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Gautama Buddha      December 31, 2015

Beloved Gautama Buddha
David Christopher Lewis
December 31, 2015   7:55 ̶ 8:10 am PST
San Diego, California

Gautama Buddha's New Year Address with the Thoughtform

Precious Souls of Great Light, Dearest Heartfriends of the Ages, Anointed Ones of the Spirit,

I, Gautama, arise now from the lotus of light in Shamballa, where I am stationed on behalf of all sentient beings this day to emanate perfect peace, perfect love, perfect light for each one to feel that strong connection with their Source, attentive of all the graces of Buddhahood and the blessings of oneness with the Eternal and the all-Presence of God. Through stillness, peace arises, and the constant washing of the soul by the Spirit Most Holy manifests for virtue from within to arise; for oneness to be felt and understood from the deepest levels of beingness, from the fount of eternality.

As I come this day, there is the arousal of the magnificence of every sentient being, of their own innate Godhood manifest. For in this causal state of creativity, the Buddha nature emerges and the awakened state begins afresh. Are you awake to all that is sublime and beautiful, to all that is hallowed and true of your Buddha nature? If you can ask yourself this question upon arising and then seek throughout the day to manifest your own awakened state of beingness, then I am there within you, augmenting that which is now manifesting and blessing you on your sacred journey to the Sun of perfect beingness.

Now from Venus, angels of the sacred fire come to bestow upon Earth the thoughtform for the year 2016. And there is a great sphere of light, symbolizing the oneness of all that is eternal, bright and effulgent from the Sun-fire Presence of God. And from within this sphere now appears the form, the divine matrix of light, of the seven chohans with the Maha Chohan, in a circular eightfold action, facing the Sun-fire Presence of the Eternal, representing their rays, their light, their energy fields. Their hands are raised in an action of both blessing and bestowal of these graces eightfold, also representative of the Eightfold Path, of which I have taught. And surrounding and energetically above the eight are the Four and Twenty Elders, each one in this manifestation representing an action of the threefold flame of the Eightfold Path. And they too now enfire the Earth with the grace of God from their positioning in the center of the sun of this galaxy, bestowing to all sentient beings the balanced manifestation of love, wisdom and power through their own essence of Godhood and that which they represent as just and merciful judges and representatives of the Almighty.

Yes, dearest ones, it is a time of divine justice and mercy manifesting, for many have called it forth to recreate equanimity, harmony and the balance of the Buddha upon this Earth. And both the chohans, with the Maha Chohan, and the Four and Twenty Elders are those who answer this day. And their light throughout this year will expand to encompass families everywhere, communities sponsored by the light and those who represent the Universal Brotherhood of the Spirit in our common mission to save all life and to teach others the way of true Buddhahood, sainthood in God's Presence.

Truly, this day and every day is an opportunity to live within one's eternal nature, bestowing upon all life the gifts of the Spirit and the graces that all may feel and know when tapped and tuned into the one stream of divine light, the matrix of perfection that manifests divinity, Godhood, blessedness.

O gracious hearts, how great is God in the universality of beingness, in all planes of being, in all universal divine essences. Feel these throughout each day as you breathe in consciously your own Buddha nature and emanate it by conscious presence to all life. And in the holy breath—through pranayama practiced consciously, if you choose, thrice a day—you will receive the impulses from the Four and Twenty Elders as they emanate the perfect balance of love, wisdom and power. And you yourself will be a vehicle for the expression of these higher Buddhic quintessences and rise to your own Buddha nature in a more harmonious state than ever before.

O gracious hearts, utilize the new year and the new breath of the Spirit, through your spiritual disciplines and practices, for the anointing of life all around you, for the curtailing of darkness and the onset of a new Solar Reality and a virtuous world here and now and evermore.

I AM your Gautama, your Shakyamuni. I am with you, within every heartbeat. I am present within every breath. And my love and wisdom are here to refresh you, to bless you, gracious ones. I thank you.

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