the White Brotherhood and the true divine affairs of mankind.

Yes, we had dreamed of community, of Camelot come again, of a true Hearts Center where many could come daily to be enriched in the spiritual fires of God as they are invoked and become a permanent blessing and a bestowal through a living messenger. The dynamics are such that there is not a greater commitment to actually precipitate a physical community at this time, as we would like and as many of you would also truly desire. Therefore you must do it where you are. You must be it in the sacred space where you live, wherever you live and abide. You must be that communion of community with us through your Presence, one with God, through the energy of your being, clothing the atmosphere where you are with light, light, light, love, love, love. And as a virtual community, this dynamic can still be powerful until the day when greater numbers come and many surrender enough of their human desires to actually co-create community physically.

We see that seven ascensions annually are now required throughout the world to maintain the harmonic balance to prevent world destruction, chaos and greater calamity. I see one of these through The Summit, one through The Hearts Center, one through the I AM Movement, and the rest through other spiritual activities of high initiates around the world who have made their pacts with God and who have fulfilled all their spiritual disciplines. You may intuit through this, dearest ones, that, yes, there will be transitions of heartfriends within this movement in coming years. And I expect that each of you will be one of those that we can count on to stand upon that dais at Luxor and receive the eternal fire current of pure light through your being and not be consumed, except for that which God would consume within you. In other words, your spirit would now live in the eternal state of being as an immortal one.

I pushed and pushed and pushed you to Self-realize who you are. And, yes, I received the onslaughts of misunderstandings, the return current of misunderstanding and the angst of the dweller on the threshold, which is part of the dynamic of being a guru. It was my joy to bear this for my Lord and for each of you. Please understand that I had to be tough with my own, else how could I guarantee that you would make it on the path? For many of you were unruly children in your youth, having come out of the drug culture and not knowing how to get to the shores of reality of the Pure Land of the Buddhas.

Mark and I did our best to teach you, to goad you, to lead you with the materials, with the understanding and the teachings that we had. Now you have moved far beyond many of these in your understanding. And it should ever be so that future generations make greater progress in this regard and that the path, in a sense, becomes easier through a greater level of knowledge of the pitfalls of the path that others have fallen under, as well as of the victorious aspects, which, when engaged with, lead to God-success.

We applaud your efforts. We work with the humble. We discharge our duties through those who have listening ears, warm hearts and who find themselves able to say yes to our requests. Did you know that when you say yes, there is an instantaneous current of sacred fire that comes from on high, that descends from your Presence through your crystal cord unto your heart to give you the impetus for its fulfillment? That is the gift of God and of angels to allow you to be victorious, if you would receive it and then utilize it. Many, never saying yes, never receive that current, for they would rather that others do the work.

 To those who have been scorched through all manner of hurtful situations, come unto me for healing this night. I spread my wings of light wide across this movement and around the Earth to embrace you all with a mother's love. And Jesus himself stands with me, as I stand in the guise of Martha,3 to mend your garments, to feed you, to clothe you with light and healing love.

Dearest ones, I could speak to you all night, and maybe I shall on the inner. Speak to me of anything and everything. Tell me your troubles. Invite me to this activity, to that event, to your prayer sessions, your time of meditation. Any true Guru is directly involved in the lives of his/her chelas in the most intimate of ways when that connection is made through obedience and harmony, through understanding and acceptance. And the connection is maintained so long as you live in the integrity of who you are within that relationship. Some of you never lost it, maintaining your disciplines day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year after my departure. And yet others, maybe not having embraced me within their hearts in totality, never quite made the leap into that state of intimacy of our heart fires as one.

Having said all this, dearest hearts, I am only one Guru. There are others that you also have, and you may invite one who is for you your dearest friend and divine benefactor. Therefore if you would rather be with Jesus, Saint Germain, Mother Mary, El Morya or Kuan Yin, please understand that I will not in any way feel offended. I will simply do all that I can to support that Guru-chela relationship, that communion of your hearts with the hearts of the masters.

One final request is that my book be fulfilled by the end of next year.3 For many are waiting for this tome, this teaching and the intimacy that they will feel through who I am now as an ascended lady master and not simply as a human being, ECP, walking upon the Earth. As some may have surmised, I did indeed work on my psychology on the inner while weathering the decay of my brain and mind. And having fulfilled my reason for being upon Earth on that October day in 2009, I took my ascension simply so that I could be of greater service to humanity in the ascended state as your Clare de Lis.4

Some have even questioned this name, which Lady Kristine herself announced unto you as my ascended name. Why did I choose it? Some may have realized that Clare, Saint Clare, was one of my preeminent and favorite lifetimes, when I felt closest to God and nature and was with Saint Francis as my mentor, friend and holy brother. And the “de Lis,” of course, signifies an aspect of the fleur-de-lis (of the French), the flower of my own light essence, because France has always been dear to my heart, with my connection to beloved Saint Germain and Lanello in a number of lives.

This name is real and when uttered invokes my highest essence, my ascended light body and vibration. Utilize it liberally, even for healing, if you choose. For though I was not so much of an outer healer as ECP, now I am a healer of souls, as God permits me to allow it and to facilitate it. True soul healing, from the inner out, as you know, is the greatest form of healing. And if perchance there be, by the law of cause and effect, the opportunity for complete physical wholeness, this also will be facilitated through this name, as you claim, even in Jesus' name, that reality as manifest in its completeness by your faith, belief and acceptance.

Now the Holy Spirit comes with cloven tongues of fire, at my request, upon your crown, each one, as there is an anointing of the Spirit this night where you are, where you abide, where you love God and live in the integrity of your Presence. Yes, it pays to show up at these services, for sometimes the gift descends in a great onslaught of light and divine power. And even for some, in the twinkling of an eye pain may be dissolved, inharmony consumed, lack and human desire transmuted, and all manner of inner and outer problems and issues done away with by the grace of God.

Burn through, O sacred fire, within the minds, the hearts and the wills of these God's children upon Earth. Burn through, O cloven tongues, and consume on contact every vestige of animal magnetism, human desire and sense of limitation. Burn through! Burn through! Burn through, O sacred fire, unto the very core where their God-reality exists. Fan that fire more brightly this night and let each one shine forth, in spirit and in matter, the reality of who they are, the beauty of their true beingness as sons and daughters of the Most High God.

I reveal unto each of you on the inner a secret for your God-success and your ascension in the light. Take this personal message to heart, which you can intuit during the five minutes of silence that we will together experience after the conclusion of my message. Write it down, if you choose, and live in the new life of cosmic restoration and God-harmony that is my gift this night to you.

I love you, I revere you, and I thank you.

1. Clare de Lis was embodied as Elizabeth Clare Prophet, during which lifetime she was, with Mark Prophet, the spiritual leader of The Summit Lighthouse and later after Mark passed on and ascended, the Church Universal and Triumphant. Her students referred to her affectionately as Guru Ma.
2. The prayer to Astrea can be found in The Hearts Center: Prayers, Decrees and Mantras, number 10.009 (or 40.005), or online at
3. In one of her lifetimes, Clare de Lis was embodied as Martha of Bethany and had great devotion for Jesus.
4. Elizabeth Clare Prophet made her transition from the Earth plane on October 15, 2009.

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